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To combat swimmers. Soviet “Proton” turned in Ukrainian “upgrading”

At the Arms and Security 2018 exhibition, passing in Ukraine, the developers of this country presented the "latest equipment" for combat swimmers. The development was presented by the NPO "Kyiv Automation Plant". We are talking about a modernized underwater surface apparatus "Proton", which the, According to developers", allows combat swimmers to approach the target at high speed and at a low noise level.

Для боевых пловцов. Советский "Протон" превратили в украинскую "модернизацию"

noted, that the development can be ideal for reconnaissance divers, including for the quick evacuation of a soldier after he has carried out an operation.

Actually, It is very difficult to call this development “the latest”, since the Proton was developed in 1979 year in the USSR. In Russia in 2012 year, a version of the Proton-S apparatus was created, which is supplied to the troops. Previously announced the purchase of more than 20 such devices. AT 2015 year in Russia, another modernized version of the Proton-CH was created. In the West, their own variants of surface and underwater equipment are being created for fast movement (as civilian, and military options). Among them – BlackShadow and Divejet from Rotinor companies (Germany).

Для боевых пловцов. Советский "Протон" превратили в украинскую "модернизацию"
Для боевых пловцов. Советский "Протон" превратили в украинскую "модернизацию"

So, the engine power of the BlackShadow scooter is 8 hp, maximum immersion depth – 60 m.

About the characteristics of the Ukrainian model, declared by the manufacturer.
Для боевых пловцов. Советский "Протон" превратили в украинскую "модернизацию"

Max Depth – 60 m, underwater speed – “not less 2,4 with.”, cruising range under water – “not less 11 km”. The thrust of the Ukrainian version of the Keak submersible is at least twice as low as the thrust of the aforementioned BlackShadow from Rotinor.



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