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Plane P-5

 The plane P-5 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight

In the mid-1920s., when the operation was still scout R-1, KB NN. Polikarpov has begun to draft a new scout. At that time, the Air Force and Glavkoavia announced a competition for the creation of the engine power of not less than 600 HP. The competition was attended by several KB. Construction and testing of engines to be completed in 1926- 1927 gg. N, N-. Polykarpov stopped on the engine M-13 Developer us, as a safety net provided for the American engine "Tornado III».

Plane P-5 – video

The basis for the aircraft has been taken by him developed scout P-4, but slightly modified and enhanced by the installation of a more powerful engine. After entering the OSS CDB in April 1927 g. technical requirements for the machine officially began development of the project, the designation P-5.

Already 4 May preliminary draft was submitted to the Technical Board Aviatresta. A preliminary draft was approved at the beginning of 1928 g. Relatively slow development of the project due to the fact, that only in September 1927 g. begun bench testing of the M-13 engine. When it became clear, that the engine requires continuous fine-tuning, it was decided to install on aircraft engine M-17 (licensed German BMW engine-VI). In the end of August 1928 g. the first copy of the aircraft was built. It was a double odnostoechny polutoraplan, mainly wooden structure with a fabric covering.

 The plane P-5 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight

In early September, a test pilot MM. Gromov first raised the P-5 in the air. In October, the aircraft was handed over to the Air Force Institute on state tests. Tests ran non-stop flight from Moscow to Sevastopol 21 July 1929 g. Positive evaluation of the aircraft the Air Force leadership will resolve the issue in the launch of its series at the factory number 1. During the year, the plant contributed to the aircraft structure about 3000 change, mainly related to the simplification of the manufacturing technology. While production licensed engines M-17 is not unfolded in full force, production machines equipped with the German BMW-VI. Armament consisted of a synchronous machine gun MF-1 and doubles guns YES in the rear cab. Production peaks in 1933 g. it was released 1572 cars, and all factory produced 4233 instance.

On the basis of the P-5 a few successful modifications was built. The plane with removed armament under the designation P-5 operated on civil aviation lines. During the rescue of the crew of the steamer "Chelyuskin" most of the people were taken to the P-5. Pilots have shown ingenuity, managing to carry on the two-seater plane for a flight up to six people. Commercially built the Marine version of the aircraft P-5a with floats. version of PR-5 is also built in series with the placement of four people in an extended fuselage.

 The plane P-5 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight

Have been developed and launched a series of variants of the P-5 with various weapons - CCC and P-Z. designer PI. Grochowski landing cassette for eight people has been developed, installed under the lower wing. AT 1933 g. on the plane R-5 were carried out tests of refueling in the air. In flight, flying P-5 in front and above TB-3 and released filler hose length 35 m. TB-3 arrow caught the end and guide it into the neck, then carry out refueling. 400 kg of fuel were poured over 15 min. In those years, the practical use of refueling in the air has not been.

Aircraft F-5 involved in the fighting in China, Spain, in the war with Finland. In World War II the planes F-5 is mainly used in embodiment bomber, as well as for delivery of ammunition, food, medical evacuations. In view of the heavy losses they went to perform in night combat missions. Since the mid 1943 g. F-5 steel removed from the arms, but they continued to be used in logistics and training the Air Force. Civil aircraft variants P-5 operated until 1947 g.

 The plane P-5 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight

Performance characteristics of the aircraft F-5

– First flight: 19 September 1928
– Getting Started: 1929

The crew of the aircraft F-5

– 2 man

The dimensions of the aircraft P-5

– Length: 10,56 m
– Wingspan: 15,30/12,60 m
– Height: 2,62 m
– wing area: 50,20 m²

Weight plane F-5

– Empty: 1969 kg
– Curb: 2955 kg (scout) 3347 (bomber)

Aircraft Engine P-5

– PA N 17b N-17f
– pull (power): 500/680HP. 500/730 (M17f)

speed of the aircraft F-5

– full speed: 225 kmh (M-17f) 235 kmh (SSS)

Aircraft flight range R-5

– 800km /1000 km (Release the P-5 1934 of the year)

Service ceiling of the aircraft P-5

– 6400 m / 5940m (Release the P-5 1934 of the year)
– Skoropodъёmnost: 295 m / min

Arming plane F-5

– Machine-gun armament: 2h7,62 mm PV-1; 1 PV-1 + 1 shkas machine gun, 7,62Hmm yeah
– Max suspension points: Ventral 2hDER-6. Wing 8hDER-7
– suspension arms: 400 kg bombs

Photos of the aircraft P-5

 The plane P-5 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight

The plane P-5T with torpedo


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