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Briefly about the situation in LDNR and Ukraine for the period beginning “bread” truce

Regular contributor and friend of our portal, known army DNI Benes Ajo fighter sent the new text, on the situation in the Donbass.

"С 1 the beginning of July the so-called grain truce, which parties to the conflict agreed to at a meeting of the contact group in Minsk June 27.

However, only nine 9 hours after the cease-fire regime was violated by APU: at 09:45 It was reported shelling by the APU toward Novotoretskoe — Dokuchaevsk, produced 30 rounds of BMP-2.

The same day, the Nazis destroyed the Kamaz of ATRA in the settlement Signal near Donetsk. At this & quot; KAMAZe & quot; Water was delivered to our position and his driver died by gunfire.

Besides, late in the evening before the start of the grain truce due to criminal actions Ukrainian DRG powerful explosion occurred at gas distribution stations in Novoazovskiy district and within a few days the entire south of the DNI was without gas.

Also in the first days of the armistice sharply escalated the situation in brotherly LC. Even at the end of June this year, it announced the capture of the alleged plot Ukrainian company deep intelligence & quot; gray zone & quot;– Municipality Golden-4 (recently revealed, that the territory still with 14-year controlled VSUshnikami and Ukrainian militants deceived public).

True immediately after the start of the truce in the Golden-4 (at the line of contact, I mean, in violation of the Minsk agreements on the withdrawal of weapons) were detected movement of two T-72 tanks, and in the area of ​​the settlement Novoaleksandrovka found two mortar firing positions caliber 120 mm. Bombardment for several hours before Truce 120-mm mortar, BMP-1, AGS and small arms of the village from the direction of Donetsk municipality Novotoshkovskoe led to fire a summer kitchen and a garage on the street Krinichnaya.

And in the evening 1 July 120-mm mortar Ukrainian shelled the area from the direction Kalinovo Trinity and also fired mortars Ukrainian 82 mm, BMP-1, RPGs and small arms from the direction of the Crimean — Slavyanoserbsk.

As we can see, before the armistice the Germans are trying to spoil our people as much as possible and therefore shelled residential neighborhoods (in particular shortly before the truce Ukrainian DRG exploded near the monument to the heroes Ilovaysk Ilovaysk). clear, that bad people with such mentality will never respect the ceasefire and continue to attack the territory of Donbass daily,  only reducing the intensity of the attacks.

It should be noted,  that the same truce, to mark the beginning of the harvest were introduced in previous years. And all during the war the number of cease-fire regime has exceeded 20. And, each resulted in only a slight and momentary lull, APU is used to regroup its troops and the training of new diversions and provocations.

Generally, the number of violations of the ceasefire in the DNI declined after the start of the truce (3-8 violations in night), but the attacks occur every day. Basically attacked by APU exposed peaceful village.

According to the permanent representative of the DNI Minsk Contact Group D. Pushilin to achieve the maximum effect from the next truce should translate the traditional statement of the Contact Group of the oral format to a written agreement between the parties, includes additional measures truce monitoring. Among them: a ban on attacks on settlements; publication orders a cease-fire and bring them to the attention of the military at all levels, a ban on all offensive actions and sniping; a ban on the placement of heavy weapons in populated areas, effective application of strict disciplinary measures against violators of the truce, secure access for OSCE staff.

This approach is shared in OSCE HMM.

Shows more than, than four-year practice, APU never observe a truce, and it is always away with! Then what is the meaning of the Minsk process?! Just meeting and report for show?!

I believe, the UN and the OSCE should impose strict economic and political sanctions for breach of the truce. for example,  once APU shot – let them pay a million dollars to the injured party!!!

I believe, now that Ukraine can hardly expect ceasefire, as soon,  31 Martha 2019 year, there will be presidential elections. At the same time the socio-economic situation continues to deteriorate sharply.

In the first half of this year, consumer price inflation accelerated to 14,1 percent in annualized and greatly exceeded the trajectory prediction NBU. Fabulously prices rise on  on food and service! Also in Ukraine has risen sharply the price of fuel due to a rise in price of oil on world markets and the weakening hryvnia. Core inflation in January accelerated to 9,8 percent in annual terms.

plus the IMF, betraying Ukraine 13 June next credit tranche 10 billion, She demanded, that gas prices have gradually been increased by 70 percent!

It should be noted, that As of June 2018 the tariffs for utility services in the territory of Donbass, temporarily occupied Ukraine, and above in Kiev, than in the Donetsk People's Republic, two to five times  gas supply, electric power supply, water supply and sanitation). And this despite the fact, that the DNI is subjected to severe military aggression on the part of Ukraine, It is in a state of economic blockade and spends a large amount of defense resources!

Besides, Ukraine is mired in debt, as silk and total external debt exceeds GDP and is 100 billion. A total amount of arrears of wages in Ukraine in May 2018 It has increased by 3,5% and 1 June 2018 I have made 2,561 bn.

In May, the amount of wage arrears economically active enterprises increased by 6,5 percent and 1 June this year was 1,411 bn. The growth of wage arrears in the last month was recorded in the Ternopil (on 17,5 percent), Transcarpathian (13,6 percent), Ivano-Frankivsk (11,8 percent), Kherson (9,2 percent), Sumy (7,9 percent), Zaporozhye (7,2 prpocenta), Nikolaev (6,2 percent), Kharkov (5,6 percent) and Lugansk (5,4 percent) areas.

Кратко о ситуации в ЛДНР и на Украине на период начала "хлебного" перемирия

Therefore, regularly held protests discontented population in Ukraine, which is accompanied by the usual riots and clashes with cops. So 19 June Several thousand former soldiers-Afghans gathered near the building of the Verkhovna Rada in Kyiv, where hours 10 the morning plenary session started. PROTEST with flags & quot; Union of Afghan Veterans & quot;, joined them miners and the liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster stated, to require the return of benefits, strengthening social safety nets, higher wages, providing housing and oppose monetization. The action was very stiff and almost ended by storm Parliament – protesters crushing fence and fought with trying to bring order to the National Guard.   

Against the backdrop of all these social problems and the total impoverishment of the masses is rapidly falling ratings Poroshenko. Thus, according to the latest polls, if the presidential elections in Ukraine would be held now, is ready to vote for Tymoshenko 16 percent of Ukrainians, In second place — ex-Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anatoly Gritsenko (11,7 percent), followed by Yuriy Boyko ("Оппоблок")  — 10,5 percent and Vladimir Zelensky — 9,3 percent, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Oleg Lyashko, Petro Poroshenko went on 8,6 percent(He led the way antireyting – nearly 52 percent of respondents would not vote for him), and the tail are Vadim Rabinovich — 7,6 percent, Andrew Sadovaya (Lviv Mayor) — 3,4 percent, Nazi Oleh Tyahnybok — 2,8 percent, Valentin Nalyvaychenko (the ex-head of the SBU) — 2 percent, Roman Immortal — 1,4 percent, postmaydanny former executioner Donetsk Sergei Taruta — 1,1 percent, former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk — 1,1 percent.

therefore, given the dismal social and economic situation, Poroshenko, clinging to power by any, even the most criminal means, He hopes to improve its ranking because of enhanced national-patriotic rhetoric and wants to rally the national anxious townsfolk, he intimidates bogey & quot; Russian aggression & quot;. Consequently, Poroshenko for war — like your own mother!

Here & quot; orange zechka & quot; Tymoshenko recently changed its traditional ultra-nationalist rhetoric, It has become a kind of appeal to the general democratic bourgeois values ​​and calls for a transition from the current presidential to a parliamentary-presidential form of government Chancery type.

Tymoshenko generally believed, that the existing form of government is ineffective, promotes corruption and plants in the country to a standstill and Julia vehemently accuses the current president of embezzlement and extortion, permanent loss of Donbass, high prices , unemployment, etc..

As is known, Poroshenko, became president, gradually I began to choke and squeeze out the different power of the oligarchs: he overcame in Kolomoisky & quot; Privatbank & quot; and successfully removes the control Kolomoisky of & quot; Ukrnafta & quot;; & Quot; transformer oligarch & quot; Ukraine, For the owner of a number of power companies. Hryhoryshyn forced out of power companies, & Quot; TATM & quot; and Sumy; Dmitry Firtash, dwelling in Vienna, actually selected and titanium plant industry for the production of mineral fertilizers.

Rinat Akhmetov and Victor Pinchuk, despite their seemingly stable business, Poroshenko environment strongly milks.

And some authors suggest, Tymoshenko has decided to change the form of government to a parliamentary, ostensibly to protect the oligarchs from destruction, and she wants to become possible in the future influential prime minister.

From my point of view it does not matter for the oligarchs,  whether presidential or parliamentary republic. They are in any case the right of Ukraine and the struggle for the redistribution of power and property.

When Poroshenko oligarchs directly give him huge bribes for the creation of good conditions for their business. Plus Poroshenko – oligarch himself and acts in its own interests, ruining or placing under control other oligarchs!

Besides, According to many political scientists, it contributes to the strong presidential power oligarchs hegemony, and the president at the same time serves as an arbiter between the warring clans of big capital (the beginning of such a system put Kuchma).

But in a parliamentary republic oligarchs simply will finance private party and the buying of Deputies and at the same time from my point of view will increase dramatically parliamentary reshuffle, will have constant fall of governments and the dissolution of parliament (in Latvia!), increased competition among the oligarchs ! At the same time Tymoshenko – potential & quot; Chancellor" itself, by the way, oligarch, and of course it will act in their own interests!

From my point of view, Tymoshenko rhetoric, already 20 June announced its intention to run for president of Ukraine (although advocates for & quot; a parliamentary type & quot;), has become more & quot; civilized & quot;, because it, feeling his large political opportunities, understands, that the identity of the future Ukrainian president will be determined by the US and EU.

Therefore, Tymoshenko makes all, possible, to please the West, especially after the harsh criticism of Ukraine by a number of influential international organizations. UN, ES, Council of Europe and a number of international human rights organizations driven on the Kiev authorities in connection with the beatsPopulationand prisoners of war,  repression of dissent, genocide Roma from nats.gruppirovok etc.

in winter (from 29 January 4 February) Tymoshenko was in the US, where she met with representatives of legislative and executive branches of the US government, as well as leading experts in policy, economic and security.

Tymoshenko has even managed to achieve a personal meeting with US President Trump in the National Prayer Breakfast 2 of February and the vice-president Mike Pence.

At the same time Tymoshenko discussed with the US Special Envoy in Ukraine, and Kurt Volker US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian UESS Mitchell fight against corruption and the issue of the deployment of UN peacekeepers in the Donbass.

In this case, the United States and Ukraine plan is, to bring about 10 thousands of & quot; Blue Helmets & quot; the entire territory of Donbass, including the border with Russia. At the same time, these «peacekeepers» should not be the Russians or natives of the CIS or CSTO, a mostly citizens of NATO countries. According to the plan, these Tymoshenko peacekeepers should actually occupy the Donbass and under their cover to enter Ukrainian security forces and government and hold elections there under Ukrainian law.

Thus, Ukraine and the United States want to implement in the Donbass so-called & quot; Croatian script & quot;(4 August 1995 , under the guise of NATO UN peacekeepers, before arming Croatian army to the teeth,  Croatian forces began Operation & quot; storm & quot; against the Republic of Serbian Krajina. Its result was the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Serbs and the elimination of non-recognized state education, arose in response to the separation of Croatia from Yugoslavia. As a result of ethnic cleansing, then killed more than 2 thousands of people).

Here is such a scenario for you and prepare the United States and Tymoshenko!

A 5 July Tymoshenko suddenly accused Poroshenko in, that he had It plans to disrupt the presidential election by introducing martial law because of the escalation of the situation in the Donbass. According to the opinion of the leader & quot; Native land & quot; Ukrainian President is negotiating with leaders of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republic, to expose the territory of Donbass, now under the control of Ukraine, additional seizure by armed forces LDNR.

clear, Tymoshenko is solely nonsense about LDNR talks with Poroshenko. It has recently refuted the head of DNR Zakharchenko, stated, that if we begin negotiations with the President of Ukraine, the only occasionin the war.

As we can see, board power Tymoshenko, which have repeatedly been in prison (Kuchma and Yanukovych) and which opened a total of about 7 criminal cases related to corruption, for money and power is ready to commit any meanness and nastiness and change their slogans, like a glove.

So 2004 , she threatened to encircle the entire Donbass & quot; barbed wire & quot;, and 2017 godu party ee & quot; Batkovschyna & quot;prepared bill & quot; forgiveness & quot;, in which the residents of Donbas offer repentance for, that they participated in the spring in Russian 2011 year, then local people will be affected in civil rights for the sins before Ukraine (these people on 10 years deprived of the right to civil service, for military service, to work in law enforcement agencies, to work in the judiciary and in local government. These people for the same period are denied the right to a teaching job. And not can take plightit is for ten years in the elections in any form — elect, to be elected and to participate in any way in the organization and conduct of elections). 

And now Julia On the one hand stands for a kind of a democratic republic, and on the other — scares Ukrainiansat Poroshenko talks secret from leaders LDNR.

In general elections soon in Dill. And this is always the dirt, corruption, impudent duping people, flows compromising, fisticuffs between MPs and candidatesand, the potential of the next and so on Maidan.
 No one not sure of the victory of the current candidates, because everything will be decided over the hill . The US and the EU have not yet fully decided on his protege to the post of Ukrainian president. And despite the high rating of & quot; orange rats & quot;, Her chances, especially considering the dirty reputation, corruption and prison, not so great.

ATby Julia and rushes, like a snake in a frying pan, spewing venom from stinking mouth, pouring mud "the leader of a warring nation" and telling a completely idiotic stories about his opponent in the heat of senility.

It thus increases the rating of most Poroshenko, discrediting itself as a complete fool. See, together with an oblique cut Tymoshenko also brains!

And we have come to DNI progressive processes, in particular, the economic integration of the Republic and the development of our industry. For example, after the forced outage during a trade embargo from Kiev only in the People's Republic producer of longitudinal electric-welded pipes with a diameter of 478 to 1422 mm for main pipelines and heat networks resumed work.

To restart production at the Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant was able to recover after a full cycle of production at Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant, located in the LC.

A 2 July Chambers of Commerce (surveys) DNR and LNR signed an agreement osotrudnichestve. AT Under the agreement, we will be able to focus on the expansion of trade and economic cooperation, development of economic relations between economic entities of the two neighboring republics, create and manage joint projects.

I hope, that soon our republic will unite into a single state LDNR and we will no longer be mutual customs, different parliaments , ministries, parties, etc.. One state is much more efficient, both from an economic, and military points of view.

Ayo Benes, Army soldier DNI,  Communist, Party activist & quot; Other Russia"

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