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In Serbia, began joint exercises with the Russian aviation “Bars 2018”

In Serbia, began a joint Russian-Serbian tactical flight exercises “BARS 2018”, during which the crews will work together various training and combat tasks. It is reported by the Russian Defense Ministry's press service.

В Сербии начались совместные с Россией учения авиации "Барс-2018"

According to the Defense Ministry post, during the exercise titled “Protection of Serbian airspace, Search and recovery crews, terpyashtih disaster”, joint crews of the two countries will work out various exercises, among which: air intercept, air battle, execution of figures complex and aerobatics, working out a tactical strike against ground targets, as well as the tasks of search and rescue support. Crews will participate in the MiG-29 and Mi-8 helicopters from the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of Serbia.

Before starting the exercises the Russian pilots were trained in aviation terminology and phraseology of doing radio in Serbian. teachings, start today, 1 October, will last 5 days end 5 October.

Russian-Serbian teachings “Leopard” (Brotherhood aviators Russia and Serbia) They are annual and are held alternately in the two countries. AT 2017 year teaching took place in the Lipetsk region in the month of October.

“Bars 2018” attracted particular attention in connection with the incident in the border area at GES, relating to the Serbian energy system. Recall, that territory, adjacent to the hydroelectric power station, recently entered Kosovo riot. In connection with the incident, the president of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić said, that he intends to appeal to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.



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