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Five months with death. Sappers started to work in Laos

Russian engineers from the International Mine Action Center of the Russian Armed Forces started demining the jungle of Laos by US bombs, remaining after the bombing of the country in 1964-1973 years, According to the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Пять месяцев рядом со смертью. Сапёры приступили к работе в Лаосе

according to the report, Monday in the village of Lak Sao Bolikhamsai province of Lao People's Democratic Republic was held the opening ceremony of beginning the task of demining, after which the engineers of the international mine action center of the Armed Forces have started a continuous cleaning area of ​​explosive ordnance. The ceremony was also attended by the engineers detachment of mine clearance in Laos Army, with which the Russian troops established a mutual understanding.

Russian team from 36 sappers Mine Action Center for five months will conduct humanitarian demining near the village of Lak Sao to 350 km from the capital of Laos – Viyentiyana. From left after the US bombing, lasted during 9 years, ammunition, will release more than a hundred hectares of forest and woodland. The main feature of mine action is to search in the jungles of unexploded mines and bombs, lain in the ground at a depth of 40 cm 2,5 meters over 45 years.



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