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News from the competition “commando platoon – 2018”

International competition of military-professional skill “commando platoon” within the “Army – 2018” I started 28 July 2018 year at the landfill “Zavelich'e” near Pskov. The competition was opened by the commander of the Russian Airborne Troops Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov, who congratulated all the participants on the competition and wished them good luck in the difficult competition.

Новости с соревнований "Десантный взвод - 2018"

The competition was attended by more than 400 troops from 10 nations: Russia, Algeria, Belarus, Venezuela, Iran, China, Morocco, Pakistan, Sudan and South Africa. Each team has an average of 42 people with the heads of delegations, A group of technical and coaching support. In addition to the competitions attended by representatives of the Indian Army, but they act as observers.

It should be noted, that the Chinese team came to the competition with his technique. All other commands are provided by the Russian equipment and armament.

According to the program of the competition, the first step was carried out 30 in July and included a landing with a march-throw, a 31 July was held the first part of the second phase, including the individual race on combat vehicles. Prior to the landing stage of the teams we received military weapons and conducted a sighting.

29 July first draw under the guidance of the chief judge of the competition, Lieutenant-General Alexander Viaznikova Deputy Commander of the Airborne Force was held, in the presence of all members of the participating teams and the judiciary. First on stage will come the Chinese paratroopers landing, Sudan, Belarus, Algeria, Russia, Pakistan, Iran and Venezuela, South African soldiers appear out of competition.

30 July, the first phase of the competition, participants performed landing in a platoon from a height 800 meters from the Mi-8. All teams, Besides the representatives of China, parachuted to the parachute system of Russian-made D-6. Chinese paratroopers were parachuted in the domestic U-11.

Новости с соревнований "Десантный взвод - 2018"

After landing on time performance platoon made a collection at landing site, We have been in the team compulsory weighting and made a forced march length 10 km. During the march-throw is allowed to provide mutual teammate, but without reference to the personal weapons to anyone. For violations of the rules of the team assigned the additional time penalty 10 minutes.

Новости с соревнований "Десантный взвод - 2018"

Russian paratroopers team beat out in leaders on the results of the first phase, We finished in second place China Marines, third place team of Iran.

Новости с соревнований "Десантный взвод - 2018"

31 July at the site “Struga red” Pskov region the first part of the second stage of the competition was held “commando platoon” — “Individual race on combat vehicles”, during which it held 24 Check. At this stage, the participants competed in an exciting race with obstacles on combat vehicles, and the accuracy of the firing of guns and coaxial machine gun at targets. The Ladder went total transit time. For each miss the crew was given a penalty loop length 300 m, and it is allocated a time penalty for the failure to overcome obstacles. In the competition of eight teams participating countries.

Seven teams have used the technique of domestic production – 2 BMD-80, and BTR and 82, and the team of the People's Republic of China – fighting machine ZBD-03. From each country participated in the race for three crew, they need to be overcome in the long road 5,6 kilometers. On the track it was found 12 artificial and natural obstacles, including water.

Новости с соревнований "Десантный взвод - 2018"

According to the results of the competition the first place the team of paratroopers from the Russian Federation, they overcame the distance in 23 minutes 28 seconds. The second place was taken by paratroopers from China, they overcame the route of 39 minutes 37 seconds. Third place in Algeria over time 1 time 2 minutes 43 seconds.

Новости с соревнований "Десантный взвод - 2018"

Next stage “individual biathlon” will be held 3 August. The program places a shooting from different positions in a platoon, shooting from small arms and rocket-propelled grenades, without crews will be on the range “Zavelich'e”.

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