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British journalist “corrected” the grave of Stepan Bandera

British journalist Graham Phillips visited the place, where the tomb of Stepan Bandera is located, It has become the main symbol of modern Ukrainian radicals in Europe. This place (Cemetery in Munich) often it becomes a place for neo-Nazi rituals, who openly support and Ukrainian authorities, Bandera has ranked to the "Ukrainian national heroes".

On YouTube-channel Graham Phillips posted a video, that a journalist from Britain, well knows, what war in the Donbas, He named as: "I correct grave Bandera".

Graham Phillips in the video says, that the Bandera - it is an accomplice of Nazi Germany. Ukrainian flag reporter rips, as well as black-red flag Ukrainian neo and instead to Bandera grave deploys a poster: "Here he is buried Ukrainian Nazi Bandera".

In this case, Graham notes, that YouTube version submitted material, which had to be cut due to the rules of placing publications. The full version of the British journalist shares represented VKontakte.

From comments of users on the social network:

Nikolai Fyodorov
GRISHA – MAN! Respect to you a tremendous – Take care of yourself! by riffraff, that you hate the trolls, you can expect all! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

Sergey Arrow
That's what I understand cleaning. Grisha knows what makes, he saw us in the Donbass, making those ukronatsiya, who does not respect the ideology of Bandera.

That fact, Graham Phillips firmly arrived, where well aware of his support of Donbass, and where often visit modern ukronatsi, is boundless respect. At the same time still need to turn to Graham: Bud ostrożeń! Bandera's henchmen have today in Europe. They need to fight the Europeans in the first place, but most Europeans prefer to ignore the problem of revival of Nazism.



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4 years ago

Death to russia! Glory to Ukraine!

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