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The APU tested new body armor with improved heat exchange system

In Ukraine, in the test mode operation is carried out bulletproof vests from the company Rarog (Kharkov Plant PPE). Party vests transferred to the amphibious brigade APU. It is reported that, that the operation of bulletproof vests is carried out by servicemen of the 95th infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in conditions, "as close as possible to combat".

В ВСУ тестируют новые бронежилеты с улучшенной системой теплообмена

Recently, it was the 95th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that has become a kind of "platform" for testing equipment.. So, the other day it was reported that the testing of the so-called trekking boots was completed, which the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will use as summer shoes after the purchase of a large batch of it by the Ministry of Defense.

According to the statement of the main department for the development and maintenance of the material support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at the moment there is a comparison of the degree of protection of body armor from bullets and shrapnel with other versions of body armor. reported, that in the tested "armor" the total area of ​​​​protection is increased due to the presence of side panels. We are talking about additional ballistic protection of side projections.. It is reported about the possibility of retrofitting body armor with additional ceramic plates ICW.

Wherein, as stated, the mass of body armor is reduced in comparison with existing analogues.

В ВСУ тестируют новые бронежилеты с улучшенной системой теплообмена

From the message producer:
6mm reinforced mesh with antibacterial coating provides effective protection against the kinetic energy of the bullet and further improves the heat transfer system.

There is a variant of body armor with additional fasteners at the junction of the straps – to be able to put it on without removing the protective helmet.

meanwhile, Ukrainian online stores have been offering body armor from Rarog for a long time. So, Plastoon-3 body armor with armor plates of various protection classes can be purchased at a price of 4,4 thousand. hryvnia. it is about 10 thousand.



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