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In Libya, lined with rare self-propelled gun of the Italian production

During the fighting between rival factions in the Libyan capital, lined with 155-mm self-propelled howitzer "Palmaria", According to the Russian newspaper.

В Ливии подбита редкая самоходка итальянского производства

In the days of Muammar Gaddafi of Libya to acquire weapons like the Warsaw Pact, and the western producers. The Libyan army in those years was to be found, including the Soviet "Carnations" and "Acacia", Czechoslovak "Dana", as well as the Italian self-propelled "Palmaria", produced by OTO Melara. just 1980 years, was purchased about 150 Italian cars.

"Palmaria" is made on the basis of the Italian tanks OF-40 and was intended solely for foreign supplies. At that time it was considered one of the best self-propelled guns, issued in the West.

Weight "Palmar" - 46 tonnes. Firing range high-explosive shells - about 24 km, active and reactive - 30 km. Engine power SAU - 750 HP. Speed ​​- up 60 km / h. Power reserve - 500 km. crew - 5 human.

Self-propelled guns were actively used during the war in 2011 year and suffered heavy losses from the strikes of NATO planes. Today these machines in Libya remains a little - about 30 units. All of them are involved in the Tripoli area. Usually, crews are direct fire, exposing themselves under enemy fire response. Considering, self-propelled armor that have bulletproof, their number continues to decrease steadily.



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