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US output of the Patriot systems in the Middle East. Again, Russia is to blame

The United States has taken the decision to withdraw part stationed in the Middle East and anti-aircraft missile complexes, According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing a source in the US Department of Defense.

США выводят часть комплексов Patriot с Ближнего Востока. Опять Россия виновата

according to, obtained by the newspaper, currently preparing for the conclusion of four batteries Patriot missile defense systems, which in October will leave the territory of the three countries – Jordan, Kuwait and Bahrain. The American military command complex explains the conclusion of their redeployment to other, more “hazardous areas”. Where facilities are located in the future, not reported, but regrouping made “in the light of new threats, coming from Russia and China”.

According to information, presented by the Pentagon, All questions about the conclusion of complexes with the Middle East countries, previously agreed with their army command and does not worsen the condition of the air defense of the above countries.

The decision to relocate the Patriot systems in the light of “of the threat from Russia and China” personally I took the Pentagon chief James Mattis, previously said, that the primary threat to US security comes from Russian nuclear weapons, less – China and North Korea.



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