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The Czech Republic took the first roll-out of training aircraft L-39NG

On Friday, the Czech Aero Vodochody Aerospace enterprise rollout ceremony of the first single-engine jet trainer aircraft (UBS) L-39NG, According TSAMTO.

В Чехии состоялась выкатка первого учебного самолёта L-39NG

L-39NG designed based on previously released UBS L-39 with the use of new technologies and equipment. The aircraft is equipped with a virtual on-board training system and a helmet-mounted display system information. The machine is adapted for training pilots of combat vehicles of the fourth and fifth generations.

The aircraft is a modern engine FJ44-4M company Williams International, there is 5 point suspension arms.

Pre-production assembly line L-39NG was opened at the company at the beginning of this year,. The first and fourth aircraft will be used for flight testing. The second and third - the test on the fatigue load and static tests. First flight must be made before the end 2018 of the year. For UBS the full release is planned to start 2022 year - 16 units per year.

Analysts estimate the company, that within the next 15 years and all countries, having Air Force, It needs about 3 thousands of jet training aircraft. By the most conservative forecasts for Aero Vodochody have about 5 percent of this market, that is about 150 machines.

The current portfolio of orders of enterprises 38 aircraft. Among the customers - the American company RSW Aviation, European SkyTech Senegal and military authority.



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