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Project 11351 "Nereus" (Type "Menzhinsky") – border guards patrol ships

		Project 11351 «Nereus» (A type «Menzhinsky») - border guards patrol ships

For naval units of the KGB Frontier Troops Northern Design Bureau has developed a patrol ship project, intended for a patrol, protection of the economic zone and the fight against smuggling. Project, approved in the early 70s and were designated as 11351 ("Nereus"), was the development of projects 1135 and 1135M and differ from them primarily changes in the composition of weapons and the presence of a helicopter. According to the project plans to build a series of 12 ships, which are intended to be used primarily in the Pacific.

		Project 11351 «Nereus» (A type «Menzhinsky») - border guards patrol ships

The lead ship of the series TFR 113 "Menzhinsky" was laid 14.08.1981 g. at a shipyard "bay" in g. Kerch and put into operation 29.12.1983 g. It was followed by 057 "Dzerzhinsky", 156 "Eagle" (to 07.03.1986 g. "Yuri Andropov"), 060 "Anadyr" (to 05.1996 g. "Name of the 70th anniversary of Border Guards"), 103 «Cedar», 052 "Borovsky". All of these ships come into operation before the collapse of the USSR and in the present, only some of them are part of the Russian Navy. Of the three remaining ships on the stocks only completed TFR "Kirov", which the 02.04.1993 g introduced into the IUD called Ukraine U130 «Getman Sahaidachny".
The design of buildings design of ships 11351 virtually identical to the design of buildings patrol project 1135. They are also made of steel and provided with elongated and double bottom forecastle; separated in watertight bulkheads 13 compartments and have a bulbous bow sonar fairing "Platinum-S".
Add-ons are designed in accordance with the re-appointment of ship. They are made of aluminum-magnesium alloys. equipped playground in the stern of the ship for Ka-27 helicopter, and mounted hangar. Under the helipad there cubicle antenna sonar "Bronze" station.
Main propulsion - Gas Turbine. On each of the two shafts are working afterburner and march turbine. Total power - 48 000 hp, it provides the highest speed 32 host. When the hub 14 during the cruising range is 3900 miles.

		Project 11351 «Nereus» (A type «Menzhinsky») - border guards patrol ships

project ships 11351 They are too powerful for the border patrol armed. Furthermore SAM "Osa-MA2" they are armed with rapid-100-mm gun mounts AK-100, two antiaircraft 30-mm AK-630, four-pipe two 533-mm torpedo tubes for firing torpedoes 53-65K and the ETS-65, and two 12-barrel rocket units bombometnymi RBU-6000. Besides, ships have equipment for the production of minefields.
maybe, this armament is so, that during the project development have been incidents in the disputed areas of the world ocean, rich fish resources. While some countries have expelled warships to support the activities of its fishing.
The main component is installed on the ships electronic weaponry is a combat information management system "Sapphire U". To control the fire 100 mm and 30 mm respectively are used radar gun mounts "Lev" (MR-214) and "Vympel" (MR-123), detect air targets by means of radar "Frigate MA" (MR-750) or "Hangar A" (at TFR "Menzhinsky" and "Dzerzhinsky"). There are also sonar "Platinum-C" station and "Bronze" and a set of electronic warfare "Start".
Further development of the project 11351 He became a patrol ship project 11356, developed by the Northern Design Bureau commissioned by the Indian Navy.

		Project 11351 «Nereus» (A type «Menzhinsky») - border guards patrol ships

The performance characteristics of ships of the project 11351 "Nereus"

Displacement, t:
standard 3180, 3070
full 3670, 3545

main dimensions, m:

the maximum length (at KVL) 123 (113)
maximum width (at KVL) 14,2 (13,2)
sediment at full displacement 5,0, 4,72

Main propulsion:
type gas turbine (afterburner + marshevaя)
afterburning GTD - the total power, HP. 2hM8K -36 000
propulsion GTE - total power, l. from. 2 x M62 – 12 000

The rate of maximum stroke, knots 32

Cruising range, dear:

progress 14 knots 3900
progress 30 knots 1146

Air defense missile system:
complex type "Axis-MA2"
amount of PU's guide (type PU) 1×2 (ZIF-122)
ammunition 20 developing 9MZZ

artillery systems:
AU type AK-100
Auch number of trunks 1×1
caliber, mm / barrel length, calibres 100/60
ammunition, shots 200
AU type AK-630
AW x number of trunks 2×1
caliber, mm / barrel length, caliber 30 / -
ammunition, shots 12 000

deck rotary type of THA
x number of TAs pipes - caliber 2×4 – 533-mm
ammunition 8 53-65K torpedoes, and SET-65
type RBU RBU-6000
the number of trunks RBU x - caliber 2×12 - 213 mm
ammunition 96 RGB-60 or "West"

amount to minefields 20

type Ka-27PL or Ka-29
quantity 1

Crew (including officers), human 192 (31)

Photos ship project 11351 "Nereus"

		Project 11351 «Nereus» (A type «Menzhinsky») - border guards patrol ships

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