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Leakage of personal data to the Pentagon and information on hypersonic SR-72

US defense establishment is engaged in clarifying the circumstances, in which hackers were able to gain access to the personal data of its employees. Lt. Col. Joseph Buccini, representing the Ministry of Defense, states, Pentagon conducts the incident investigation, studying the causes of hacker attack, and on assessing the damage, caused to its staff.

Buccini noted, that the leak of information defense department became known fourth October, what I was immediately notified Congress.

In all probability, It is said in the US military, the personal data of employees of the Ministry of Defense could get to hackers through a commercial company, which collaborated with the Pentagon in terms of the provision of transport services of its staff.

This is not the first US case, when personal data are military in shared mode, simply on the grounds that, These data appear in the agreements with outsourcing companies civil. At the same time the Pentagon whenever talking about “hacker intervention”.

Previously, the Office of the US Government Accountability report was published, according to which the Pentagon can not fully ensure the protection of major weapon systems against hacker attacks, in this system, the hackers are constantly finding vulnerabilities and use them.

Recall, that one of the first leaks of US defense department data, which was accompanied by scandal, the show became 2008 , Google Maps service area panorama, where a military base is located Fort Sam Houston in Texas. After this incident, the Pentagon banned Google to perform the shooting at military garrisons. In exactly the same way in 2011 year, there were images of the air base Yucca Lake, Nevada, which, experts say, built for testing UAV RQ-170 Sentinel.

And this year, the same satellite maps presented a new aircraft, which the, according to some experts, It is the prototype of SR-72 hypersonic aircraft. This project, which is created by Lockheed. In it plans to use the turbine based combined cycle operation. During her working drone should reach speeds of up to 20 M.

More movie from last year:

To achieve this speed, work is underway to reduce air resistance by using complicated structures with air intakes, connected to different power sources. In this case, the main problem, as follows from leakage, heating the front part of the fuselage to a temperature of about 1930 degrees Celsius.



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