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US Air Force transferred B-2 Spirit in Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean

Command US Air Force relocated strategic stealth bomber B-2 Spirit in Hawaii, where they make training flights over the Pacific Ocean. 14 September B-2 for the first time landed on Wake Island, which in the future is planned to be used as an airfield “quick refueling”, He writes “Expanded” with reference to Тhe Drive.

ВВС США перебросили B-2 Spirit на Гавайи в Тихом океане

Previously, the B-2 used only four sites, where all the conditions for protection from bad weather are prepared for them “gentle stealth coating”: “native” Whiteman airfield in Missouri, Andersen airbase on Guam, Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and British Fairford. According to the publication, the temporary deployment of bombers in Hawaii surprised many, since there is simply no cover for the B-2. Even more surprising was the landing of the B-2 on an abandoned 2006 a former US military base on Wake Island, where it is planned to deploy a refueling point.

According to the newspaper, the US Air Force command is working out the new US doctrine, aimed at rapid deployment in locations, where there are no American military bases, because Wake Island has an important strategic purpose – He is at 4 thousands of kilometers closer to China, than Hawaii. Although the main airbase in Guam is located even closer to the PRC border, but it is within range of Chinese ballistic missiles.



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