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The Syrian army fighting 9 types of armored vehicles production in the USSR and the Russian Federation

The conflict in Syria for military experts is interesting, that it involves practically all types of Russian (Soviet) wheeled armored vehicles, writes Mordovia Herald.

В сирийской армии воюют 9 типов бронемашин производства СССР и РФ

Among them can be found as "museum pieces", eg, BTR-152 producing 1950, and modern armored cars of the "Tiger".

Numerous past car family BTR-60, as well as the BRDM-2 has now become exposed in the camera lens becoming less.

A significant number of the BTR-60 before the war was removed from the army on the storage base in connection with the completion of the basic units of life cycle. Measures for their modernization Syrian command has not taken.

As for the BRDM-2, these machines are actively used at the beginning of the conflict, some of them were later upgraded. However, the improvements had little effect on their survival - in the beginning of the year a large number of these machines were destroyed by terrorists.

According to the resource, very fared well in the Syrian conflict, the BTR-80, BTR-82A armored vehicles and "Tiger". Combat experience in the application of this technology is also suitable for modernization works in Russia. Some of the updated version can be seen at the exhibition in the framework of the "Army of 2018".

recently, 3 year in Syria actively used armored vehicles "The Shot". Often they are in the same battle formations with "Tiger".

The republic, Besides, They were delivered "Vodnik" machines in combat, as well as in sanitary design. However, the data on their use is practically no.

Recently it became known about the arrival in Hong modernized BTR-70M. While the machine involved in the fighting were not, but we can be sure, that this Russian equipment does not fail, concludes the author Lev Romanov material.



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