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Pompeo: Pyongyang must pass a nuclear warhead to a third party

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during the negotiation process with the DPRK leadership has put forward a concrete proposal for denuclearization, whereby transmits to Pyongyang 70% (but not less 60%) their nuclear warheads to the United States or a "third party", writes Vox edition.

Помпео:  Пхеньян должен передать ядерные боеголовки третьей стороне

According to a source publication, Pompeo repeatedly advanced this initiative over the course of two months., however, each time she was rejected by the head of the department of the Workers' Party of the DPRK, Kim Yong-chul.

Little of, Washington still does not have accurate data on the number of nuclear warheads, located on the territory of the republic. Therefore, another key task of the Secretary of State at the present time is to obtain comprehensive information from the North Korean authorities on the nuclear arsenal..

The interviewer noted, that Pompeo, repeating the same request, began to irritate the North Korean negotiators. The tough stance of the United States led to, that Pyongyang began to regret the conclusion of the agreement on denuclearization. The leadership of the DPRK is clearly demonstrating its unwillingness to work in this vein..

On disappointment with Washington's position, according to the source, says that too, that during the Secretary of State's last visit to Pyongyang, Chairman Kim Jong-un did not come to meet him, despite, that Pompeo arrived in North Korea for this very purpose. The North Korean leader chose to go "to the people" - to a potato farm.

US continues to put pressure on North Korea, demanding from its leadership the unconditional implementation of the agreement, signed by the parties following the US-DPRK summit. According to this document, the republic will receive security guarantees in exchange for denuclearization.

Earlier, Assistant to the US President for National Security John Bolton said, that Pyongyang, despite the agreements, did not take the necessary steps to disarm, and promised to exert maximum pressure on the DPRK until then, until the country's leadership denuclearizes.



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