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China presented a multi-role fighter FTC-2000G

China has established a new multi-function military aircraft of its own design. Aircraft, received the name FTC-2000G, export-oriented, reports “avianews”.

Китай презентовал многофункциональный истребитель FTC-2000G

reportedly, on Wednesday in the city of Anshun, Guizhou Province (Southwest China) I rolled out the first copy of the new Chinese aircraft FTC-2000G, developed by Guizhou Aviation Industry at China National Aviation Industry Corporation AVIC. The aircraft was developed on the basis of training aircraft FTC-2000 Shanying and has compared them with improved combat capability. FTC-2000G created, according to developers, in accordance with the needs of the international market and is focused on export. Full intellectual property rights owned by Chinese company.

Китай презентовал многофункциональный истребитель FTC-2000G

According to available information, a new Chinese multi-purpose aircraft is designed to conduct air combat, attacking ground targets, of exploration, as well as conducting training flights. On the plane there 7 nodes suspension arms, maximum payload weight 3000 kg, range 1650 km, flight duration 2 o'clock.

The first flight is scheduled for the end of September of this year as part of Aviation and Space Salon Airshow China 2018.



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3 years ago

It is a bit slow having a maximum speed 1.2 Mach only., not even Mach 1.5

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