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How to use a sleeping bag

Sleeping bag (in common sleeping) – equipment element, which is used for sleeping and relaxing on parking.

– Warm up before they get into the sleeping bag. Take a few sit-ups, push-ups, jump – Move so, to properly warm up, but do not sweat. Stacked in a sleeping bag when you warm. If you go to sleep chilled, it will be difficult to keep warm.

– “Refuel”! If the night is going to be cold, you can eat anything “energy”. Suit special nutritious bars. Avoid drinking caffeine or refined sugar.

– Water balance – it is important! Throughout the day, it is important to drink plenty of fluids: organism, experiencing water shortages, can not maintain thermoregulation. At the same time never tolerate night, if your body insists, that you got out of the sleeping bag on the street. If you suffer, you will be very difficult to keep warm.

– Dry and clean clothes will provide a nice dream. It is best to sleep change into dry and clean clothes. clothing, in which you spent the day, absorbed and dust, and moisture – warm it will be more difficult.

– Warm up sleeping pre. You can fill empty bottles with warm water, wrap them in extra clothes and put in a sleeping bag. I am going to sleep in a warm sleeping bag, you get warm faster.

– Keep your head warm! About 40% we lose heat through the head. therefore, going to bed at low temperatures, Wear a warm hat.

– Nose and mouth must remain outside. Do not sleep, with his mouth and nose in a sleeping bag. Your breath will make a wet sleeping bag, and you prodrognete. Many sleeping bags are made so, you can sleep in them as in a cocoon, and only the mouth and the nose will remain outside.

– The thicker the layer between the ground and a sleeping bag, all the better. In the cold night a good rug is simply irreplaceable! The better you isolate yourself from the ground, so you will be warmer.

– Socks to sleep. If you have cold feet, Get a pair of thick, but not tight wool or fleece socks. Use them only for sleep.

– Make your sleeping bag as it should shake! Whatever the heater has not been used in your sleeping bag, it is still subject to compression. Unfolding a sleeping bag before going to bed, Shake it, to insulation cracked down and restored its insulating properties.

Today's hard to imagine a campaign without a sleeping bag. A good sleeping bag - is the key to a sound sleep during the campaign, hunting or fishing. A sleeping bag to keep you warm for years, it is necessary to properly operate.

In campaign.

  1. waking up in the morning, do not be lazy and hung to air your sleeping bag, before you put him in a backpack
    2. If your sleeping bag gets wet or damp, as soon as possible, try to dry it. This is especially true down sleeping bags, so as down absorbs moisture.
    3. In no case do not dry sleeping bag by the fire, as often as the outer material used nylon, which may melt when exposed to high temperatury.4. For sleeping bags from padding polyester filler is not recommended to use compression bags, that contribute to a more rapid caking syntepon, whereupon, sleeping becomes thinner and colder.
    5. When laying in a sleeping bag compression bag is not necessarily his roll or folded in some particular way, better to shove it in there anyhow. This is because the, that the heater each time a different wrinkled and not formed "bedsore" from crumpled in one and the same place fibers.


  1. I do not advise to wash a sleeping bag often, so each wash impairs the insulating properties of your sleeping bag.
    2. Before washing, completely undo the sleeping bag and shake out any debris from it.
    3. First of all, read the label icons on a sleeping bag, which will prompt you wash features of this product.
    4. To get started is to soak a sleeping bag in warm water. The water temperature should not be higher 30 degrees.
    5. When washing, use special detergents for synthetic insulators.
    6. After washing, be sure to rinse the sleeping bag, to remove any residual detergent.
    7. Do not use spin the washing in the washing machine and press the hand, better wait, while sleeping with the drain water.
    8. Dry sleeping better on the balcony, that he was blown by the wind. But I do not advise it to dry on the battery, You can easily spoil.
    9. Do not iron!!!


  1. Do not store in a sleeping bag compression bag and in a compressed state.
    2. Keep better sleeping in the unfolded state, hanging or lying position in dry.
    3. Never store a wet sleeping bag, as it begins to rot (especially with down filling).
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