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National Geographic reconstructs the last minutes of flight MH370 disappeared

New details about the mysteriously vanished airliner Boeing-777 flight MH370 Kuala Lumpur – Beijing became the basis of the documentary channel National Geographic «Drain the Ocean". The filmmakers, a model of the situation, suggested, that of falling into the Indian Ocean off the MH370 ran out of fuel.

Despite, that the plane disappeared from radar screens, he continued to communicate with the satellite signals. Taking into account the fact, signals that occurred once per hour, experts allegedly established, that the ship has deviated from the original route and flew more six o'clock.

According to the version of the film, after the failure in the right engine airliner, autopilot tightly leveled the plane to the left, but he left a few minutes down the second motor, causing the autopilot to disconnect. After that, the plane went into the "death spiral" and fell into the sea.

To recreate the last moments of Boeing, the authors used a bathymetric scanning systems, allowing to build a bottom elevation maps using isobaths (at points of equal depth). There have also been applied photogrammetry with complex computer graphics, which allows you to create a highly accurate three-dimensional model of the plane crash.

The disappearance of the liner Boeing-777 flight MH370 airlines Malaysia Airlines still remains a mystery, they are trying to unravel the experts.

Recall, that the aircraft, which was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew, It disappeared from radar screens in early March 2014 of the year. search operation, which was held in the zone of possible aircraft crash, I was never able to establish the location of the liner falling.



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