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CB "Ray" for Ethiopia upgraded S-125M

Ukrainian CB "Ray" upgraded Ethiopia zenith complex C-125M to P-125ME1(2), According to the Russian newspaper.

КБ «Луч» модернизировало для Эфиопии ЗРК С-125М

The main feature of modernization is considered equipping missiles 5V27D semi-active and active homing.

Prototypes and equipment necessary for modernization, Ethiopian military department received documentation and assembly kits from Ukraine back in 2016-2017 years. Last fall, Ukrainian experts in the territory of an African country conducted the first test launches of updated missiles.

reported, that the maximum range of S-125M air defense systems with new 5V27D-M1 / 2 missiles was 40 km, height - to 25 km.

In order to be able to use homing heads, had to redo the electronic filling of the missile guidance station, which received the designation FCR-125.

In the rocket 5V27D-M1 (with semi-active head) implemented a combined method of targeting. The 5V27D-M2 missile has an active head, which provides capture of the plane (type MiG-29) at least 20 km.

The maximum detection range of targets of the modernized complex (received the name "Blue Nile") was 130 km. FCR-125 is capable of simultaneously tracking up to 4 goals, pointing at them up to eight missiles of the complex.



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