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In Syria, launched a new Russian PMCs

New private military company “patriot”, allegedly linked to the Ministry of Defense, at least since the spring 2018 He has been involved in the fighting in Syria.

It is reported by Channel “Rain” with reference to information, obtained during preparation reportage “Russian military commissariat” an officer Ministry of Defense and representatives of veterans' organizations. Also military company mentioned along with Wagner PMCs in an appeal to the authorities, which was signed by Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, a retired, the head of the international public organization “Honor and Motherland” Vladimir Petrov and chairman of the committee “All-Russian officers'” Yevgeny Shabaev. All three of them have confirmed the existence of PMC “patriot”.

The statement contains a requirement to determine the legal status of Russians, who have been fighting in the composition of PMCs, it is planned in the near future to send to the General Prosecutor's Office, The Supreme Court and the President, rasskazal Shabaev. The authors warn of an impending crisis in the veteran movement: at “The all-Russian officers'” For three years complaints of the wounded in the fighting in Syria, who do not receive “social, rehabilitation and economic support” from the state due to lack of legal status of the employees of PMCs.

The two sides in the veterans' structures connect new PMCs with the Ministry of Defense. “patriot” formed including the recruitment of Russian servicemen, He tells Shabayev: “To basically take professional people, that, According to our information, still serve in the Ministry of Defense”. This current Main Directorate of the General Staff experts, and military lawyers, and the men of Special Operation Forces, refines, Colonel-General Ivashov.

Defense officer, comparing the new with PMC “group Wagner”, He noted, what in “patriots” more pay and better put combat missions. According Shabaeva, "Depending on the specialization of salaries can be as high as 400 thousand to one million rubles. Work takes a month or two, longer contracts does not arise here”. commanders “patriot”, It suggests Shabayev, can receive a percentage of the transactions between the PMC and its customer service.

В Сирии начала действовать новая российская ЧВК

Interlocutor in the veteran said structures, that PMCs Wagner “patriot” to compete for the contract, associated with the protection of miners in the Central African Republic. According to the source, eventually got a contract PMCs Wagner (the presence of PMCs soldiers already in the country reported mass media). Also, both military companies are fighting and working in Syria. “If “Wagner” often takes on combat missions, the “patriot” It is more concerned with the protection of top officials”, - adds the source Rain.

As stated in circulation “All-Russian officers'”, “patriot” - is not the only new PMC. “There are other companies, that go on the market, - their exact names we do not know, but we know, they come to Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Brunei. Now there is a whole range of consultation on African countries”, - govorït Shabaev.

One of PMCs, yet-untitled, It protects the construction of the Russian base in Burundi, said a source in the Defense Ministry. Two hundred experts - Security, Geology, engineers, builders - coordinate their actions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Military Space Forces (SCC) and the FSB. The existence of the Russian security project in Burundi also mentioned the head of the Ukrainian PMCs Omega Consulting Group Andrew Kebkalo.

“There is nothing surprising, that the military would like to stand out, establish some companies and start earning on, what they are used, - said the expert of the Russian Council on Foreign Affairs Anton Mardasov. - But the multiplication of such groups creates legal chaos. How it will be formalized? We now have no PMC. Companies are made as a private security firms, engaged in military consulting, and to do something they can only abroad”.

The Ministry of Defense did not respond to a request for “patriots”.

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