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The head of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made to the database “peacemaker”. The answer to Kiev to Budapest?

Ukraine radicals, supervised by US intelligence agencies, once again joined the "Peacemaker" database extremist websites (blocked in Russia). Here we can take a fresh replenishment of the most controversial site database from an international point of view for the last time. The thing is, that "the Peacemaker" page up personal data of a foreign political figure - Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyyarto.

Глава венгерского МИД внесён в базу "Миротворца". Чем Киеву ответит Будапешт?

Recall, that Siyyarto at the UN General Assembly in New York, stated the inadmissibility of Kiev steps to escalate the situation in Transcarpathia. Hungarian Foreign Minister also gave an interview to the correspondent TK "Russia 1" Evgeny Popov, noting, that perplexed at the transfer of the Ukrainian military to the border with Hungary. Siyyarto reminded Kiev, Hungary has always supported European and Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine, but now Ukraine, prejudice to the rights of national minorities, she is challenging the European values, in addition also playing the muscles in front of the NATO countries.

What is the reasoning details Peter Siyyarto appeared on an extremist "peacemaker"? Publication radicals, which under his wing warmed notorious MP Gerashchenko, stated, that the head of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the lists for the reason, that the "encroaching on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine". added, Siyyarto that "interfere in the internal affairs of the country and fueling separatist sentiment, I participate in organized provocations against Ukraine ".

Ukraine once again their "internal affairs," said infringement of the rights of national minorities, and believes, inside the country, it can hold even genocide (etnotsid) on ethnicity, linguistic or religious basis, and it must be "respected as an internal affair of a sovereign state".



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