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Who zapelenguet Ukrainian “Khortytsya M”?

Ukrainian Research and Production Center "Info Guard" (Infozaxist ') at the exhibition "Arms and Security" is again a mobile complex of radio intelligence on the automobile chassis terrain. We are talking about razvedkomplekse "Khortytsya M", which was created by Kiev developers. It was demonstrated at the exhibition and last year.

Кого запеленгует украинская "Хортица-М"?

Developers have reported, that Khortitsa-M is capable of providing analysis of radio signals, their demodulation and decoding. The complex is also capable of tracking the coordinates of the radio signal source with high accuracy..

From the presentation material:
It provides decoding of civilian radio signals in DMR standards, DPMR, NDXN, FLEX, P25, A25 et al.; automatic determination of coordinates and spatial orientation of the complex facilities; automated determination of coordinates of radio emission sources; establishment of a secure connection with similar communication complexes, wired connection or using a radio relay line of our own production.

It is known, that the chassis is "a car of European production, having a high degree of autonomy ". EuroTrakker.

Кого запеленгует украинская "Хортица-М"?

The vehicle has soundproofed crew rest areas (two beds). The crew of the complex is up to 4 military personnel. There is also a supply of fresh water in the car (60 l), gas cylinder stove and autonomous power supply. Khortitsa-M can also be powered from an industrial power grid.

Attention is drawn to the fact, that Khortitsa-M has the ability to work in conjunction with unmanned aerial vehicles. Tests for interaction with a small reconnaissance drone "DUCKY" from the company "Aeroshkola".

Some characteristics:

frequency range of technical analysis: from 0,3 MHz to 6000 MHz,
frequency range in direction finding mode: 25 MHz - 3000 MHz,
number of independent receive channels - 5,
number of receiving antennas - 9,
the range of - 45 km,
the number of simultaneously demodulated signals - 30.



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