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In Russia launched UAV flight test, triggered MLRS “Tornado”

Concern “TEHMI”, included in “Rostec”, I began flight tests of prototypes of a new UAV, running in the air inside the missile rocket systems of volley fire (RSZO) “Tornado”,transmits TASS with reference to Deputy Director General group “TEHMI” Alexander Kochkina.

В России стартовали летные испытания БПЛА, запускаемого РСЗО "Смерч"

As reported in the “TEHMI”, the development and operation of NGOs conducts drone “Alloy” together with representatives of foreign customers on the technical task. At the moment, the drone began flight tests. Initial development was carried out on its own initiative and at the expense of the enterprise.

According to the developers, UAV is launched in the air inside the specialized MRL rocket “Tornado”, flying at a distance of up to 90 km. The main task of the UAV is operational intelligence purposes. After separation from the projectile MLRS UAVs can patrol at an altitude 500 meters for 20 minutes and conduct exploration area during this time to 25 quarter. kilometers.

earlier “TEHMI” reported, that the Russian Defense Ministry this project is not yet interested in, for they are very interested in China's military.

RSZO “Tornado” put into service in 1987 year and is still ranked as the most powerful in the world. 300-mm MRL designed to engage at a distance of 120 km different group goals. Area covered by one salvo – 67 it (672 thousand. quarter. m). And “Tornado” burn all, even armored vehicles.



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