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Soviet veteran of the BTR-50 is still in service

BTR-50, adopted by the Soviet Army 64 years ago, It remains in battle formation, writes Mordovia Herald.

Советский ветеран БТР-50 по-прежнему в строю

hundreds of armored vehicles, created on the basis of a light tank PT-76, continue their service in the armed forces of more than ten countries in the world. Some of them, such as Syria and Iraq, they have to take part in the hostilities.

If Syria were units of such vehicles, in neighboring Iraq, several dozen. But this is only a pitiful remnant of, that was in 1980 years during the reign of Saddam Hussein. Nevertheless, a contribution to the struggle against the "fifties" bring terrorism.

A characteristic feature of the Iraqi BTR-50 is that they have enhanced weapons. Usually, APCs are equipped with 23-mm automatic guns. They are mounted in a self-made bulletproof towers with a circular rotation.

Recall, BTR-50P (An object 750) designed in 1952 year, adopt adopted 1954 year. It was made up 1970 of the year. Only about it has been released 6500 machines of various modifications. FROM 1958 the year was made in Czechoslovakia under the designation TOPAS OT-62C.

Советский ветеран БТР-50 по-прежнему в строюBTR-50 from the museum in Latrun.

The machine has a high capacity - up to 20 Marines, afloat can be transported on the roof to 2 tons of cargo. Depending on the modification caliber guns armed with 7,62 mm, 14,4 mm, anti-aircraft installations ZTPU-2, TPU-4.



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