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In Tuva, a new engineering-sapper regiment

By the fall of Tuva completed the formation of the 24th Engineering Regiment Sapper, which included are a company of assault and obstacle clearing, as well as mouth spetsmynyrovanyya, break the news.

В Туве формируется новый инженерно-саперный полк

Created regiment will solve the problem in the interests of units and formations of the 41 th Combined Arms Army. Such a regiment, oriented, In addition to standard tasks, on assault actions in settlements, covert mining and fast cleaning areas from the enemy explosive devices, It appears in every army.

Typically in the compounds of such specialization include battalion field engineers, pontonerov, Road, specialists in fences and alarm. The new shelf number of road and bridge building and pontoon units is reduced, But there was a special forces combat engineer and stormtroopers.

According to military expert Oleg Zheltonozhko, today is a restoration of the combat power of the army. But even the most powerful army will not be able to operate without modern engineering support. The experience of recent conflicts has shown, that the troops need not only fighters, but also engineers, capable of providing offensive - to restore the road, create a crossing, cleared land, and so on.

With regard to the occurrence of divisions and spetsminirovaniya-attack aircraft engineers, it is explained by the specifics of modern warfare, including, ongoing in Syria.

Spetsminirovaniya troops trained secretly penetrate into the enemy's rear and there create a high-tech remote-controlled or automated minefields. The work of such units is particularly effective in a semi-guerrilla war, when there is no continuous front line.

Assault same unit demand during cleaning of urban neighborhoods. Terrorists often create there the whole fortifications with dozens of gun emplacements.



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