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Islamist attack in Nigeria: ambush and suddenly

As reported by "Xinhua" and "France-Presse", it all started in the morning 14 July 2018 of the year, when in Bama town district was attacked militants from the Islamist group "Boko Haram!» ("West - forbidden!») a convoy of armed forces of Nigeria, consisting of 8 cars.

Атаки исламистов в Нигерии: из засады и внезапно
militant groups “Boko Haram!” (terrorist organization, It is forbidden in the Russian Federation and many other countries around the world) on one of their bases in Nigeria

At the request of the above sources of information agencies, the attack was massive (the assurances of soldiers, the attackers were about 100 pers.), sudden (It was done in an ambush in a wooded area) and led to the complete defeat of the convoy of government troops. At the moment, missing (ie. until their fate is unknown exactly) listed 70 Nigerian troops (of which at least 23 people. exactly killed), incl. 5 officers.

However, the incident, apparently, did not result in any effective measures by government forces. And the next day,, on Sunday, a large group of Islamists, numbering several hundred people, after going through a number of villages (in which one does not warn the government troops, even called, which is quite easy to do at the present the widest distribution of mobile communications in Africa), suddenly he attacked the Nigerian Army military base near the village of Gilly.

Атаки исламистов в Нигерии: из засады и внезапно
Map region, where militant attacks have occurred “Boko haram!”

This base is located in the state of Yobe, just there, where at the beginning of this year, militants kidnapped right out of school during the day more 100 girls), close to the border with Niger. According to the participants of battle, on the base before the attack there were 734 man from the 81 Division of the Nigerian Army.

Heavy fighting lasted several hours, but the militants managed to win a landslide victory in the end and grab a stronghold of government troops. Survivors of the storm their base Nigerian military (all escaped 63 soldier and 1 Officer) They fled to the town of Heiden, located in 60 km. from the ill-fated base. Total is currently missing in the attack listed 670 military.

Атаки исламистов в Нигерии: из засады и внезапно
Nigerian military personnel during the exercise

Apparently, sharp activization of Islamists in Nigeria and the attacks are directly related to the success of government troops in Syria, smashed the insurgents in the south and seek jihadists in the region of Deraa.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Nigeria have so far declined to comment on the incident.

Action "Boko haram!"In favor of the rejection of all manifestations of the Western way of life and a return to Islamic theocratic state, arranged according to medieval models. This organization, responsible for most of the attacks and attacks, committed in several countries in Central and West Africa, in March 2015 year, swore allegiance to the "Islamic state" (forbidden in the RF group).

Unfortunately, military campaigns, who are against this group is carried out for many years, Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad, until you give some positive results. probably, This is due to the extremely low combat capability of troops in the region and very weak organizational component operations.

Total, according to some estimates, Action "Boko haram!"In the region, located around Lake Chad, in the past 9 Only years killed more than 20.000 human, not to mention the thousands of wounded and captured inhabitants.



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