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First in its class. South Korea launched the submarine KSS-3 project

In South Korea, was launched on the first sub displacement over 3 thousand tons. The solemn ceremony was held at the shipyard of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), transfers “Warspot” with reference to the portal

Первая в своем классе. В Южной Корее спустили на воду субмарину проекта KSS-3

The first submarine KSS-3 project, dubbed Dosan Ahn Chang-ho (SS-083) It was laid at the shipyard in May 2016 year and the plans will be transferred to the Navy in South Korea 2020 year.

KSS-3 submarine project will be the largest in a part of South Korean Navy. The length of the first installment will be a submarine 83,5 m, maximum width - 7,7 m, height - 14,7 m, sediment - 7,62 m, underwater displacement - 3705 t (above water 3358 t), crew - 50 human. Speed 20 knots submerged, cruising range will be 10 thousand. nautical miles. Armed submarine vertical launcher with six cells with cruise missiles “Cheon Riong” (launch range 1500 km), as well as torpedoes.

The project plans to build nine submarines, who released three batches with the introduction of modifications to each of the following. planned, that all submarines will take the fleet to 2029 year.



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