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US media: Informants in Russia ceased to transmit important information the CIA

About heavy times for the US intelligence told the newspaper The New York Times. The publication reports, that US intelligence, responsible for the Russian direction, "I began to receive significantly less information from informants in the Russian Federation". From material NYT:
Many informants did not provide data in the last two years. they were quiet.

СМИ США: Информаторы в России перестали передавать ЦРУ важные сведения

Further, it has been suggested on the reasons, which led to the "silence" of US intelligence whistleblowers. At the same time as the main reason called "the aggressive actions of the Russian counter-intelligence". And then the "Russian aggression"? apparently, in relation to the Russian security services of the CIA informants, within the meaning of US reporters, to behave very helpfully?..

The American edition of the material:
Sources do not believe that, that informants (…) You could be killed. They conclude, that informants went on underground work due to the aggressive actions of the Moscow counter-intelligence.

further reported, that all this may be due to "business Skripal". strange conclusion, especially when you consider, that "the case Skripal" Britain began to spin with this spring, and the New York Times itself, the newspaper claims, Western intelligence agencies that informants are silent for two years.

Intelligence service, reportedly NYT, complains, In the absence of proper amounts of information from the Russian Federation, "It is difficult to draw conclusions about the intentions of the Russian authorities for a possible intervention in the elections in the US".

of material:
US intelligence fears, that Russia is preparing to sow chaos and undermine the American faith in democracy.

experts note, US media completely detached from reality, giving out materials about the nature of the activities of US intelligence whistleblowers. To complete the picture, as noted, More remains to name the names of those, who "lay down on the bottom".

Whether it is necessary in this case to resort to rhetoric, which often uses the US President: "Fake News"?