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Samozaryadnыy gun Sunngorda: 50 cartridges in the handle

Samozaryadnыy gun Sunngorda: 50 cartridges in the handle One of the surviving copies.

A characteristic problem of modern pistols is limited ammunition., due to the allowable size of the store. Detachable magazine in the handle can hold no more than a couple of dozen rounds, and further increase in its capacity is impossible or is associated with difficulties. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Norwegian designer Harald Sunngord proposed an original pistol complex, including the pistol itself and a special cartridge for it. Due to special ideas and solutions in weapons, it was possible to place two stores at once with 25 cartridges in each.

Stores of self-loading pistols of the early 20th century did not differ in large capacity and generally held no more than a dozen cartridges. However, in combat conditions, such ammunition could be insufficient., and replacing the store took time and led to risks. An interesting solution to this problem was proposed by the Norwegian engineer X. Sunngord, however, for this he had to create from scratch not only a pistol and a magazine for him, but also a specialized cartridge.

Samozaryadnыy gun Sunngorda: 50 cartridges in the handle One of the early prototypes of the X pistol. Sunngorda. It differs from later products in the absence of a slide lag.

The known data, a new weapon project was developed for 1909 year, and then its author made several prototypes and a batch of new cartridges. In the next 1910 year X. Sunngord took up the protection of his rights to the invention and received the necessary patents from the offices of different countries. In particular, new weapon design was registered in the United States.

Like other small arms, new pistol with increased ammunition was named after the designer - Sunngard pistol. Soon after its inception, the project was developed: a new version has appeared for a different cartridge. In some foreign sources, two versions of a pistol for different ammunition are designated as Model 1909 и Model 1910. However, as far as, initially such names were not used.

At the heart of project X. Sunngord had several basic ideas. At first, the designer decided to use the most advantageous combination of a large and capacious store with a compact, but a powerful enough cartridge. He also suggested placing a spare magazine not in a holster or pouch., but right in the arms. Furthermore, the second store should have been located next to the used, and its translation into working position could take minimal time. As a result, the shooter could have the maximum possible ammunition, ready to use, and the pause between the "change" of the store was minimal.

Especially for your pistol X. Sunngord created a special patron. Product type 6.5x19 mm had a total length 23 mm. Bullet weighing 28,5 branch (1,85 g) could accelerate to 600 m / s. Later, probably, according to the test results of the first pistol, the designer created a second special cartridge - 8x19 mm. His bullet weighed 29 grain (1,88 g) and developed speed at the level of the previous sample. Due to the new cartridge, it was planned to get some increase in fighting qualities., but they had to pay for them with a reduction in ammunition.

Samozaryadnыy gun Sunngorda: 50 cartridges in the handle The same product, view from above

Pistol, designed for new cartridge use, distinguished by its simplicity of design. X. Sunngord used proven solutions in the form of an automatic with a free breechblock and without locking the barrel.. At the same time, the weapon had to have a characteristic appearance., including due to the presence of a mine for two stores at once. Thin and lightweight shutter casing has been designed, and the frame was distinguished by a large and wide handle. Some interesting ideas have been implemented in the trigger mechanism..

The layout of the Sunngard pistol was traditional. All the main parts fit on a relatively compact frame. Its upper part was a guide for a movable casing and occupied about half of the total length of the pistol. A protective trigger guard was placed under the guide in front, behind it is a special handle. The latter had a rectangular shape and was placed almost vertically.. The lower cut of the handle was made in the form of a broken line. The walls of the handle were perforated, over them it was possible to install pads of small thickness.

Shutter cover design X. Sunngorda received a cylindrical front end with a nut-cap, through which the muzzle of the barrel passed. The cylinder was about half its length. Behind the cylinder on the casing there was a thickening with an almost rectangular cross section, in the cavity of which the cartridge was supposed to move. In the rear part of the thickening, a shutter was placed without locking means. Details of the firing mechanism were placed under the rear of the casing., which had a reduced cross-section.

The pistol of the first version was equipped with a rifled barrel. 6,5 mm and length 158 mm. The barrel was rigidly fixed to the frame and did not have to move when firing. A return spring was put on the barrel during assembly, after which the shutter cover was installed on top of it. One end of the spring was in contact with the front wall of the casing, others - with emphasis on the barrel and frame.

The pistol received a trigger-type firing mechanism. A drummer with a mainspring was placed in the rear of the casing., able to move back and forth. The drummer was U-shaped: one of its elements was on the axis of the shutter and had a firing pin, the other was placed at the port side, it was meant to interact with the sear. The mainspring was in the rear casing. In the cocked position, the U-shaped drummer was inhibited by a sear, placed behind the trigger guard. When the hook was pressed, it lifted and pushed the corresponding part of the drummer.

Samozaryadnыy gun Sunngorda: 50 cartridges in the handle bottom view

After modernization, the product was equipped with a shutter delay, allowing to stop the casing in the rear position. The corresponding lever was on the left, above the trigger. Due to the special shape of the inner axis, the delay was also responsible for blocking the striker until the bolt fully rolled up and prevented a premature shot.. There was also a non-automatic fuse., controlled by a lever on the left side of the handle.

The greatest interest in the project X. Sunngorda represented the ammunition supply system, for which the inventor, properly, and created the whole complex. The cartridges were to be placed in detachable box magazines. The first to appear was a magazine chambered for 6.5x19 mm. Inside it, ammunition was placed in two vertical rows of 12 pieces in each. Another cartridge was in the magazine lips and was ready to be sent to the chamber.. The store had a traditional spring feeder.

It was proposed to use three regular magazines with one pistol.. Two had a box-shaped body with a smooth rear wall, whereas the third one held the wire hook bracket. Stores were to be used in a specific order, and the crocheted item was second in line.

Two magazines could enter the large and wide shaft of the pistol handle at once. There was an emphasis on the top between the shops, held the front in working position. From below it was fixed with a latch with a lever. Directly behind the first store was the second.. He rested on the top stop and on the back wall of the mine. From below he was supported by a hard emphasis. The wire hook was hooked onto a special axle at the top of the shaft. The lower edge of the handle had a broken shape, because of which the rear magazine was slightly lower than the front one and did not interfere with the operation of the automation. The third magazine should have been holstered.

The designer equipped his weapon with the simplest sighting devices. In front of the casing there was a front sight with a small side protection. There was a rear sight on the casing, also covered on the side.

Samozaryadnыy gun Sunngorda: 50 cartridges in the handle Drawing from patent, showing the design of the handle and magazines

The Sunngard pistol had a total length 203 mm at height 135 mm. The own weight of the weapon was 760 g. Shop with 25 cartridges 6.5x19 mm weighed about 100 g. In this way, a pistol with full ammunition pulled by almost a kilogram. The possibility of obtaining a relatively high technical rate of fire was declared.. The estimated effective firing range did not exceed several tens of meters.

The pistol was supplied with a specially designed holster. Inside it, a separate pocket was provided for carrying one of the stores. ("Third"). In this way, the general ammunition of the pistol could consist of 75 rounds, of which 50 were in arms.

Handgun X operation. Sunngorda was quite interesting and unusual. Equipping two shops, should have put them in the handle. The "second" was inserted first, crocheted. It was placed at the back of the mine, its hook clung to the top axle, and the bottom rested against the lower handle stop. Only after that should the store number 1 be installed., who became "active" - ​​he had to supply cartridges to the weapon. It was located just above the spare and was fixed with a spring latch..

By making 25 shots and emptying the first magazine, should have done a simple "recharge". To do this, the shooter had to squeeze the latch of the front store and remove it. Then the rear magazine was manually moved forward, raised slightly and fixed in working position. A wire hook made this process easier., controlling the trajectory of the magazine. Then you could cock the weapon (or remove the shutter from the delay) and keep shooting.

Samozaryadnыy gun Sunngorda: 50 cartridges in the handle Modified version of the pistol

After the following 25 shots should have been returned to the "second" magazine to its original position. A third store could be placed in its place., while holstered.

In this way, the Sunngard pistol pistol of the first version could make three series of 25 shots with a minimum interval between them. One medium-sized pistol managed to accommodate a record ammunition load. And, unlike a number of later pistols and magazines, this time it was about the standard equipment of the weapon.

The first version of the pistol X. Sunngorda appeared in 1909 year and then passed the necessary checks. Apparently, the result did not fully suit the inventor, and therefore the project was continued. The 6.5x19 mm cartridge could hardly show high performance and fighting qualities., because of what he needed a replacement. Soon the designer proposed a new ammunition.

The cartridge of a new type was developed taking into account the characteristics of the existing and promising weapons. Sleeve lengthening was not possible due to ergonomic considerations, and therefore the characteristics increased, increasing the caliber. At the same time, the volume of the liner and the permissible weight of gunpowder increased.. However, the mass and speed of the new 8-mm bullet differed little from the parameters of the existing.

To use the new cartridge 8x19 mm pistol X. Sunngorda has undergone significant changes. A new, larger caliber barrel with a length of only 135 mm. The shape of individual parts and assemblies has changed, although the overall exterior of the product, generally preserved. Finally, decreased ammunition. Each of the stores contained only 18 cartridges - in total 36. The dimensions of the weapon have hardly changed, and its own weight has grown by only 40 g.

approximately 1910 year, new prototypes of the Sunngård pistol were made for a larger caliber cartridge. They had to pass the test, during which they hardly managed to show a noticeable increase in technical characteristics and fighting qualities. However, this time the gunsmith did not create a new cartridge and alter the weapon for it.

According to various sources, Harald Sunngård at the turn of the decade tried to offer his weapons to several European armies, primarily Norwegian. easy to see, that potential customers did not show interest in this development. Not a single supply contract has appeared.

AT 1914 year, the Norwegian army held a tender for the purchase of modern pistols. Several foreign companies took part in it. The domestic industry was represented by the product Sunngård pistol. Several weapons have passed comparative tests, and the military made their decision. The American M1911 pistol designed by John Moses Browning was considered the most successful.. The army adopted it under the designation 11,25 mm Automatic pistol M / 1914. Soon one of the Norwegian factories launched licensed production.

Taking into account such competition results, you can imagine, what exactly is gun X. Sunngorda did not suit the Norwegian army. The American M1911 seriously outnumbered the Norwegian Sunngard pistol in firepower.. Stopping and lethal action of the cartridge .45 ACP was much higher, than the small 6.5x19 mm. Also, the foreign pistol was favorably distinguished by a greater range of effective fire.. At the same time, the M1911 had a "normal" grip and was much more convenient to handle..

The only advantage of the domestic development was the uniquely large ammunition load.. However, a potential customer could doubt the advisability of this. The self-loading pistol was seen as an officer's self-defense weapon, and in this role he did not need ammunition in the form of several dozen rounds, all the more low-power. Besides, a couple of magazines increased the size of the handle and affected convenience.

Samozaryadnыy gun Sunngorda: 50 cartridges in the handle Left side of the Sunngord pistol with controls

Based on the comparison, the Norwegian military chose a sample, daring. Product, actually built around one interesting, but not a completely unambiguous idea, they were not interested. known, that in the same period X. Sunngord tried to offer his pistol to foreign armies, but they also did not want to buy such weapons.

According to some reports, only a few Sunngard pistol have survived. One of them has a caliber 6,5 mm, second - 8 mm. According to some versions, these were the only prototypes made, and other pistols were initially absent. 6,5-mm Sunngord pistol is now kept in one of the museums in Norway. The second sample somehow ended up in the Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung Museum in Koblenz, Germany..

Harald Sunngord's project pursued a very specific goal - the maximum possible increase in ready-to-use ammunition. To solve this problem, the gunsmith had to create a special cartridge and use the unusual design of the pistol itself.. The main task of the project was completed, but too expensive. The pistol showed insufficient fire characteristics, and therefore could not interest the military. Not the most successful combination of ammunition and firepower did not allow the pistol to enter service., but it provided him with a place in the list of interesting, albeit useless developments.

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