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Paratroopers of Russia and Belarus will hold a joint airlift equipment from NATO's borders

Belarusian and Russian paratroopers during the exercise conduct landing equipment on an unfamiliar site, located in the western part of the Republic of Belarus, Interfax-AVN by the representative of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Десантники РФ и РБ проведут совместное десантирование техники у границ НАТО

joint exercise, kicked off on Wednesday, runs on three test sites near Brest.

According to the Defense Ministry representative, simultaneous landing of military equipment and weapons of the Belarusian and Russian paratroopers will be held for the first time in modern history.

Several Il-76MD Kerch regiment has arrived at the airfield Baranovichi Belarus. On the Russian and Belarusian transport four Russian BTR-D airborne troops will be shipped, and Zu-23-2 and howitzer D-30 Special Operations Forces of Belarus, told in the press service.

Then the equipment and the personnel of the departments of the two countries on 6 airplanes will rise into the air for simultaneous landing on an unfamiliar site landing in the western part of Belarus.

The general management of the actions of pilots assigned to the Russian side.

At the same time, a comprehensive check of readiness and capabilities of military units is carried out in Belarus to carry out tasks for the intended purpose. Announced charges for reserve soldiers. All designed to more 650 human, including for training activities in the 8th Brigade of Radiation, Chemical and biological protection and 46th arsenal of missiles and munitions.

military, called up from the reserve, We started working out elements of combat coordination, implement regulations on shooting and staff training. They will also refresh their knowledge in subjects military training.



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