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US Ambassador to NATO: We are ready to strike at Russian missiles

The United States can apply for a Russian missile launchers and medium-range missile attack, and shoot down every Russian rocket in case, if Moscow will continue to develop missile systems mean radius. This was stated by US Ambassador to the North Atlantic Alliance Kay Bailey Hutchison, Reuters writes. It is noted, that although Russia denies all the time for such works, in the United States believe, that such weapons Russia will soon.

Посол США при НАТО: Мы готовы нанести удар по российским ракетам

US Ambassador to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison during the conference, taking place on the eve of NATO Defense Ministers, which will be held 3-4 October 2018 held in Brussels, He stated, that Russia is developing missiles, in violation of the INF Treaty. she claimed, that the United States have documented all violations of the Russian side against missiles “innovator” 9M729 and transferred all NATO intelligence. At the same time stressed Hutchinson, the United States will shoot down all Russian missiles, developed in violation of the INF Treaty,, as “it is an American option”.

Response will consist in, to shoot down missiles, which are developed by Russia in violation of the contract – said US Ambassador to NATO, adding, Russia should stop the development of the secret systems of cruise missiles, otherwise “The United States can destroy such weapons before, how they will be deployed”.

Interesting, claiming the destruction of Russian missile, US Ambassador to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison expressed the official position of Washington?



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