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Swedish Carl Gustaf get “clever” American ammunition

Swedish grenade launcher Carl Gustaf, in service with the American army, will be equipped with guided munitions. American Raytheon Corporation, leading the development of a joint project with the Swedish Saab, finally got a contract with the US Department of Defense, transfers “” with reference to the press service of the corporation.

Шведский Carl Gustaf получит "умные" американские боеприпасы
Carl Gustaf. Top to bottom model M2, M3 and M4

The first news about the development of smart ammunition and new accessories for the Carl Gustaf grenade launcher appeared last spring, when the US Department of Defense announced the launch of two programs for the Swedish grenade launcher. The first program was to create new “clever” ammunition, capable of changing trajectory during flight, as well as independently aim at the target. Within the framework of the second – computerized all-weather sights were created.

It was within the framework of the first program that Saab and Raytheon began to create prototypes of “smart” charges for the Carl Gustaf grenade launcher.. Development details were not disclosed, only that is known, that acceptance tests of new ammunition are scheduled for 2020 a year in Sweden.

The Carl Gustaf grenade launcher was designed on the basis of the Carl Gustaf Pvg m / 42 anti-tank rifle in 1947 year. Four modifications have been created over seven decades (M1, M2, M3 and M4), the last of which was presented in 2014 year and has a mass less than 7 kg (the first one weighed over 16 kg). Is in service with 45 countries.



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