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South Korea introduced “deserted” MBT variant K2 “Black Panther”

South Korea's main battle tank K2 “Black Panther” I get the new version. On passing the Seoul exhibition DX Korea Defense Exhibition company Hyundai Rotem unveiled “deserted” variant GTN K2 Black Panther, reports “military parity” with reference to the portal

Южная Корея представила "пустынный" вариант ОБТ К2 "Чёрная пантера"

South Korean MBT K2 Black Panther is in service with the South Korean army with 2014 of the year and is considered one of the most modern main tanks in the world. Presented “desert” K2 version is similar to the base model, but equipped with air conditioning, located on the right side of the tank turret. According to the developers, the tank has already been tested in desert conditions, where he showed good results. There is an increased interest from the countries of the Middle East.

OBT K2 Black Panther armed 120 mm smoothbore gun L/55 with automatic loader, coaxial machine gun M60 caliber 7,62 mm, there is an anti-aircraft machine gun caliber 12,7 mm. The tank has combined armor on each side of the hull, and dynamic around the tower. There is an active protection system (APS – Active Protection System) and laser warning system. Standard equipment includes: automatic target detection and tracking system, panoramic sights, GPS, recognition system “friend or foe”, integrated nuclear, biological and chemical protection.

Tank weight 55 tonnes, crew 3 man.



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