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"Object 299": tank limiting parameters and a family art

«object 299»: tank limiting parameters and a family art The general form of the tank limiting parameters “object 299”

Not long ago, the Russian Defense Ministry decided, that all new models of armored vehicles should be built on the basis of unified platforms. On one chassis, at minimum it scrapes, tanks should be built, infantry fighting vehicles, etc.. It is worth noting, that this idea is not new and there was a long time ago. Furthermore, attempts to implement it, gave certain results. For example, a new chapter in the history of Russian heavy armored vehicles could become universal chassis on the basis of "Object 299" tank.

As is known, in a certain period Soviet engineers formed concept tank limiting parameters. It provided for the creation of armored vehicles with the highest possible performance, built on the basis of the most advanced solutions. Another study of similar ideas, Since the early eighties,, It has led to a proposal for a universal armored tracked chassis, suitable for use not only as a basis for future tanks.

Not only tank

No later than the mid-eighties design bureau of the Leningrad Kirov plant start elaboration of the new tank shape of the limiting parameters, based on a number of non-standard solutions. The main objectives of the new project was to increase the protection and survivability of armored vehicles and to improve the fire performance. Besides, It planned to provide the highest possible mobility on the battlefield. To solve all these problems should have been used original ideas. The project has received a new tank working designation "Object 299".

«object 299»: tank limiting parameters and a family art Tank sectional

From a certain time "Object 299" was no longer seen solely as a new development for armored troops. There were proposals for the use of this tank chassis as a universal platform for equipment of different purposes. First of all, It proposed to develop a secure means of transport for the infantry or vehicles of various weapons. It is also considering the development of engineering machinery, or even civil engineering.

As far as, art projects based on the new platform does not get its own designation. The availability of materials, all these developments appear only under the name of the base of the tank and with the mention of their class. However, and such species name "BMP based on the" Object 299 "are unlikely to cause confusion.

tank protection

"Object 299" was created in the tank as the limiting parameters, and therefore I had a number of special features. Some of the suggested ideas affect the construction of the hull and chassis, that understandably had an impact on other samples. When you create a new tank focused on the protection and mobility, whereby it has acquired the characteristic appearance and design.

«object 299»: tank limiting parameters and a family art Structure armored crew capsule

Designers understood LB, what threats may face the future tank, and take appropriate action. "Object 299" was uniquely powerful protection frontal projection. Of particular interest in this context is body armor structure, which in the future could become the basis for new combat and support vehicles. To enhance the protection of the habitable compartments, it was decided to use the layout of the housing perednemotornuyu, and the workers of the crew seats were placed within a single armor unit.

The front housing portion is a combined armor barrier wedge profile, fitted with reactive armor units. During such engine compartment placed forehead, also carrying crew protection function. Only in the engine compartment placed protected crew capsule. In this way, the distance between the point at the front of the housing and frontal sheet capsules exceeded 2,5-3 m. It was filled with a variety of security features and other aggregates, it is extremely difficult for people or damage vital equipment.

«object 299»: tank limiting parameters and a family art The propulsion system for tanks and machines on its base

Side and roof body received less powerful, but still serious protection. Homogeneous armored parts have slots for dynamic protection installation units. Chassis side and further closing screens with similar equipment. Between RS blocks were provided metal edges, need for additional impact on the shell or the cumulative jet.

Designers have considered all this lack of protection, and because the crew decided to put in its own capsule. In the central part of the housing proposed to establish a separate unit with its own multi-layer protection. Capsule consisted of a multilayered armor panel. Its front sloping sheet is further equipped DZ. curious, These security features have been placed under the sheets of the main body. The thickness of the individual elements of the capsule reached 250 mm, gauge - 775 mm.

The entire aft portion of the housing surrendered under arms, or other desired equipment. For example, in the base project "Object 299" provides for the use of fully automated crew compartment with remotely operated weapon. On rotation base intended to establish the 152 mm cannon high power. Specialty stores have been fed from the automated ammunition stowage. laterally, rear and top fighting compartment was covered by armor and explosive reactive armor.

«object 299»: tank limiting parameters and a family art model sample «object 299», used on the test

Armor and ERA system was supposed to complement active protection system. With the help of its own radar, he had to watch over the situation and the time flies hitting projectiles or missiles. Thanks to this advanced armor and additional protection of the tank would not have to often feel the impact of anti-tank weapons.

mobility issues

According to preliminary calculations,, "Object 299" was supposed to be a combat weight of not more than 50 t. Thus it planned to provide the maximum possible mobility, that the need to develop a new version of the powerplant. The engine compartment of the new tank, as mentioned, He placed in front of habitable volume and serves as an additional protection for the crew.

«object 299»: tank limiting parameters and a family art Front view

Considering the experience of draft T-80, it was decided to construct a power plant based on a gas turbine engine. On the basis of developments on existing projects GTE 1000 and GTE 1250 should develop new engines of 1400, 1500, 1800 and 2000 HP. All this allows to obtain the highest power density and corresponding road performance. So, speed on the highway can reach 80-90 kmh. It should be simplified to overcome various obstacles. curious, more powerful engines allow to obtain some savings. Already at a power level 1400-1500 HP. gas turbine fuel consumption system differed little from that of a comparable diesel.

Of the engine includes an integrated power unit, formed as a single removable unit. On the latter also had to fit a variety of systems and tools. The possibility to equip the plant electromechanical transmission. With the stock in the future are working on equipping the power plant is relatively powerful electric generator.

«object 299»: tank limiting parameters and a family art Foods with a door for access to the rear compartment housing

The engine torque is issued to front-wheel drive. Chassis received seven track rollers on each side. Used hydropneumatic adjustable suspension. For proper load distribution rollers can be set at different intervals: the distance therebetween has been reduced in afterbody, under the fighting compartment.

The family of the tank

Upon successful solution of all design and technological tasks LB was able to create a unique fighting machine. Furthermore, tank chassis "object 299" can be used in the development of technology for other purposes, as a military, and the civil. For this reason, at the end of the eighties it was worked out several new sorts of projects. Firstly, He studied the possibility of "development" of new military specialties.

«object 299»: tank limiting parameters and a family art A possible composition of the family art chassis «object 299»

probably, the most interesting modification "Object 299" could become a missile tank. On its roof was planned to install a remotely controlled turret with a machine gun for self-defense. There you should mount the optoelectronic systems and missiles controls. The main ammunition was placed in the aft compartment housing. vertical launcher managed to place in the fighting compartment on 30 missiles. Exit hatches for movable armor missile camouflage covers. In combat, a tank could support troops, destroying armored vehicles and enemy fortifications.

The aft compartment could finalize, increasing its height and set inside a seat for landing. In this case, the chassis was converted into a fighting machine of infantry heavy class. The project also involves the installation of a remote-controlled turret with a small-caliber gun, heavy machine gun and automatic grenade launcher. Inside landing with transom door compartment placed 11 soldiers with guns, as well as the supply of food and water to work within a few days.

Kind of processing the base of the tank can be a self-propelled artillery. In this case, instead of installing the carriage gun type should use a full-size tower, as uninhabited. Apparently, It is considering the issue of equipment self-propelled gun with a caliber 152 mm or more.

«object 299»: tank limiting parameters and a family art tank missile project. Fighting compartment given by the vertical launchers

Chassis "object 299" could be the basis for a number of auxiliary machines. On a unified body with the different equipment should have been installed. The possibility of creating a command-staff and intelligence machine, transport and charging unit, or for any artillery missiles. Engineering troops could offer an armored vehicle razgrazhdeniya. All of these samples in the prospects had to work on the front line, and they obviously would not prevent the protection of the tank at the level of the limiting parameters.

In the case of manifestations of interest from relevant institutions, unified chassis could find a job in the non-military sphere. Several types of machines, devoid of armor and weapons, We had to carry communications equipment and management, engineering equipment and even load areas. Civil modification "Object 299" was originally developed with the participation of the military department, but later the interest in this technology has shown the newly created Ministry for Emergency Situations.

Plans and their implementation

Leningrad Kirov factory could develop, to build, to try and put in a series of several models of combat, auxiliary and civil engineering on the basis of a unified chassis. First, however, required to establish the actual characteristics of the chassis, designed for tank. In the late eighties, the company has built TN. running model of the future cars.

«object 299»: tank limiting parameters and a family art Control and Machine Intelligence

The known data, layout repeating contours of the body and use the selected layout solutions. Thus in its structure no armor, dynamic defense, and other attributes of military equipment. In the engine compartment of a gas turbine engine was one of the existing types. For added convenience, the crew manned compartment is made open at the top and set the cap on it with glazing. By means of a simple layout ballast loaded to the desired weight. In this form, the prototype was sent to trial.

The known data, before the beginning of the nineties breadboard "Object 299" had to pass long and complex tests, in the course of which was able to show all their driving performance. Apparently, not without comments, but after a certain refinement of the basic tank project could get a great future. A further, in the case of the relevant orders, You might be other machines on the basis of the existing chassis.

«object 299»: tank limiting parameters and a family art It is in the context of

However, all of the proposed projects have not been developed. They were in an extremely difficult time for our country. At the turn of the eighties and nineties of the financial capacity of the military department declined sharply, which forced him to withdraw from a number of promising projects. One of the victims of these cuts was the limiting parameters of the tank "Object 299". The rejection of this project determined the fate of the entire family of military and civil engineering. As a result, all the works were stopped.

The project and its followers

Initially, the project "Object 299" involved the development of only a tank with the maximum possible performance. However, the proposal was considered very successful chassis, because soon there were several options for use in producing certain classes of equipment. If successful, the development of events is allowed to carry out re-ground forces due to standardized designs for different purposes. The advantages of this approach were evident. Besides, a new technique was to show the best performance,, which also provide certain advantages.

«object 299»: tank limiting parameters and a family art Engineering machine razgrazhdeniya with remote control

However, the project appeared in difficult times, and therefore I had no chance of full implementation. "Object 299" has not moved beyond the model sample test, and the construction of a full tank, or machines on its base of speech is not going. In fact, the point has been put in the draft.

However, the idea of ​​building equipment based on tank chassis was not forgotten. After two decades remembered her, rethought and redesigned, with the result that there was a modern concept of a unified platform. Direct ideological successor of "Object 299" can now be considered "Armata" platform. On its basis already established tank, heavy infantry fighting vehicles, and some other samples. Quite possible, that in the near future, this chassis will be the basis for the next type of technology or that purpose.

«object 299»: tank limiting parameters and a family art Multi-purpose transport vehicle

According to various estimates, the successful implementation of the current "Armata" project will lead to a serious re Russian ground forces while increasing their combat power. As for the "Object 299" and a whole family of techniques based on it, they could also lead to similar results, but now it remains only to regret, that the difficult situation of previous years did not give the full potential of the original project. However, overcome the difficulties of the past, and now the industry is ready to create new models of the family and on the basis of modern developments and technologies.

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