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 Yak-9 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

As Ystrebytel 9, representing a further development of a family of single-fighters A C. Yakovlev. When his task was to create the design plane, able to more effectively confront the German car. The basis was the Yak-7B, which 1942 g. on a range of combat capabilities are the best in the Red Army Air Force. Fundamental changes undergone wing, in which a wooden spar design replace metal (the rest of the airframe components were wooden). This not only gave a weight gain, but also has increased the volume of fuel tanks.

As Ystrebytel 9 – video

For further weight saving and removed one of the two 12.7 mm machine guns BS (in the armed left one more a synchronous machine gun and 20mm cannon ShVAK, firing through propeller shaft). Also, a more powerful engine M-105PF (1260 hp). To improve visibility dropped fairing and install a new lamp.
Experienced fighter sample, were designated Yak-7DI, It was submitted for testing 26 June 1942 g. The results were encouraging, aircraft surpassed the Yak-7B on flight distance, and at the same filling showed better maneuverability and climb. 5 August was completed gosis-tests carried, and Yak-7DI have adopted under the designation Yak-9. Since October 1942 g. Novosibirsk plant number 153 began production of the Yak-9 in parallel with the Yak-7B, From January 1943 g. the plane began to produce the Omsk plant number 166.

 Yak-9 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Combat use Yak-9

The first Yak-9 appeared at the front in December 1942 g. at Stalingrad. Bulk deliveries of new aircraft in the first half 1943 g. revealed quality problems. Shortcomings had to eliminate the rem-teams in the parts just before the Battle of Kursk – first battle, in which the Yak-9 used in a significant number. To her top Yak-9 was operated (along with other types of machines, mainly, Yak-1 and Yak-7) 256-I, 273-I, 303-I 323rd IAD, 1-I Hyades. At the end of July 1943 g. to the fighting on the Kursk Bulge started 11th Mixed Air Corps, has three shelves Yak-9 (4-m, 148-m and 293-m). Airplane showed very manoeuvrable in the horizontal, and in a vertical plane, easy to manage. However, the car behind the best fighters of the enemy of high-speed qualities and armament. This was because, that the Yak-9 was a much smaller motor power, Cem of Bf 109G and Fw 190A.

Qualitative superiority in arms compared with the conventional Yak-9 had Yak-9T. According to statistics, average consumption of 20 mm shells at one downed aircraft the Yak-9 was 147, and the Yak-9T 37-mm shells – only 31. One of the first Yak-9T was 133rd GIAP, who fought for them in August 1943 g. Aircraft, armed with 37 mm cannons, We tried to apply, and not without success,, even against enemy tanks and enemy craft in the Black Sea.

 Yak-9 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Operation of the Yak-9D shows, that the increased supply of fuel in most cases is not necessary and only a ballast, decreasing, in addition, survivability fighter. Therefore, in parts per console bins Yak-9D are often installed plug. But in some episodes of combat extended range has been demanded. So, a group of 12 Once 9DD in August 1944 g. perebazyrovalas in Bars (Italy), where accompanied by a transport aircraft, dostavlyavshye hruzы yuhoslavskym partisans. Yak-9DD also involved to escort American bombers B-17 and B-24 1944 g. during "Frentik" operation (shuttle bombing raids).

Yak-9B December 1944 g. They fought in the 130th IAD (3-First Byelorussian Front). High-rise Yak-9PD entered service parts of the Moscow air defense zone. In October 1944 g. It took place the combat debut of the Yak-9U – them to conduct military trials armed 163rd IAP, in force in the Baltic. The aircraft showed sharply increased military capability: two months of tests, spending 18 air Combat, regiment knocked 28 Fw 190A and 1 Bf 109G cost of losing just two of their machines.

By the end of WWII the Yak-9 was one of the main types of Soviet fighters, He remained as such in the early postwar years. As of 1 September 1946 g. Soviet fighter aircraft was 3698 Yak-9 – 31 % its composition. After the war machine of the Yak-9U and Yak-9P operated in the Soviet Air Force prior to the 1950s.

In addition to the Air Force of the Red Army and Soviet Navy Naval Aviation, Yak-9 arrived on Allied weaponry. In particular, in summer 1943 g. Yak-9 and Yak-9D was a French regiment "Normandie". In September 1944 g. Party Yak-9 gave Bulgaria, defected to the anti-Hitler coalition. Since October 1945 g. Yak-9M and Yak-9T aircraft operated by the Polish Army. They took part in the fighting in Poland, and later in Northern Germany. In the aftermath of the Yak-9 supplies, including new versions, Poland continued. Besides, Aircraft of this type entered service in China Air Force, North Korea, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Albania.

 Yak-9 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

As Modyfykatsyy 9

Yak-9 – first serial variant. Unlike the prototype, additional tanks in the wing is not installed. Until August 1943 g. released 459 machines.

Yak-9T – instead ShVAK guns mounted 37mm gun NS-37 (ammunition 30 shells). Synchronous machine gun BS (ammunition 200 rounds) saved. Because of the greater length of the cockpit instruments shifted 0,4 m ago. The prototype was tested in January 1943 g. Commercially built factory number 153 since March 1943 g. June 1945 city, all made 2748 aircraft.

Yak-9K – variant with a 45 mm cannon NA-45. In April-June 1944 g. fabricated 53 Aircraft. From mass production of Yak-9K abandoned due to low reliability tools.

As-9d – installed two additional wing tank (fuel supply is increased with the 320 to 480 kg). Built from March 1943 g. (Instead of Yak-9). By May 1944 g. released 3068 aircraft.

Once 9m – As-9d the fuselage of type Yak-9T (with a shifted back cockpit) and several other changes. From the end 1944 g. installed a more powerful and less high-altitude engine VK-105PF-2. From May 1944 g. June 1945 g. released 4239 fighters.

Once ЭDD – fuel supply is increased to 630 kg. The fuselage of the type Yak-9T. From May 1944 g. until September 1945 g. released 399 machines.

Yak-9P – scout, It existed in two versions: alteration conventional Yak-9, and plane, produced by the plant number 166 How to bazeilles-9d. In both embodiments a compartment installed AFA zakabinnogo.

Yak-9B – fighter-bomber. Behind the cabin is equipped with a bomb bay, comprising four pipes, in which you can hang 4 100-kg bombs or 4 tape on 32 1,5-cumulative kg bombs. Actual operation of the aircraft was possible only with a load 200 kg – at full load static stability of the aircraft unacceptably reduced. manufactured 109 aircraft.

Yak-9PD – altitude interceptor engine M-105PD, equipped with a supercharger and an increase of 0,5 m wingspan. Arming -one 20 mm cannon ShVAK. Practical ceiling reached 13100 m. In April 1943 g. fabricated 5 As cars on bazeilles 9, and 1944 g. – 30 How to bazeilles-9U.

Yak-9U – version with an engine VK-107A (1650 hp). Mass production in April 1944 g.

Once 9UT – modification to the engine and VC-107A power armament: two synchronized 20-mm gun D-20S and unified installation of the central gun, allowing use caliber guns 20, 23, 37 or 45 mm. He appeared in February 1945 g. manufactured 282 cars, wherein as the central gun was mounted HC-23 23 mm.

Yak-9P – post-war modification with armament, like the Yak-9UT and richer radio communication and instrumentation. produced from 1946 g. with an all-metal wing, and with 1947 g. – completely metal structure. made 801 a car, of them 772 all-metal construction.

Yak-9B – double training option with the engine-105PF VC-2 and a 20 mm cannon LUBAK. Since August 1945 g. fabricated 456 aircraft and more 337 converted from the Yak-9M.

The series is not implemented Yak-9C (Yak-9M variant, armed 1 23-mm 2 20-mm guns), Once 9UV (double training on the Yak-9U) and a number of other modifications.

Altogether manufactured 16769 aircraft Yak-9, of them 14579 – during the war. Built Novosibirsk plant number 153 (at 1942-1948 gg. 12536 эkz.), Omsk number 166 (at 1943-1945 gg. 3416 machines) Moscow and number 82 (at 1944-1945 gg. 817 units).

 Yak-9 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Tactical-technical characteristics Yak-9 in

– chief designer: A. FROM. Yakovlev
– First flight: 1 October 1942 of the year
– End of operation: 1950 year
– years of production: 1942 — 1948
– units produced: 16 769

As a crew-9

– 1 human

The dimensions of the Yak-9

– Length, m: 8,55
– Wingspan, m: 9,74
– wing area, m²: 17,15
– Wing loading, kg / m: 183

As Wes-9

– empty weight, kg: 2512
– Mass normal takeoff, kg: 3204
– fuel weight, kg: 380

Engine Yak-9

– 1× M-107A
– Power, HP. (kW): 1× 1500 (1103)
– thrust-to-weight ratio, W / kg: 350

Speed ​​Yak-9

– Maximum speed at height, kmh (m): 575 (0), 636 (2500), 672 (5000)
– landing speed, kmh: 140
– set the height 5000 m, min: 5,0
– bend time 1000 m, from: 20
– running start, m: 375
– run, m: 530

Range Yak-9

– 675 km

Practical Yak-9 ceiling

– 10650 m

As Vooruzhenye 9

– cannon: 1× 20 mm ShVAK 120 shells
– Pulyemyotnoye: 2× 12,7 mm UBS

Photo Yak-9

 Yak-9 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

 Yak-9 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

 Yak-9 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling


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