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Why on earth back the dust filter with the "Union"?

Returning to the ISS to Earth astronauts brought dust filter spacecraft "MS Union-09», wherein the previously detected hole, RIA Novosti report its source in the space industry.

Для чего на Землю вернули пылевой фильтр с «Союза»?

A source, the greatest interest among the returned goods is №111 position - "it's a dust filter and a sample swab from the hole and around".

According to him, experts try to find among aluminum dust traces, material of the board compartment. If such traces are found, it will mean, the hole was drilled "in the conditions of orbital flight".

earlier it was reported, that Russian astronauts on the ISS mandated to collect and package all possible evidence, related to the detected hole in the skin, including adhesive samples, which was used when applied to the cloth opening, and (if you're lucky) chip particles, remaining after drilling.

Besides, a week later the astronauts will go into space, to expose protivometeoritnuyu protect a viewing aperture on the outside.

The ship "MS Union-09"As part of the ISS will be up to the month of December. When returning home crew compartment fires back and burned in the atmosphere. Sami astronauts land in the descent capsule. Dust filter back to the ground crew "MS Union-08».

Recall, hole in the ship trim MS-09, docked 8 June, It was discovered by astronauts 30 August.



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