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The situation in Syria. Idlib residents prepare for a chemical attack

Under fire Air Force of the Western coalition in Deir ez-Zor killing civilians. In Idlib and Hama Turkish Armed Forces arrived reinforcements. Residents of the province of Idlib made masks improvised. Reported FAN citing local sources.

Ситуация в Сирии. Жители Идлиба готовятся к химической атаке

In the province of Deir ez-Zor fighting continued between the "democratic forces" (SDF) and IG militants (group banned in Russia). None of the significant progress the parties are not made. Western coalition aircraft struck new strikes on several localities, where terrorists are hiding. As a result of air raids killed civilians. Information on casualties in the ranks of the terrorists have been reported.

In the southern part of the province of Idlib continued artillery fire between government troops and militias "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" (banned in Russia). Residents of the village of Jisr al-Shugurov prepare for chemical attack, By making improvised masks. Recall, previously reported, that together with Adventure "Wh" activists are preparing provocation with toxic substances. By the observation post in the settlement of Al-Surman in the east of the region arrived more military equipment of the Turkish army.

Islamists attacked government troop positions near the village of Atshana the northern province of Hama. Part of the shells fell on an agricultural field, causing fire. In turn, the CAA shelled positions "en-Nusra" in the vicinity of Al-Latamina cities, Kafr Zeta, Al Farges. By the observation post near the settlement arrived Murek Turkish military equipment, including several tanks.



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