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American veteran of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: thieving scored second-class citizens

The Ukrainian army practically no professionals, said the captain of the first rank of the US Navy Retired Harry Tabakh.

Американский ветеран о ВСУ: набрали вороватых людей второго сорта

So the veteran responded to the statement by the Ukrainian expert, talked about the problems in the APU with insurance for military personnel. he noted, that the victim of the misuse of military equipment the Defense soldiers do not pay any compensation, thus penalizing not only fighters, but their families.

Tabah said, that the US military such unprofessionalism, At first, inadmissible, and secondly, responsible for unintentional damage to military property, if any occurred, together with the soldier has his commander, not learn to subordinate certain skills or discipline.

If my fighter went after serving home by car, not buckled and had an accident - it's my fault, I have appeared undisciplined fighter, this is the end of my career, said captain.

Therefore, all the evils of such a plan in the Ukrainian army can be explained only by one thing - the lack of professionalism.

No professionals here. When the high-class specialists changed to second-class citizens, people thieving, then turns this “trumpet” (mortar “Hammer”), RIA Novosti quoted Tabakh.

Американский ветеран о ВСУ: набрали вороватых людей второго сорта

Recall, in the summer of this year, a representative of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine reported that, that during the exercises at the site in the Rivne region, two soldiers were killed due to the explosion of a mortar Ukrainian "The Hammer", nine people were injured. After the tragedy of "Hammer" operation has been suspended.



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