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The situation in Syria. In Idlib killed "seasoned" terrorist - from the Caucasus

The terrorists opened fire on the east gumkoridoru Idlib. There you destroyed dangerous terrorist, arrived in Syria, the Caucasus. Reported FAN citing local sources.

Ситуация в Сирии. В Идлибе уничтожен «матёрый» террорист – выходец с Кавказа

In the province of Aleppo renewed internecine clashes militants. Manbij near the powerful explosion, as a result of which destroyed one of the warlords SDF, who was in the car. At least another three soldiers were injured. The terrorist act organization suspected militants IG (group banned in Russia).

Kurdish Resources reported the seizure in the province of Deir ez-Zor region near al-Muza Al-Susa. However, local media soon refuted this message, specifying, it is one of the attempts of "democratic forces" to rehabilitate after accusing them of failing to maintain security in the region.

In the province of Idlib killed a hardened terrorist, one of the field commanders "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" (banned in Russia) Al-Malik Al-Caucasus, arrived in Syria, the Caucasus. It was recently eliminated three militants of radical groups. celebrated, that after the announcement of a special area of ​​the province, not controlled by Damascus, number of liquidations has increased there. In order to monitor the observance of the ceasefire to the boundaries of the province of the convoy arrived from Turkey. The newspaper reminds, Turkey and Russia signed a memorandum on the establishment of Idlib along the administrative border of the demilitarized zone, which to 15 October should leave the government troops, and Islamists.

In the second half of the day was aware of the clashes between factions, belonging to a terrorist coalition under the leadership of "Al-Nusra". Collisions are fixed near the town Zardana (Idlib province). Also, gunmen opened fire on a humanitarian corridor near Abu Duhura. According to preliminary information, civilian casualties avoided.

Under the cover of artillery government troops and Shiite militiamen managed to destroy a number of Islamic fortifications in the province of Es-Suwayda. Fierce fighting is far from human settlements Qasr Sheikh-Hussein and Al-Khabar on Al-Safa plateau. Military commanders CAP redeployed in these areas additional units.



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