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Sani to Tigre. Russian “MIC” He presented the armored car with mortars

Russian manufacturer of wheeled armored vehicles “Military Industrial Company”, on passing now in Baku third ADEX International Defense Exhibition 2018, introduced armored MIC SBM – 233136 “Tiger”, armed with mortar 2S12 “sleigh”, transfers “Expanded”.

Сани на Тигре. Российская "ВПК" представила бронемашину с миномётом

Presented at the exhibition complex mortar intended for destruction of manpower and weapon emplacements, as well as the destruction of engineering structures of the enemy. 120-mm mortar “sleigh”, mounted on “Tiger”, It has a maximum range of up to 7100 m, minimum – 480 m. Sighting rate – 10 rounds per minute. Transfer time in firing position – Total 3 minutes. ammunition – 56 shots and includes four types min: high-explosive, smoke, lighting and incendiary.

Сани на Тигре. Российская "ВПК" представила бронемашину с миномётом

The crew of the mortar “tiger” is 4 man. Power reserve – 1000 km, speed up 120 km / h. When shooting the crew does not leave an armored vehicle, so the mortar has fully automated guidance system. For the ready to fire machine takes position, rises on stops, mortar barrel rises on “loading angle”, after which it through a special hatch fill up the mine, and he returns to the firing position. After the shot the barrel is returned to the position for charging. Posing in the deployed position and return for charging occur automatically.

If necessary, the loader can cast mines are standing on car, rather than through a hatch. It is also possible to remove the mortar from the machine and use it as a normal.



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