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Grenade launcher "Showcase"

		grenade launcher «showcase»

Design and assembly of the new products is carried out in 1980 city, before the Moscow Olympics. The order was urgent, It was made three months, the customer of new weapons delivered the KGB, development was carried out by the technical unit of the power department. 6 July 1980 g. this new product – mortar after a series of tests has been approved as a standard weapons of special units of the Committee under the designation of "Showcase".

Grenade launcher "Showcase" is mounted on the threaded end of the barrel AKS-74U machine, instead of the flame arrester canceller. The sighting device consists of a folding rack sight with three slits for firing respectively 50, 75 and 100 m. As used as ammunition 50 mm grenade "Showcase-G", shoot off regular automaton blank cartridge.

		grenade launcher «showcase»

Granatomotny complex “showcase” with a grenade “showcase – D”

"Showcase-G" collected during the fluoroplastic body and filled with a liquid solution of irritant chloroacetophenone.(CN).This tear gas during evaporation or in the form of an aerosol having an impact on sensory nerve endings of the eyes and upper respiratory tract, It is causing a burning sensation and pain in the eyes and chest, lacrimation, provokes a runny nose and cough. Besides, of the grenade includes a shank, made of metal and cylindrical type stabilizer, made of plastic. Upon meeting with an obstacle lifting charge exploded instantaneous form aerosols chloroacetophenone CN.

To mitigate the restoring force when firing from a grenade launcher on the butt worn recoil pad – absorber "colossus", It is fired from 40 mm "podstvolʹnika" GP-25 "Koster". Grenade launcher "Showcase" has long been used divisions of KGB special forces and was commander of the armed “Alpha” during a special operation of various kinds.

Using granatomotnogo "Showcase" of the complex in a number of special operations identified a number of major shortcomings. The main of them were strong recoil and low aiming at a distance 70 m, explained that a small initial velocity grenade 65 m / s. Large caliber grenade led to, that the strength of the impact was considerable, even for people used to the special loads Special Forces soldiers with the shooting from the grenade launcher. For a shot butt AKS-?4I had to rest against the ground, and about any accurate shooting at a target is not mentioned. Grenade launcher "Showcase" became the prototype of the hand grenade CSG-50.

		grenade launcher «showcase»

The performance characteristics of the grenade launcher "Showcase"

Caliber: 50 m
staff ammunition: grenade "Showcase-G" (be formulated - poison lachrymatory – irritant chloroacetophenone.(CN).)
weight grenades: 0,37 kg
Weight grenade launcher: 4,1 kg (with the machine AKS74U)
Length of grenade, mm: 1060 mm
barrel length: 520 mm
The initial rate of grenades: 65 m / s
Firing range sighting: to 70 m
The diameter of the dispersion grenades while shooting in the vertical shield at a distance 100 m: 80 cm
Time of creating an intolerable concentration of tear gas grenades at fires: instantly

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