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100 years from the date of execution of the royal family. Scandal in the network with a caricature of Nicholas II

Today, the procession takes place in the Sverdlovsk Region, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the shooting of the family of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family. The event was attended by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, who led the 100,000th march to the site of the first burial of the remains of the royal family - Ganina Yama. In total, the participants of the procession overcame 22 km from the Church on the Blood. It should be noted, that at the time of the royal family and the emperor himself was canonized martyrs, what does not fall silent controversy to this day.

Recall, that recently the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation published a study of the remains, confirmed the, that these remains really belong to Nicholas II Romanov, his wife and children.

100 лет со дня расстрела царской семьи. Скандал в Сети с карикатурой на Николая II

meanwhile, the web is gaining momentum scandal surrounding the publication on Facebook, made by one of the editors of Channel Timothy Yermakov. He recorded "Glory Peter Voykova!"And attached to it a picture of a cartoon of the same series, which typically uses the controversial French magazine "Charly Hebdo". In the picture in the form of caricatures - half upright, reclining image of Nicholas II with a bullet hole in the head. The figure - the inscription: "Do not forget to congratulate the holiday monarchists". This publication has divided public opinion into two camps, who met in a virtual "civil". apparently, there are people, which is a particular pleasure to organize provocations around the figures of national history, contribution which it is considered to be ambiguous.

Reference to the publication of the edition Reedus.

Recall, that the shooting of the royal family was committed on the night of 17 July 1918 years in the basement of Ipatiev in Yekaterinburg. Together with Nicholas II and his family in the Ipatiev house shot affiliated with "yard" – Dr. E.S.Botkin, chef I.Haritonov, valet by the name of the company and the workers representative A.S.Demidova. Modern historians continue to argue about, whether there was a special "Moscow" sanction for the execution of all these people without a trial.

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