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Western media predict the Su-35 increase in popularity

Russian fighter Su-35 performed well in Syria, but he did not have the opportunity to show themselves in a fight with other aircraft, says the publication The National Interest.

Западные СМИ прогнозируют рост популярности Су-35

Nevertheless, all for the Russian machine gradually increases, because it is well positioned and sold at a reasonable price. The increase in sales of Russian fighter Su-35 around the world - just a matter of time.

The plane has a significant ceiling, high speed and carries a large payload. All this, and a modern avionics suite, It makes the Su-35 is a very dangerous opponent for any fighter Western, Kromme F-22 Raptor.

Full export success of the machine, as mentioned above, hampered by lack of match, which would reveal the full potential of the Su-35. However, nothing can be done about it - neither the Syrian opposition, nor the terrorists of their aircraft have not.

there is, true, some possibility of a clash with the Western Force, but this risk is reduced as a result of a hotline to prevent conflicts in the air, as well as due to the fact, that none of the parties does not want to check in practice the combat capabilities of each other, newspaper writes.

The Western media called the Su-35 "nightmare" US Air Force and the most advanced Russian fighter serial.



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