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T-500 (MB-500) Type Certificate. Modern replacement An-2?

DEATH – Federal Agency of Air Transport – It issued the type certificate for the specialized aircraft, which is intended for aerial chemical operations (T-500 / MB-500). In fact, we are talking about the first plane to Russia of agricultural, which has gone through certification.

The implementation of the certification program of this aircraft began in the summer of last year. The developer of the MB-500 is the company “MVEN” (Tatarstan). Over the past years, the entire set of tests was conducted, which eventually confirmed all the claims related to agricultural land plane.

Т-500 (МВ-500) получил сертификат типа. Современная замена Ан-2?

From the statement of the cluster director “weapons” Corporation Rostec Sergei Abramov:

This certificate allows you to start serial production of the T-500 (MB-500) and commercial operation of aircraft in the park of leader customers. To end 2018 planned release 10 production vehicles, at 2019 It was expected to enter the production capacity to 120 aircraft per year. Interest in light and economical car have expressed a number of ministries and departments, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Forestry Agency, as well as the regions of the country.

Т-500 (МВ-500) получил сертификат типа. Современная замена Ан-2?

What is T-500? Aircraft, glider which is made of composite materials. This allows it to be used in a variety of climatic conditions. By plane provides high-speed parachute system, which provide rescue crews in an emergency. The machine can be used not only for agrorabot, but also to monitor the situation in the fire season, for examination of objects with industrial air, for the elimination of oil spills and other purposes. In fact, we are talking about trying to replace such workhorses as the An-2, who performed and continue to perform a truly enormous amount of work in different sectors of the economy, including selhozotrasl.

T-500 (MB-500) project “MVEN” is created within the “RT-Himkompozit” Rostec Obninsk NPP “Technology”, engaged in the manufacture of composite airframe and glazing units.



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