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 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

MiG-21 - Soviet supersonic light tactical fighter of third generation, developed by the Mikoyan and Gurevich Design Bureau in the mid-1950s. The first "MiG" with a delta wing.

MiG-21 – video

The most common supersonic aircraft in history, It is also the most massive fighter 3rd generation. In the process of mass production has been modified many times in the direction of increasing flight performance and development capabilities (trainer, interceptor, scout). It was used in a number of armed conflicts.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling


design, construction, testing and development led MIG-21 A. D. Brunow, first having the status of deputy chief designer. Since March 1957 of the year, according to the order of the Minister of Aviation Industry of the USSR II. AT. Dementieva, Anatoly Bruno was appointed chief designer of the aircraft-fighter; as such it and subsequently led the development of MIG-21 and its modifications.

In the design of the aircraft provided, that the era of near maneuverable fighting thing of the past and the main type of air combat aircraft to be closer at great speed, and defeat the purpose of the first volley of missiles or guns. For this concept and created a potential enemy aircraft - F-104 American firm "Lockheed" and the French "Mirage-3C".

The first in a family of aircraft such as the MiG-21 was supposed to be E-1 with swept wings, but its development was stopped due to low-AM characteristics of the engine 5. The first prototype of the plane was the E-2, equipped with the TRD AM-9B, swept (on the front edge 57 °) wing, in principle little different from the MiG-19. But the plane was just one motor and a round nose air intake with an adjustable central cone, moving which could regulate the amount of air entering the engine. The construction of the prototype was completed in December 1954 year, and E-2 was sent to the LII, Where 14 February 1955 he made his first flight. Experienced aircraft reached speeds in 1700 kmh, wherein the unpleasant feature revealed large wing sweep - at large angles of attack aircraft nose up spontaneously to complete loss of the wing bearing properties and dumped into a corkscrew. To prevent this phenomenon on the wing to install more aerodynamic ridges, preventing overflow of air flow from the root to the end of an. Also on the plane we put a more powerful engine, whereby the rate increased to 1900 kmh. Nevertheless, in the bureau were working on a prototype with a delta wing under the designation E-4. The new wing sweep kept at 57 ° to the front edge and provided good maneuverability machine. The fuselage and tail were similar to E-2. The first flight took place on the machine 16 June 1955 of the year.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Bulgarian MiG-21 yet the BBC

Also, the plane passed a number of improvements: reduced the scope of the aileron, while increasing the angle of deflection, changed angle of V cross-stabilizer, removed two large crest, setting instead of three small partitions on top of each plane. wingspan was reduced to 600 mm. The aircraft acquired traits known to us MiG-21. Along with the testing and development of E-4 is built a second prototype with a delta wing (E-5) a perspective motor AM-11.

small party has been built in the same period of 15 machines (received index E-2A) with swept wings, calculated on the motor installation AM-11, for comprehensive comparative tests (triangular and swept wing). Fuselage E-2A was a hybrid design E-2 and E-5. Wing by type was close to the wing on the E-2, but without automatic slats and large partitions. The first flight took E-2A 17 February 1956 of the year.

E-5 (in distinction from E-4), in addition to the AM-11 engine, It was equipped with wing shorter wingtips and three partitions on each console. Improvements made in the design of the tail, fuselage, and set the third brake flap. First Flight E-5 was held 9 January 1956 of the year, and it was launched in a small series (10 machines) factory in Tbilisi.

Comparative tests E-2A and E-5 were in favor of the latter, therefore further developed the concept of delta wing, Why another experimental aircraft was built, received index E-6. KB Tumansky created a new version of the AM-11 engine (later the engine was renamed RD-11, then R-11) - P-11F-300 with afterburner. AT 1958 year were built three E-6, and the first flight of the new machine took 20 May. The last of the three aircraft was the prototype of the MiG-21 series. Besides powerplant, he was distinguished by improved aerodynamics forward fuselage, offset below stabilizer, keel increased area, only ventral fins, new brake pads and reinforced bindings canopy. Although the first E-6/1 was lost in an accident, the remaining two cars were able to successfully complete the test program. Furthermore, E 6/3, equipped TRD P-11F-300 with increased thrust, I set a number of records. On the modified plane, poluchivshem designation E-66, Test Pilot Georgy Mosolov set 31 October 1959 , the absolute speed record on race 15/25 km - 2388 kmh, a 16 October 1960 year set a record speed at a distance 100 km - 2146 kmh.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling


It should be noted, that in the process of mass production of the machine has been continuously improved, change design and composition of the equipment. It was also designed and built a lot of different modifications, having a significant difference from baseline MiG-21F, and even more so by the E-6 prototype.

The aircraft was built by sredneplan scheme with a delta wing and swept tselnopovorotnym controlled stabilizer. all-metal aircraft construction, formed using aluminum alloy D16, B-25, M25T4, AK-4-1 and magnesium VM 65-1. The heavily used zones and nodes become ZOHGSA and ZOHGSNA. The aft fuselage mounted engine, within the fuselage passes air passage.


The fuselage is a cigar-shaped body of oval cross section with cut front and rear ends. For installation, Removal and inspection of the engine when the routine work is serviceable connector, dividing the fuselage at the nose and tail parts. Transverse force set forward fuselage consists of 28(29?) frames, of which frames № 2, 6, 11, 13, 16, 16A, 20, 22, 25 and 28 is power. Longitudinal composed of a set of spars and beams with a small amount of stringers, It offsets using plating with considerable thicknesses. Assembly of the forward fuselage - panel.

Cross-set tail section - it 13 frames, of which frames № 34, 35A i 36 - power, and set up a longitudinal stringers.

On the fuselage has two front brake flap deflection angle 25 ° and a rear angle deviation 40 °. In the tail portion of the fuselage has a recess for braking parachute, produced at the time of the main wheels touch ground. Antisurge automatic flaps are on both sides of the fuselage between the 2nd and 3rd frames, and between the 9th and 10th frames - leaf feeding motor, opens on the ground and during take-off. between frames 2 and 6 in the upper part of the fuselage compartment located radio and electrical. Lower compartment panel is installed and cleaning niche nose landing gear.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling


Wing triangular shape in plan (with clipped wingtips) scored from symmetric profiles TSAGI-C-9C relative thickness 5 % and it consists of two single-spar cantilevers from the front and rear walls of the stringer. Cross «V» is -2 degrees. Each console is located on the two fuel tanks (fore and middle parts) and a power set of ribs and stringers. On the wing has a total area of ​​ailerons 0,88 m2, and to improve takeoff and landing performance - flaps with the sliding axis of rotation total area 1,87 m2 and a total deflection angle of 24 ° 30 ' . Aerodynamic ridges height 7 % the local wing chord to improve longitudinal stability for high angles of attack (original three ridge, starting with the MiG-21F - one for each plane). Furthermore compartments for fuel in the wing roots were oxygen cylinders. On consoles also mounted landing lights and components suspension arms. The console attached to the fuselage at five points.

Horizontal tail sweep 55 degrees and the movable area 3,94 m2 scored from symmetric profiles NASA-6A with the relative thickness 6 %. Each half of the stabilizer is attached to the steel beam of circular section. Beams stabilizer rotate in angular contact bearings, mounted on a frame number 35A, and needle bearings, mounted on a frame number 36 on both sides of the fuselage. Vertical tail sweep 60 °, consisting of the keel and rudder, scored profiles of P-11c relative thickness 6 %. mounted underneath the fuselage ventral ridge to enhance directional stability.


Chassis - tricycle with a nose wheel. Track chassis - 2,692 m, base - 4,87 m. Front pillar with CT-38 wheel (in later versions of the aircraft - CT-102) tire size of 500 × 180 mm, retracts upstream in the nose fuselage niche. Key support CT-82M wheels (in the later versions of CT-90D) with a tire size of 660 × 200 mm retracted into the wing niche (Front shock absorber and a hydraulic cylinder) and fuselage, between frames № 16 — № 20 (wheel), unfolding the wheels relative racks 87 °. Cleaning and landing gear hydraulic system implemented, Emergency release - emergency air system. All gear wheels - Brake. Brake wheel main landing - disc, Front brakes - drum, double chamber. Turning control of the front wheel of the directional control pedal.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

aircraft pressurized cabin

Located between frames № 6 and number 11, under which there is a battery compartment. The air in the cabin from the engine compressor is supplied via pipelines through elektrokran - air distributor to the crane cab power, from which it is sent to the blowing collector lifting portion and leg pilot lamp. Hot engine bleed air is cooled in the air-to-air radiator, then cooling turbines. The air temperature in the cabin is supported thermoregulator TRTVK-45M.

lantern Kite, streamlined, It consists of a front portion, opening on the ground and discharged in the air if needed bailout, sealed and unsealed glazed partitions the rear part of the glass, fortified on the fuselage behind the seat. Front cab glass lamp made of silica glass of thickness 14,5 mm, and the main glass - heat-resistant organic mark ST-1, thickness 10 mm. Directly under the windshield was fixed screen - armored glass of 62-mm laminated safety glass. Shield protects the pilot from a direct hit by shells and shrapnel, Besides, during ejection of the screen rolled lantern rollers, and in the case of accidental discharge lamp it protects the pilot from the oncoming air stream. Opening skylight (climb) and closing (lowering) occur relative to the axis of the front two-hinge locks by means of withdrawal or harvesting rods of two air cylinders. When dropping emergency lantern (from curtains or pens Autonomous dropping), toss it is made by lifting cylinders lantern air pressure of 110-130 kg / cm2, thus there is a lantern rotation relative time delay locks.

Since MIG-21FM modification lantern was simplified design and mechanical force laterally opened (to the right), alarm reset produced pyrotechnical.

Lantern supplied with liquid anti-icing system, Washed windshield. Five-liter tank with alcohol was placed in front of the fuselage coca.

The equipment consisted of a pilot CRD 3 pressure suit WCC-ZM with mask GSH-4M and a set of oxygen equipment.

inside the cabin, dashboard and panels painted emerald green, Night Flight cockpit lighting - red.

Cabin MiG-21

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

The right side of the cockpit of the MiG-21

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

The left side of the cockpit of the MiG-21

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Ejection seat MiG-21

Power point

A turbojet R11F-300 (to later modifications installed R11F2S TRD-300, R13F-300 or R-25-300) - twin-shaft six-speed axial compressor, with the tubular combustion chamber and the afterburner, mounted within the rear fuselage between frames № 22 — № 28. Engine cranking performed at start electric starter-generator. The aircraft is equipped with the engine control mechanism Poort-1F, which provides control over the position of the "stop" to complete afterburning mode by moving a lever in the cab (ORE). In front of the intake mounted movable cone air intake control system of ATC-2M radiotransparent material, having three fixed positions (for a range of M less 1,5 cone removed, when M of 1,5 to 1,9 - in the intermediate position, and a M 1,9 - the most nominated). The engine air duct before the cabin is divided into two parts and its surrounds, and behind the cab both parts merge into one common channel. Fuel (T-1, T-2 or TS). For reliable starting of the engine in the air system is installed on an airplane oxygen feeding, a five-start attempts in the air. To protect the structure of the aircraft and engine units from overheating the engine compartment and augmentor blown air, Admission to the flight of the air intake duct through the windows of air-to-air cooler, during engine operation on the ground - of the ambient atmosphere through valves in the engine zone, open by the vacuum, ejecting a gas jet generated.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Engine Nozzle MIG-21

Fuel system

On the plane there 12 fuel tanks (on some - 13, additional. tank in gargrot). Between frames № 11 and 28 placed seven containers of soft (MiG-21bis aircraft used integrated fuselage fuel tanks) fuel tanks: by bulkhead 11 to špangouta 13 - tank number 1, by bulkhead 13 to špangouta 16 - tank number 2, between frames 14 and 16 - second supplementary tank; between frames 16 and 20 - tank number 3, consisting of the upper and lower portions, between frames 20 and 22 - tank number 4; between frames 22 and 25 - tank number 5, between frames 25 and 28 - tank number 6. Bucky number 5 and number 6 It consists of two interconnected parts. The total capacity of the fuel tank system without suspension - 2160 l, with overhead tank - 2650 l. By pumping the fuel system includes fuel pumps and booster pump, pipelines with valves, fuel tanks drainage system and the system of air aspirated by the engine compressor (with safety and non-return valves), intended to produce fuel from tanks and pumps to ensure stable operation when flying at high altitudes. In order to maintain a desired alignment flight out of fuel is performed in a certain sequence and with special float valve.

The aircraft engine run gasoline is a fuel tank system capacity 4,5 l, disposed within the tank № 4. The system is designed to start the engine on the ground and in the air, and is designed to 8-10 starts. Refueling B-70 gasoline produced through the neck on the tank, drain - through a special valve on the pipeline. When gasoline engine startup is supplied electropump NDP-10-9 M. On airplanes with R11F2S-motor 300 and later as a trigger gasoline fuel is not applicable.

Refilling of fuel tanks made by gravity through the filler neck, disposed on the tanks № 2 and number 4 (on newer versions, all refueling was carried out through the neck of the tank number 7). Through the filler neck of the 2nd Tank comes tanks filling 2, 1, 3 and the wing sections, through the tank filler neck № 4 refuel tanks 4, 5 and 6. While filling all tanks (without suspended) is 10 minutes. Drain fuel from all tanks (except outboard) It is made through a tap at the fuel feed conduit to the engine, wherein the pumps I, II, Groups III wing tanks and pumps compartments should be included. Draining completely refilled tanks is 7 minutes.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

engine inlet cone MIG-21

Escape system

"IC" consists of folding the flashlight, when you open the cabin up and forward, and the ejection seat from the MiG-19. The chair consists of the following main parts: frame with a cup, Headrest, footboards, seatbelts, System leg grippers, body armor, firing mechanism, locking system, automaton BP-3 with a spring mechanism, mechanism stabilizing flaps, seat height adjustment mechanism of the locking mechanism and harness. On the left handrail combined seat-mounted connector RCA-2. The seat is mounted on guide rails, that allows you to adjust the vertical position. At ejection seat slides along the guide rails. For sequential actuation of mechanisms and ejection seats for the lamp has a lock with a lamp by a cable. Bailouts may be made from curtains or levers, mounted on the seat handrails. When ejection of the first shutter seat reset lantern, hereinafter by a cable firing mechanism unblocked. unlocking occurs, when the lamp is separated from the fuselage to the distance 1,5 m. Bailout possible with previously discarded flashlight from the handle or lamp drop Autonomous, in the case of refusal pirosistemy, using duplicate door lock system. The main type of bailout is a bailout of the curtain. Operation revealed low reliability "IC" system and the inability to rescue the pilot during ejection from the ground, therefore hereinafter set more secure seat CM-1.

Parachute-braking system

Designed to reduce aircraft landing path length. brake parachute control system is designed to emit it when boarding the aircraft at the time of touching the ground wheels of the main landing. During filling air parachute creates a moment on the lower front wheel. drag chute, packed in special easily removable container, set in the recess aft fuselage section between the frames № 30 and number 32, Left on the fly. Fastening parachute container - at four points: two pins and two castles legkorazemnyh. Parachute PT-21 area 16 m2 embedded in container, shroud special aprons and pre-flight is set on a plane. Cable parachute fits in the groove, located below the fuselage, on the ridge. The end of the rope is worn on the lock hook.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

aircraft control system

It consists of a control stabilizer, ailerons, rudder and brake flaps. stabilizer actuator carried by the ailerons and the control knob, Rudder - by foot pedals, using rigid tubular rods, intermediate levers and rockers. In the stabilizer control system installed booster BU-51M, which transmits the movement simultaneously to both halves of the stabilizer tselnopovorotnogo (then put irreversible hydraulic BU-210B), and aileron control system - two booster BU-45A, that work by irreversible circuit and fully perceive the hinge points, arising from the aerodynamic forces on the controls. To simulate the force of the spring charging mechanisms are used on the control handle. In the longitudinal plane a control channel set to automatic adjustment of the gear ratios AGC-SG(MB), depending on the altitude and airspeed. In the stabilizer control system, Besides, The mechanism of MP-100M "trimmer effect", which acts as an aerodynamic trimmer, taking efforts in the desired direction control knob. The aileron system at full pressure loss (or refused) g / s can disable the emergency boosters, moving the roll control in the mechanical. turning the steering is done by directional control pedal, by tubular rods, and rocking levers.

The hydraulic system of the aircraft

It consists of two separate systems: primary and booster. The main hydraulic system is designed for the cleaning and the landing gear, flap, brake flaps; valves for controlling engine nozzle, anti-surge valves intake, control gear and the nose landing gear mechanism of the pedal load, automatic braking wheel cylinder when cleaning the chassis and bogie inlet cone. The main hydraulic backup is also boosters for BU-45 aileron control at failure of the hydraulic booster and operates a two-compartment chamber (Dual Channel) Buster BU-51 stabilizer.

Hydraulic booster is designed to operate the booster aileron BU-45 and one booster chamber stabilizer. In the stabilizer control system installed two-chamber booster BU-51M, who also works on both hydraulic systems.

Each of the hydraulic maintained its hydraulic pump variable displacement type NP-34M with an operating pressure 210 kg / cm2, mounted on the engine, also two in each accumulator system is installed. Oil AMG-10 for both g / systems is generally hydraulic reservoir septum. To reserve booster g / s at an engine failure has electric pump station NP-27T.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Air aircraft system

It consists of main and emergency, with a pressure of 110-130 atm. The main chassis is intended for braking wheels, reloading guns, closing the shut-off the fuel cock, lifting and sealing lantern, Control flaps and resetting the brake parachute, as well as to turn on anti-icing system. Emergency air system performs an emergency landing gear and emergency braking wheel main landing gear. In the upper cavity the main landing gear are used as a pneumatic cylinder. Charging the cylinders is performed only on the ground source.

fire protection system

It consists of an ionization fire detector JS-2M; 2-liter bottle 20C-2-1S with his head stuck in the gate-pyrotechnical; steel distribution manifold with holes diameter 1,7 mm on a frame № 22, electrical, push the pilot the presence of flame focus and driving the firefighting equipment. The system is intended for fire suppression only in the engine compartment.


Initial aircraft network 27 volt DC powered from the starter-generator GSR CT 12000VT-2I, as a provision is measured using two silver-zinc batteries 15 SCS-45A. Alternating current to produce a plane for electric converters 115 AT, 400 Hz - software and software-1500VT2I-750A, and converters PT-500TS and PT-125TS, converting direct current into three-phase alternating voltage 36 And frequency 400 Hz.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Instrumentation and electronic equipment

Heading System CSI fighter, attitude indicator AGD-1, Lecturer-53, DSB-2500, M-2,5K, VD-28K, VAR-300K, UVPD-20, etc.. Receiver type air davdeniya LDPE-7 (or PVD-18-5M). emergency registration system filter parameters SARPP-12.

Intercom type SDA-7, VHF radio R-802V (RSIU-5B), marker receiver MRP-56P, automatic radio ARC-10, low altitude radio altimeter RV-PA, stantsii soda-57M, SRDJO-2 ("Chromium - Nickel"), SRO-2 and warning station on irradiation "Sirena-2" ("Sirena-3M»).

Targeted electronic equipment comprises an automatic airplane sight ASP-5H(On), coupled with DME TSS-5 (SRD-5M) "Quantum" and CSD-1 calculator. Infrared sight SIV-52.

Subsequently put riflescope TSA-PF-21 and RP-21 radiopritsel. antenna DME (radiopritsela) It was set in the inlet cone.

Initially, the plane did not have autopilot, then began to set the CAP-1 (CAP-2, KAN-3, AP-155 and even SAU-23ESN). Autopilot actuators - such as "sliding thrust" electrical actuators RAD-107A.

Aircraft armament

It includes a built-gun (or two) NR-30 (zatyem PR-23L) caliber 30 (23) mm, as well as missile and bomb armament, hung on the beam holder BDZ-58-21. Besides, suspension was allowed two blocks UB-16-57, in which charges of 16 shells type ARS-57M; two-ADR-212 or APC-240; svobodnopadayuschie two bombs or incendiary tank. Later used missiles K-13, which were placed on launchers APU-28. There was also developed a gun container-9 SE (with cannon GS-23), suspended in the center under the fuselage.

fighter can be equipped with a camera AFA-39 for aerial reconnaissance.

On some versions allow the installation of two 99-SPRD starting solid boosters thrust of 2300 kgf.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Arming MIG-21MF - block UB-16 and R-3 (K-13)


Mass manufactured in the USSR 1959 by 1985 year. Serial analogues MiG-21 were produced in Czechoslovakia, India and China.

It is the most widespread military aircraft in aviation history. All in the USSR, Czechoslovakia and India was released 11 496 MiG-21. Czechoslovak copy MIG-21 was produced under the name of S-106. Chinese copy MIG-21 was produced under the name J-7 (for PLA), and its export version F7 discontinued in 2017 year, as well as double , JJ-7. As of 2012 year were produced in China about 2500 J-7/F-7.

Due to mass production, the aircraft is characterized by very low cost: MiG-21MF, eg, It costs less, What BMP-1.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling


second generation

MiG-21F (a type 72) (1959) - frontline fighter. weaponry: two HP-30 embedded 30mm cannon and two underwing pylons for suspension rockets blocks C-5 (by 16 missiles in each block), C-24 missiles, bombs or incendiary tanks. Engine P-11F-300, thrust without afterburner - 3880 kgf, Furious at - 5740 kgf. Radar was not. He produced in 1959-1960 years at the Gorky aircraft plant. Total built 83 instance.

MIG-21F-13 (a type 74) (1960) - frontline fighter. Now you can hang on the underwing pylons "air-air" guided missiles K-13 (P-3C). Removed one of the guns, which increased the supply of fuel to 140 liters. Besides, under the fuselage of the aircraft on the central pylon could carry external fuel tank. Engine P 11F2-300, thrust without afterburner - 3950 kgf, Furious at - 6120 kgf. Radar was not. issued with 1960 by 1965 year Gorky and Moscow aircraft factory.
In this modification, lightweight model called E-66, equipped with a combined power plant (in addition to P-11F2-300 scripting LRE WS-20M5A), at 1960 year set a record on a closed speed 100 km route; achieved average speed 2149 kmh, and in some areas 2499 kmh. A 28 April 1961 g. set the absolute altitude record 34714 m.

MiG-21P (1960) - an experienced all-weather fighter-interceptor; It is equipped with a CD-30T radar equipment and command guidance "Lazur", allowing the aircraft to communicate with automated control system fighter aircraft "Air 1". Engine P-11F-300 (how the MiG-21F), pricel ASP-5NDN. and the second gun was filmed on this modification. The armament consisted of only two guided missiles K-13 (P-3C) (while the prevailing view that the missiles can completely replace guns (American Phantom also got a gun only 1967); The Vietnam War showed the fallacy of this decision). Instead missiles K-13 pylons could be suspended from the bombs and rockets. By June 1960 g. It has made a series of small installation interceptor MiG-21P. However, that its construction is over, and went into mass production next modification - PF.

MiG-21PF (a type 76) (1961) - all-weather interceptor; It is equipped with a hardware command guidance "Lazur", allowing the aircraft to communicate with automated control system fighter aircraft "Air 1". On previous versions, it has a more powerful engine P-11F2-300 (how the MiG-21F-13), new radar CD-30TP (RP-21), and gun GJ-1. Mass production with 1961 years at the Gorky and Moscow aircraft factory.

MiG-21PFS (product 94)(MiG-21PF(THX)) (1963) - Option flashing-21PF. Letter "C" means "boundary layer blow-off," (THX). The military wanted, MiG-21 to be easy to operate from unpaved airfields. To this system was developed boundary layer blow-off flap. Under this system was fine-tuned engines, became known as the P-11-F2S-300, Air bleed from compressor. In the extended position to the lower surfaces of the flap selected air fed from the compressor, which dramatically improved takeoff and landing characteristics of the aircraft. Application of ATP reduced the run length to an average of 480 m, and landing speed until 240 kmh. The aircraft may be established SPRD two start accelerator 99 to reduce the length of runway. All these innovations were established and all subsequent modifications. Airplanes "PF" and "PPS" were issued in the years 1961-1965.

MiG-21FL (a type 77) (1964) - export version of the MiG-21PF for India. Simplified avionics; instead radar RP-21 F-2A supplied. Instead of the engine P-11F2-300 put P-11F-300, as in earlier version of the MiG-21P. He produced in 1964-1968 years at the Gorky and Moscow aircraft factory. Delivered to India 1964 of the year, unassembled. A certain number of MiG-21FL horrible in the Soviet Air Force. Also manufactured under license in India.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling


MiG-21PFM (product 94) (1964). The disadvantage modifications PF / PFS was no cannon armament (although at the time it was considered wrong and outdated). Therefore, a new modification has provided an opportunity suspension gun container GP-9, 23-mm twin-barrel gun GSH-23L from the central pylon. Under mounting GP-9 containers were modified and Indian MiG-21FL. also found, In some situations, radar-guided missiles preferable, than heat, eg, in the cloud or fog conditions. Therefore, along with missiles R-3S (K-13), PFM aircraft had the opportunity to carry the RS-2US missiles (K-5MS) a radar guidance system; To do this, several modified the onboard radar, Received in this modification, the designation RP-21M. Later to RP-21M radar sights were modified MiG-21PFS. Among other improvements: mounted interrogator-transponder SRZO-2M "Chrome-Nickel" (ed.023M), mirrors, rear hemisphere review (periscope), a new ejection seat KM-1M, infrared sight "Gem", new sight ASP-PF coupled with radar and infrared sighting, and so on. d. Series production of the MiG-21PFM for the Air Force of the Soviet Union was carried out at the factory number 21 in Gorky 1964 by 1965. At the Moscow factory "Banner of Labor" This modification was based on exports to 1966 by 1968.

MiG-21p (ed. 94or R 03; 1965 year) - reconnaissance aircraft. Under the fuselage on a special streamlined holder installed removable containers with intelligence equipment. Containers have the following embodiments:

– "D" - for the daily photo-reconnaissance - Cameras for promising shooting 2 h AFA-39, Cameras for the planned shooting 4 h AFA-39, slit camera AFA-5;
– "H" - for night photographic reconnaissance - camera UAFA-47, lighting fotopatrony 188 PC.
– "P" - for electronic intelligence - equipment "Diamond-4A" and "Rhombus-4B", camera AFA-39 for control;
– active jamming station SPS-142 "Lilac";
– equipment for air sampling;
– Relay equipment audio information in the UHF band.

Conducted flight tests of containers:

– with television complex Tarka Tarka or 2-line and data transmission to the ground station (this option has been used in particular in Afghanistan);
– with round the clock intelligence "Spire" equipment with illumination area at night with a laser beam, and information transmission line;
– with infrared reconnaissance "Prostor" equipment;
– with aerial cameras to shoot with extremely low altitudes.

Planes are also staffed with electronic warfare equipment on the wingtips. In addition to reconnaissance equipment, MiG-21R provided for the deployment of the same weapons, as a fighter PFM, except gun nacelle SE-9 and suspended in ventral fuel tank pylon. All previous versions had only 2 underwing pylon. MiG-21R and all subsequent modifications have been 4 pylons. Apparently, it was caused by the need to increase the flight range of a scout: on the ventral pylon was impossible to hang an extra fuel tank - in its place is the intelligence apparatus; But if to take external fuel tanks underwing pylons, is nowhere to hang missiles, and the aircraft will be completely unarmed. In the struggle to increase the flight range fuel capacity in internal tanks was increased and reached 2800 liters, but it was not enough. But with the emergence of two additional underwing pylons problem was solved. Now the plane was carrying reconnaissance equipment under the fuselage, two external fuel tank on 490 liters on underwing pylons, and two more underwing pylons can carry a whole range of weapons, as the previous modification of the "PFM". MiG-21R manufactured at the Gorky aircraft plant number 21 in the years 1965-1971.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling


MiG-21C (product 95) (1965) - a new landmark step in the development of the MiG-21 was the emergence of a new airborne radar RP-22, dubbed "Sapphire-21" or abbreviated as C-21 (hence the letter "C" in the modification title). Station had higher characteristics, than the RP-21: at the same angles of scanning the detection range of target type "bomber" reached 30 km, and support the range increased from 10 to 15 km. But the main thing - it allows you to apply new missile R-3R (K-13P) with a semi-active radar seeker and increased launch range. It changed tactics aircraft applications: if earlier, we leave radioraketu RS-2-US, the pilot was forced to repeat all the maneuvers of the target, to maintain its beam station RP-21 up to the moment of defeat, that now he only needed to "illuminate" the target with "Sapphire", providing the rocket itself chasing the enemy.

A typical arming MiG-21C steel 4 guided missiles - two P-3C infrared homing head and two P-3R with radar seeker; plus the gondola GP-9 gun GS-23 under the fuselage on the central pylon.
New Autopilot AP-155 allows not only to preserve the position of the car relative to the three axes, but also lead it to level flight from any position with subsequent stabilization altitude and course.
The composition of airborne equipment introduced an improved equipment targeting "Lazur-M" and a new warning about the irradiation station SPO-10.
Mig-21C manufactured serially in Bitter 1965 -1968's only for the Soviet Air Force.

Characteristics of MIG-21C:

– engine's type: P-300 11F2S
– Thrust without afterburner 3900 kgf; Furious at 6175 kgf
– Maximum speed at height 2230 kmh; near the ground 1300 kmh
– Service ceiling 18000 m
– Maximum operational overload 8g

Range of flight of MiG-21s at the height of 10 km:
– without external fuel tanks - 1240 km
– one ventral to the PTB 490 - 1490 km
– with three drop tanks on 490 - 2100 km

«MIG-21SN» - variant MIG-21C, capable of carrying on the central ventral pylon atomic bomb RN-25 (later - and other types of). Letter "H" - from the word "carrier". Serial production since 1965 of the year.

MiG-21m (ed. 96A; 1968 city) - was a modification export MiG-21C. He also had 4 underwing pylon and the same engine 11F2S P-300, but it was less than perfect, than RP-22C, radiopricel - RP-21M, and respectively instead of R-3R plane hung on older PC 2US. but, in one aspect, the Mig-21M superior modification "C": on it was set built into the fuselage cannon GS-23L, same, as well as on a newly built for the Soviet Air Force, newer MiG-21cm, began releasing in the same 1968 year (cm. below). The aircraft was built at the Moscow factory "Banner of Labor" with 1968 by 1971 years. AT 1971 g. its production license was transferred to India.

MiG-21cm (ed. 95M or type 15) (1968) - MiG-21cm was a further development of the MiG-21C. On it was a more powerful engine R-13-300, possessed, in addition, extended-dynamic stability and a wide range of afterburner mode continuously variable traction. Thrust without afterburner - 4070 kgf, Furious at - 6490 kgf. Compared with the previous aircraft modifications, It has the best rate of climb and acceleration capabilities. Maximum operational overload increased to 8,5 g.
Previous modifications could carry the twin-barrel gun in a hanging container-9 GP GS-23, which is attached to a central pole. but, in this way, container held central pylon, which could be the external tank, bomb or container with reconnaissance equipment. Besides, The Vietnam War showed clearly, that the gun does not need fighter sometimes, in special cases, and always - every battle vylote. Given all this, MiG-21 cm was built into the fuselage cannon GS-23L with ammunition in 200 shells. With the introduction of integrated optical gun sight TSA was replaced by PD-sight TSA-PPD.
Due to the built-in guns had to slightly reduce the amount of fuel - up 2650 liters. To compensate for this, new outboard tank was designed volume 800 liters, And the distance from the earth remained the same. This tank can be suspended only in the central pole, underwing could carry only 490-liter tanks.
On four underwing pylons in various combinations were suspended R-3C, R-3R, blocks UB-UB-16-57 or 32-57 (first bear 16, second - 32 unguided rockets S-5), rockets C-24, bombs and incendiary tanks caliber before 500 kg. Maximum weight of the combat load - 1300 kg. The aircraft can also be equipped with aerial cameras AFA-39. Besides, at 1968 Mig-on arms 21 acted guided missile "air-to-ground" X-66.
MiG-21cm built in 1968-1971 years only for the Air Force of the Soviet Union by the number 21 in Gorky.

MiG-21MF (izd.96A; 1969) - modification of the MiG-21cm for export. Aircraft engine had the same R-13-300, same radar RP-22 "Sapphire-21" and the same set of weapons, as "CM". Actually, "MF" is not very different from the "CM". First export version of the MiG-21 in no way inferior to its prototype, intended for the USSR (true, It appeared a year later). Some planes "MF" modifications were in the Soviet armed forces. MiG-21MF was manufactured in series at a Moscow factory "Banner of Labor" in the years 1969-1974. Besides, after that, In 1975-1976, 231 Fighter of the modifications produced the Gorky aircraft plant. MiG-21MF is available in many countries. During the Iran-Iraq war, he shot down an Iranian F-14 (USA delivered this new aircraft to Iran in the last years of the Shah). MiG-21MF was manufactured in India and China.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

MiG-21cm. Note the swollen "scruff" aircraft. There is a fuel tank № 7. By increasing its size and the total capacity of the fuel tanks was increased.

MiG-21cm (ed. 50; 1971 city) - modification "CM" fighter with increased fuel capacity and more powerful engine P-13F-300. The machine was designed for the Soviet Air Force.
New engine P-13F-300, besides the usual afterburner, I had an "emergency afterburner" mode. This allowed in-flight at ground level with the sound velocity to increase traction on 1900 kg compared with the engine R13-300.
The total amount of fuel in internal tanks was increased to 3250 l. but, because of the increased weight and volume of the aircraft controllability deteriorated. Although in some cases a larger amount of fuel this lack of overlap, Yet in the process of production capacity of the fuel tanks was reduced to 2880 liters - the same, how much and in the next modification of the MiG-21bis. In literature, especially west, MiG-21SMT reduced to a level with MIG-21bis fuel tanks are sometimes mistakenly referred to as "Mig-21ST".
MiG-21SMT produced in 1971-1973 at the Gorky aircraft plant. Total was released 281 fighter. The Soviet Air Force, they were used not only as a fighter, but also as carriers of tactical nuclear weapons. NATO MiG-21SMT was codenamed Fishbed-K.

MiG-21MT (ed. 96B; 1971 city) - the export version of the fighter "CMT" (or you can say, that is a modification of export "MF", with an increased supply of fuel and engine P-13F-300). The plane began to produce at the Moscow factory "Banner of Labor" in the 1971 year, but all were built 15 copies, and those in the end fell into the Soviet Air Force.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Bulgarian MiG-21 yet the BBC

third generation

MiG-21bis (product "75" - for the Air Force and Air Defense Aviation of the USSR, "75A" - the socialist countries and "75B" to the capitalist and developing countries; 1972) - the latest and most advanced modification of the whole vast family of "twenty-first", produced in the USSR.

The main innovation was the engine R-25-300, which developed a thrust without afterburner 4100 kgf, Furious at - 6850 kgf, and the extraordinary afterburner - 7100 kgf (according to some sources - even 9900 kgf). Fast and Furious is now fueled the shorter time. Rate of climb of the machine has almost 1,6 fold.

As it turned out, too large supply of fuel to the MiG-21SMT (3250 liters) degrades flight characteristics, MiG-21bis internal volume tanks was reduced to 2880 l. In this way, After a long search for an optimum combination has been achieved aerodynamics of the aircraft and its volume fuel system. On the plane were also installed: more advanced radar "Sapphire-21M" (C-RP-21M or 22M), Modified riflescope, will remove restrictions on shooting from a cannon at high overloads, and a new system of automated control of state aircraft and engine, to reduce maintenance time. Resource MiG-21bis reached 2100 hours.

Interference on the plane survived the link "Lazur-M", providing interaction with the "Air 1" ground automated control system; KM-1M ejection seat, pitot-static system PST 18.

In NATO, these fighter codenamed Fishbed L.

In the production process MiG-21bis began to equip flight control and navigation system (PNA) "Flight-Olympics", intended for solving short-range navigation and landing approach in automatic and director control. The system includes:

– SAU-23ESN automatic control system, representing a combination of computing devices with electronic indicators and commands the autopilot, fulfills these commands
– system of short-range navigation and landing RSBSN-5C
– antenna-feeder system Pion-H

Besides, Complex uses signals gyro AGD-1, ESP ISQ system, ICE airspeed sensor 10 and height sensor ET-30. Externally, the MiG-21bis with the system "flight-Olympics" distinguished two small antennas, arranged at the air inlet and above the keel. In Eastern Europe, such fighters got only the GDR. There they received the local designation of the MiG-21bis-SAU, meaning "of the MiG-21bis with an automatic control system".

NATO MiG-21bis to "Flight-Olympics" system received codenamed Fishbed-N.

MiG-21bis was produced from 1972 by 1985 years at the Gorky aircraft plant number 21; all were released 2013 copies. One of the first of these fighters purchased Finland. The first aircraft were delivered there in 1977, where they replaced consisted on the MiG-21F-13 arsenal. In India, "bisy 'licenses were not issued, but the HAL plant in Nasik has been collected about 220 fighters of the kits, delivered from the Soviet Union. The assembly of the last Indian MiG-21bis was completed in 1987 g.

In addition to the improvement of the aircraft, continued to appear new missiles. AT 1973 , there were P-13M thermal homing, representing deep modernization P-3C, and easy maneuverability missile dipped battle F-60. And 2 of 4 underwing pylons MIG-21 could carry paired suspension with two missiles P-60. In this way, the total number of guided missiles reached 6. Generally, the number of possible combinations of weapons was 68 (on fighters earlier versions it was equal 20). Part of the MiG-21bis shall be equipped with the suspension of nuclear bombs.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling



MiG-21-93 (1994) - modernization of production of the MiG-21bis to the Indian Air Force, later it became known MiG-21UPG Bison (first flight 3 October 1998 of the year). RAC "MIG" together with air Nizhegorodskiy plant "Falcon" in cooperation with other Russian enterprises (NIIR Fazotron ') has developed a program of modernization of aircraft MiG-21, which was aimed at expanding the range of application modes and weapons, that allows them to successfully operate in the Air Force in different countries over a number of years more. Combat capabilities upgraded MiG-21 fighters are not inferior to modern fourth generation. Indian Air Force in 1998-2005 conducted a thorough modernization 125 MiG-21. MiG-21bis got a new weapon control system with multi-function radar, "Spear", helmet-mounted target designation system, equipment display information based on the modern display on the windshield and the multifunction display. BRLS "Kope", developed by the Corporation "NIIR" Fazotron "", It has an increased range of. The radar provides detection and attack targets (including, medium-range missiles) in free space and on earth background, and detection of radar-contrast surface and ground targets. Radar "spear" is able to accompany 8 objectives and provides simultaneous attack of two of the most dangerous of them. The armature further includes fighter guided missiles "air-to-air" RVV-AE, R-27R1, R-27T1 and R-73E and responsive bombs TO-500Kr. In parallel with the modernization of the extended resource and timing of aircraft service.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Armament MiG-21UPG Bison

MiG-21PD (1966) - an experimental version with lift engines. Designed to study the behavior of the aircraft with a combined power plant on the takeoff and landing modes. The fuselage, besides the main engine P-13F-300 rod 6490 kgf, in the center of mass of the aircraft equipped with two lifting area RD-36-35 by 2350 kgf. For placing them on the fuselage was lengthened 900 mm insert for shower, it increased midship section, and fixed landing gear. Air was fed to the lifting motors through rotary flap, opens at takeoff and landing. The nozzles are slightly angled. MiG-21PD first flew 16 June 1966 under the baton of Peter Ostapenko, at 1967 year test program has been completed, Boris Orlov.

M-21 (M-21M) (1967) - highly mobile radio-controlled target aircraft.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

MiG-21I near the Tu-144 in the Central Museum of the Russian Air Force

MiG-21I (1968) - the plane analogue supersonic passenger aircraft Tu-144. Designed to study the behavior of aircraft "tailless" scheme with ogival wing. Was built 2 instance. The first was lost 26 July 1970 of the year (The pilot. Konstantinov was killed), the second is now an exhibit of the Central Air Force Museum in Monino.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Bulgarian MiG-21UM BBC

Double training modification

MiG-21U (1962) - a training fighter.

MiG-21UC (1966) - training frontline fighter, equipped with a motor-11F2S P-300.

MiG-21UM (1971) - training frontline fighter with upgraded avionics.


MiG-21LSH (1969) - attack aircraft project, took part in the competition, along with T-8 (Budus Su-25).

– at 1993 year on aircraft show in Le Bourget, Israel introduced an upgraded version of the MiG-21, turned into an attack to attack by sea and land targets. On the plane were installed new avionics, navigation and aiming equipment, and the pilot ejection system, originally developed for tactical fighter "Lavi". canopy, tripartite, replaced by a whole glazing. The cost of one aircraft modernization program was 1-4 million dollars, depending on the installed equipment.

ME-21-2000 (1998) - the project of modernization of serial MiG-21bis and MiG-21MF, developed by Israeli concern "Taas Aviram" and IAI Corporation. Provided for cabin refurbishment and installation of new avionics.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

combat application


AT 1962 , during the Cuban missile crisis to protect the Cuban airspace in Santa Clara was transferred 32nd GIAP composed 40 MIG-21F-13. By late September regiment became fully combat-ready and started patrolling. On the US aircraft from the Soviet MiG-21 had only one meeting, 4 November single MiG-21s intercepted a pair of F-104C, but they turned aside from the battle and left Cuban airspace. At the beginning 1963 year on the MiG-21 began to train Cuban pilots. 12 April 1963 Cuban pilot for the first time made a solo flight on the MiG-21. When the staff of the 32th Regiment left Cuba all the MiG-21 were left Cubans.

In the protection of air borders of Cuba, Cuban MiG-21 shot down several planes of light-offenders, and many forced to land. MiGs also become permanent members of the "fishing wars", protecting the Cuban fishing.

The first intruder was shot down 21 February 1968 of the year. On this day, the piston airplane, united states, violated Cuban airspace. During intercept MiG-21, the plane began a dangerous intruder maneuvering before being shot down.

18 February 1970 , in response to the capture of the Bahamas 14 Cuban fishermen link Cuban MiG-21 flew over the capital of Nassau State, leaving the city at supersonic. Only after that the fishermen were released.

10 June 1978 , the pair of MiG-21 forced to land in Camaguey of small-aircraft Beechcraft Baron «Tursair» private flight school (opa-locka, USA), after he violated the air space of the country. On board were three people, including pilot Lance Fife and flight school owner Albert Sakolski, returning to Miami from Colombia via Aruba.

28 February 1980 year Tamiami site produced takeoff private jet Beechcraft Baron. On board were the owner of the aircraft-pilot Robert Bennett and his friend, Walter Clark, who were going to reach the village of Greater Inagua, Bahamas. On the route from the plane there was a failure of one engine, then it was performed landing on uninhabited island ridge Bahamas. After assessing damage pilot re-produced one engine takeoff and deviating from the planned route crossed air border Cuba. Intercepted by the MiG-21 and forced to land in Camaguey.

10 May 1980 the couple Cuban MiG-21 sank the patrol boat HMBS Flamingo (displacement 100 tonnes, arming one 20mm cannon) Bahamian Coast Guard. On this day, Flamingo fired and took over the tow two Cuban fishing vessels in the area of ​​the island of Santo Domingo Kai. Cuban sailors managed to inform about the shelling of its authorities, indicating that they are attacked by an unknown ship. Flew to the aid of a pair of MiG-21, who made several passes over it, and performed preventative fire. Both fighters have returned to the airport and prepared for re-flight, shells blocks Nursi. Without further ado MiG-and went on the attack and sank the patrol boat, killing four and wounding four other crew members, others defected to the arrested ships. Considering that, Flamingo that was sunk in Bahamian territorial waters, Cuba has had to pay compensation for the ship and to the bereaved families of seafarers.

23 December 1985 , the pair of MiG-21bis flew the aircraft to intercept the US Coast Guard HU-25A Guardian, invading 12-mile maritime zone Cuba. The plane began to execute commands and retired from the Cuban air space just after it opened fire on a gun.

AT 1990 , a pair of MiG-21bis forced to land in Havana of small-engine plane Cessna 310T (registered in the US), violated Cuban airspace.

18 September 1993 taking off from the airport in Havana, the Cuban MiG-21bis (b / n 672, pilot k-n ENO Ravelo Rodriguez) He landed at a military airport in Key West, USA. Radar only a slight amount of time spotted plane, but any attempt to intercept the intruder did not materialize. The pilot remained in the United States and the aircraft was returned to Cuba. Florida's government began checking on the idle air defense system and forced to check the vigilance of the radar with automatic drifting balloons.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

MiG-21 yet the BBC DDR


14 February 1967 , the Soviet MiG-21PFM, Zinoviev manned Fedor due to poor visibility violated the border of Germany and landed at Tempelhof airport. It took four minutes, after the pilot realized that is not in the GDR. Fire brigade unsuccessfully attempted to prevent Soviet pilots to take off and he returned to his territory.

19 April 1970 , the MiG-21, the Air Force German Democratic Republic was forced to land small-engine plane Cessna 170B, violated airspace. Patrol aircraft had to turn to issue a warning to the offender began to follow the directions and landed near Kaulitz.

12 April 1974 , the pair of MiG-21, the Air Force of the GDR, patrolling the Baltic Sea had violated Swedish border. To intercept intruders two fighters "fight" were raised. Swedish planes tried to force them to fit Soviet aircraft, but they turned on the afterburner and easily returned to its territory.

Soviet pilots also took part in the defense of the GDR airspace. known, that the Soviet pilot Stepanenko forced to land several planes violators.

Eastern Europe

In 1960-1970-ies Czechoslovak reconnaissance MiG-21R constantly violated the border of Germany. Scouts crossed the border at high altitude, putting passive noise of dipoles, which were stuffed with special shells, HP-30 onboard guns. Sheer survey was conducted at low altitude when the speed 900 kmh. Losses in the course of these flights was not.

In September 1965 the couple of Hungarian MiG-21F-13 led to the planting of Austrian small-engine aircraft, violated airspace.

2 April 1984 year Czechoslovak MiG-21 shot down a hijacked small-engine aircraft.

24 December 1989 the Romanian MiG-21MF shot down four IAR-330 helicopter and the IAR-316 local security "Securitate", who tried to fire on the rebels.

The Vietnam War

The combat activity of the MiG-21 in Vietnam began in April 1966 of the year, when he came to the aid to fight in difficult conditions of the MiG-17. Little, fast and maneuverable enough, MiG-21 became a serious adversary for the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II. The US was forced to even begin a program to simulate the tactics of air combat with MiG-21. Role of MIG-21 at working played Northrop F-5.

In Vietnam, the pilots of the MiG-21 Soviet doctrine adhered to air combat, Using guidance from the ground control station. Favorite tactic was to follow the bottom and back of US combat link. typing speed, MiGs rockets K-13 and went to the base. This tactic also compelled prematurely dropping bombs.

The main advantage of the MiG-21 is a very high maneuverability in curves. The main drawback was the lack of built-in cannon on the first modification. It was the Vietnam War showed a misconception, that rockets can completely replace guns (victim of this delusion was the main opponent and MiG - American "Phantom").

Throughout the war the MiG-21 has been made about 1300 sorties. According, loss from all causes have not exceeded 70 Flight, According in aerial combat confirmed loss 96 Flight. According to Russian data, in aerial combat North Vietnamese "dvadtsatpervye" won 165 aerial victories, at loss 65 aircraft and 16 pilots. Loss of the pilots of the MiG-21 was the lowest compared to all other aircraft. The Americans had multiple numerical advantage, North Vietnamese, however, even in the best years did not have more than 200 fighters of all types. Kind of record was the pilot of the MiG-21 Ha Van Tuke, alone clashed with 36 US aircraft and shot down the aircraft commander of the American Fighter Wing Colonel D. Folina. 2 January 1967 American aircraft shot down 5-7 MiG-21. Vietnamese fighters suffered losses and by "friendly fire": only for the period of 1966-1968 years of the Vietnamese air defense system shot down six MiG-21. The last aerial victory of the North Vietnamese MiGs began downed American spy RA-5 Vigilante, and in ten days it was incurred last loss of the F-4D Phantom.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Group of MiG-21bis was taxiing for takeoff

The Arab-Israeli conflict

The first Arab country received the MiG-21 fighter jets began in Egypt 1962 year, at 1963 Iraq received, at 1967 Syria. 19 December 1964 , the Egyptian MiG-21F-13 over Alexandria fire 30 mm guns shot down an American spy plane C-82A Packet (H.Vilyams and crew died K.Grupp). Egypt accused the United States to conduct reconnaissance for Israel.

16 August 1966 , the Iraqi pilot Munir Redfa stole a MiG-21 from Iraq to Israel. In the same year, two Iraqi MiG-21 were deported to Jordan, Pilots received political asylum, Jordan but returned planes.

In January 1967 , Israeli gunners attacked Syrian MiG-21, Flying over Israeli territory. Anti-aircraft gunners fired several missiles SAM HAWK, but the target is not hit.

In May 1967 , in response to the violation of the airspace over the Sinai Egyptian MiG-21 made flights over the territory of Israel.

The Six Day war

Before the Israeli attack in Egypt had 91 MiG-21 fighter jets, including 76 combat ready. The MiG-21 in Egypt there 97 pilots. Syria had 32 MiG-21, Iraq 75 MiG-21 and more 12 aircraft sent to help Algeria to Egypt.

The morning of June 5th, Israeli aircraft attacked Egyptian airfields and destroyed on the ground most of the Egyptian MiG-21. Against the MiG-21, who managed to take off the Israelites had difficult. During the first flight to the airbase Abu Essaouira made a pair of take-off of the MiG-21FL, that attacked four of the SMB.2 Israeli fighters and shot down one of them, I won A.Hamdi, Israeli pilot D.Manor ejected and captured. Another SMB.2 was hit by another pair of Egyptian MiG-21FL. Later Abu Essaouira committed takeoff MiG-21F-13, manned A.Musri. He managed to seize two Israeli "Mirage" and two missiles hit (According to the Egyptian two aircraft were knocked, Both of the Israeli aircraft were damaged and returned to the airport), landing Egyptian "instant" flew into the bomb crater and crashed, pilot killed. During raids on the airbase inchas Egyptians hid one MiG-21FL in orchard. After closure biofilm on it makes a takeoff Egyptian pilot N.Shaokri and knocked Israeli fighter Mirage IIICJ, pylot Ya.Neyman perish. With the rise inchas made two more MiG-21F-13, one of them piloted H.Kusri. Above Sinai Egyptian pilot intercepted Israeli group "Mirage" and one of them knocked, manned B.Romachem, but on returning the Egyptian aircraft ran out of fuel and crashed it, pilot killed. The second "MiG", manned M.Fuadom, could hit in air combat aircraft missile Israeli (he was able to return to the airfield), but he was mistakenly shot down by their S-75 and killed. On this day, flown in bomb craters on the Hurghada airport, broke two Egyptian MiG-21, pilots rescued. When an Israeli raid on Fayid "Mister" soaring attacked an Egyptian MiG-21, Egyptian plane exploded, but the debris was heavily damaged Israeli aircraft itself, pilot ejected. 6 June Egyptians lost one MiG-21. Aircraft, manned I.Taufikom did take off from an airbase Abu Essaouira and did not return from a mission, pilot has been missing. Later in the day, Egyptian MiG-21FL (pilot A.Nasr) 57mm Nursi fire brought down an Israeli fighter SMB.2.

According to Russian data Six Algerian MiG-21 (According to an Israeli researcher David Lednitsera was in a group of only three MiG-21, the remaining three aircraft were MiG-17), heading for aid to Egypt, We landed at the airport of El Arish, not knowing, he has captured the enemy, and immediately become the spoils of Israel, after the war, two of them, the Israelites went to the US. 8 June is one of the Algerian MiG-21F-13, manned M.Abdul-Hamid, He did take off from Cairo West and over Kantar came into a dogfight with a pair of "Mirage", during the "MiG" the battle was shot down, but due to the lack of fuel during the battle crashed and one Israeli "Mirage", pilot ejected M.Poraz.

During the war, the Egyptian MiG-21 made four reconnaissance flight over the desert Negev, including on nuclear center. To the surprise of the Egyptians, MLP, protecting nuclear center, I did not even try to open fire (the reason for this was that, that the day before his plane was hit by air defense).

In total, during the war in Egypt air battles lost 11 MiG-21, Syria 7 and Iraq 1. Israel lost in clashes with Egyptian MiG-21 7-9 aircraft shot down and 1-3 damaged (6-8 lost in aerial combat and 1 hit by fragments of Egyptian "blinking"), several more were damaged (perhaps 2 Kills) in battles with Syrian and Iraqi Mig-21.

War of attrition

During the War of Attrition in 1969-1970,. MiG-21 took an active part in the raid on Israeli positions and in the protection of the Egyptian position on the Israeli air raids.

– 3 Martha 1969 , the Egyptian MiG-21PF (Pilot El Bucky) He was shot down by Israeli fighter Mirage IIICJ.
– 14 April 1969 , the AIM-9D Israeli "Mirages" missiles able to hit two Egyptian MiG-21, but they were able to return to the airfield.
– After the destruction by Israeli aircraft steel plant in Abu Zabale (February 1970, killed about 70 working), built with the participation of Soviet specialists, Egyptian President Nasser was forced to turn to Moscow with the request for the establishment of "an effective missile shield" against the Israeli air and sending to Egypt regular Soviet units of air defense and aviation. At military airfields near Cairo, Alexandria and Aswan housed two regiments of the Soviet MiG-21. Soviet troops reached the main force in the reflection of the fierce Israeli air raids on Egypt, which resumed in the summer 1970 of the year.
– 2 Martha 1970 , the Egyptian MiG-21 shot down an Israeli fighter Mirage IIICJ, another "Mirage" was shot down by Syrian MiG-21FL.
– 2 April 1970 the Syrian MiG-21PFM fighter shot down an Israeli F-4E.
– 13 April 1970 , during an air battle over the coast of the Red Sea, Soviet MiG-21MF, according to one, shot down two Israeli fighter F-4 "Phantom", and on the other there was only interception.
– 18 April 1970 , the Soviet MiG-21MF rocket damaged an Israeli reconnaissance RF-4E «Phantom».
– 14 May 1970 , two Syrian MiG-21s were shot down by Israeli fighters "Mirage III». Another MiG-21 was shot down, "Mirage" on the next day.
– 3 June 1970 three years of Egyptian MiG-21s were shot down by Israeli fighters "Mirage III».
– 20 June 1970 , the Egyptian MiG-21MF shot down an Israeli attack aircraft A-4E.
– 30 June 1970 the Israeli Mirage IIICJ injured an Egyptian MiG-21 (pilot Faid).
– 22 June 1970 , the Soviet MiG-21 missile damaged an Israeli attack aircraft A-4 "Skyhawk".
– 23 July 1970 , the Soviet MiG-21 missile damaged an Israeli attack aircraft A-4 "Skyhawk".
– 25 July 1970 , the Soviet MiG-21 over Ismail rocket attack killed an Israeli A-4 "Skyhawk". The aircraft was written off after landing on the airfield Rephidim.
– Due to the losses incurred by the Israeli command has conceived "revenge operation". 30 July Soviet MiG-21 were trapped, in air combat downed four "blinking" is damaged and an Israeli "Mirage III».
– 7 August 1970 , the Soviet MiG-21 missile damaged an Israeli fighter "Mirage III». This fight was the final confrontation of Soviet and Israeli planes. The same day the armistice was concluded.
– 4 November 1971 the Syrian MiG-21FL shot down an Israeli fighter Mirage IIICJ, another "Mirage" was shot down by Egyptian MiG-21MF.
– 14 November 1971 the Syrian MiG-21FL knocked another Israeli fighter Mirage IIICJ, another "Mirage" was shot down by Egyptian MiG-2MF.
– From september 1972 January 1973 years there have been several major air battles of the Syrian MiG-21 aircraft with Israeli. As has been lost during the air battles 12 MiG-21. The Syrians said it shot down 5 "Phantoms" and 1 «Mirage» (only confirmed loss 1 «Mirage», pilot Ran Meir died).
– 13 September 1973 year there was a massive air battle between Syrian and Israeli planes, during which it was shot down 9 Syrian MiG-21, Israel lost 1 "Mirage" and 2 "Phantom".

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Egyptian MIG-21 fighter knocks Israeli Mirage III

Yom Kippur War

For the purposes of exploration before the war the Arabs actively used the MiG-21R.

During the October War 1973 , Egypt had 160 (according to other sources 328) MiG-21 and Syria 110 (according to other sources 180) MiG-21. Algeria sent to Egypt for help two squadrons of MiG-21FL / PFM. Iraq sent to the aid of Syria's three squadrons of MiG-21PFM / MF. Egyptian MiG-21 flew more than 6810 sorties, Syrian 4570, including sea targets.

Egyptian Air Force had the MiG-21 in service with the 102nd (25-I, 26-and 27th Squadrons), 104-and (42-I, 44-I 46th Squadron), 111-and (45-I, 47-I and the 49th Squadron) and 203-D (56-I-82 Squadrons) Fighter Aviation Brigade. Also, the MiG-21R was armed 123rd Reconnaissance Wing.

Most modern Syrian MiG-21MF were in service with the 30th Fighter Aviation Brigade (5-I 8th Squadron).

6 October Egypt struck a massive airstrike 216 th aircraft, which was attended by 62 MiG-21. 56-Squadron composition 16 MiG-21MF struck concrete-bombs on the runway airfield Bir Temada. Reset bombs performed with small height, while following along the runway. As a result of hitting the airfield was put out of action for four days. 82-Squadron hit three goals - eight MiG-21MF attacked the radio-technical center in Umm Husheyb, one unit carried out the suppression of air defense in the area of ​​the airfield Bir Temada and another link bombed the positions of long-range 175 mm artillery Ain Musa. 16 Egyptian MiG-21MF 42 Squadron attacked the Israeli airbase Ophir. The result has been disabled by the runway, cannon fire heavily damaged several Israeli aircraft on take-off line and the broken antenna communication center in Sharm el-Mae. Egyptian losses during the strike totaled 2 MiG-21MF, H.Osman pilots were killed and M.Nobhi. On the Syrian front MIG-21 was performed air cover, so the MiG-21MF, piloted Bassam Hamshu knocked Israeli attack A-4E, one Syrian "MiG" was shot down by the Israeli "Mirage" (O.Marum).

7-October two units of the MiG-21F-13 took off from the airfield Dzhanaklis to repel the Israeli raid "Phantoms". During air combat "MiG" R.el-Iraqi shot down one F-4E, "Phantoms" shot down the MiG-21 M.Muniba, which catapulted. Also in this fight fire friendly gunners was hit by "MiG" A.Abdalla, Abdullah catapulted. Thanks to the actions of the Egyptian fighter airfield badly hurt and remained polotoprigodnym. For Syrian pilots it was one of the best days, lost all 1 MiG-21, downed "Phantom" (pylot Z.Raz), Syrian pilots managed to shoot down at least 6 Israeli planes, two of which were shot down Bassam Hamshu and one knocked M.Badavi, Kokach, Sarkis and Dibs.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Syrian MIG-21 fighter knocks Israeli F-4 Phantom II

8-October link 21MF MiG-46 Squadron took off to intercept Israeli fighter jets in the area of ​​Port Said. As a result of air combat were shot down two MiG-21 (Salah pilot killed, Michael was catapulted) and a "Mirage" (E.Karmi pilot katapultirovalsya). During missions to support the Egyptian fleet of MiG-21 brought down an Israeli missile boat. Golan during reflection Israeli air strikes on airfields Syrian MiG-21 downed to 10 Israeli "Phantom" (we know that one was won by the pilots of the MiG-21FL al-Hamidi, Asaph, Kahvadzhi and MiG-21MF Kokach). The same day, on the Syrian front, an Iraqi MiG-21PFM was lost 9 Squadron, N.Alla pilot killed.

11-October quartet Egyptian MiG-21s attacked a convoy of Israeli technology 217th Brigade, as a result of several armored vehicles were destroyed, Truck and tanker, 86 Israeli soldiers were killed and wounded. On this day, the Egyptian MiG-21MF downed two Israeli F-4E and Mirage IIICJ one was shot down Egyptian MiG-45 21PFM Squadron (pilot M.yeli Malta). The Golan Heights Israeli helicopter Bell-205 77, carrying out search and rescue operations had landed and was shot by the Syrian MiG-21MF (pilot Bassam Xamşw). Israeli pilots killed G.Kleyn, A.Hakoneh survived. Slightly later Bassam Hamshu fire gun knocked Israeli attack A-4E. 2 Syrian MiG-21s were shot down that day the Israeli "Mirage" (pilot A.Rokač).

12-th October there was a major battle between the Syrian MiG-21FL and Israeli MIrage IIICJ. Israeli pilot fire A.Rokach 30 mm cannon shot down 2 Syrian "MiG", while he Rokach was shot down a Syrian MiG-21FL (pilot F.Mansur). In addition, the Syrian "MiGs" shot down one "Mirage" and shot down F-4E.

13-October of Israeli "Phantoms" was shot down 3 Egyptian MiG-21, without loss to themselves. The Golan Heights Israeli "Mirage" were shot down two MiG-21MF 11 Squadron in Iraq. Pilots Mohammed Al-Khafaji and the minister-tooth killed. Iraqi MiG-21PFM 9 Squadron shot down before 4 Israeli planes, while Syrian anti-aircraft gunners was shot down by mistake one Iraqi "MiG", Czechoslovak pilot died Slutskevich. Syrian MiG-21FL shot down an Israeli Mirage IIICJ (pilot Col. Avi Lanir captured), without loss to themselves.

16-17 October Egyptian MiG-21, Su-covered 7, causing blows to Israeli art as "Chinese farm". Egyptian pilots shot down at least 3 "Mirage" and 1 "Phantom", at loss 4 Flight (all shot down "Mirage").

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Egyptian Mig-21 knocks Israeli attack A-4 Skyhawk

20 October pair of Egyptian MiG-21, aircraft coming from the airbase Abu Hammad "covered" a large column of Israeli art on your way to Ismailia. Dozens of Israeli soldiers were killed and wounded.

21 October link Egyptian MiG-21MF 82 Squadron was a blow to Israeli oil facilities in Abu Rodeys. During the strike one MiG was lost, F.Zabat pilot pogib. On this day, the Syrian MiG-21MF (Pilot Al-Hamidi) R-3C knocked Israeli F-4E (E.Barne pilots and A.Haran captured).

22 October Egyptian MiG-21F-13, 25 Squadron took off from Abu Hammad to escort bombers, when returning from one of the "MiG" failed landing gear, pilot-D.el Hafanaui catapulted. Egyptian pilot A.Vafay MiG-21MF shot down two Israeli "Mirage", first missile R 3C, the second of 23 mm cannon. The Egyptians lost in aerial combat 4 MiG-21. On the same day over the Golan Heights there was a major air battle of the Syrian MiG-21FL 8 Squadron Israeli "Mirage". Syrian pilot al-Tawil shot down one "Mirage" and one more suspected, A.el Gard shot down one "Mirage" and shot down one "Mirage". Syrians losses amounted to 3 MiG-21.

24 in October as a result of large-scale aerial combat over the Suez Egyptians lost 8 MiG-21, Israelis have lost probably only one "Mirage". Yet 2 "MiG" was shot down by fire from the ground over Deversuarom. Syrian MiG-21 shot down an Israeli F-4E, which fell near the location of Israeli tanks (According to official Israeli data "Phantoms" in this day suffered no losses, but the time of the fall was photographed and published by Israeli tank crews). Losses on this day, Syrian MiG-21 did not suffer.

Arab MiG-21 in the Yom Kippur War proved to be much better than in the Six-Day. Israeli planes flew about 20 massive raids on Egyptian air bases, Egyptian "MiGs" reliably protect them, none of the Egyptian airfield was not incapacitated, even for a day. In turn, the Egyptian MiG-21 destroyed two Israeli airport.

In total, during the war, Egyptian MiG-21 gained at least 27 aerial victories, Syrian MIG-21 is not less than 36. Iraqi MiGs shot down by 3 to 7 Israeli planes. During the war, Iraq has lost to all causes 5 MiG-21. After the war, continued slight collision with the participation of fighters.

6 December Israeli "Phantoms" downed an Egyptian MiG-21, piloted by North Korean pilot.

22 December Egyptian MiG-21 shot down an Israeli F-4E.

AT 1974 , during the battle for Mount Hermon Syrian MiG-21MF significantly brought down 3 Mirage IIICJ и 1 F-4E (stated 8 Flight). Credible loss Syrians made 3 MiG-21MF, 2 shot down "Phantoms" and 1 He knocked "Mirage" (stated 6 Flight).

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Israel Nesher (s / n 593) Bardevil in the lake after an air battle with the Egyptian MiG-21MF

The war in Lebanon

AT 1976 , Syria sent troops to Lebanon. MiG-21 began attacking fighters and attack aircraft to cover Lebanese Hunter.

27 July 1976 the Syrian MiG-21MF (pylot Ahmed Termanyny) It was hijacked in Iraq.

7 October 1979 the Syrian MiG-21MF near Damascus missile "air-air" shot down an Israeli drone TeR.124 Firebee.

14 May 1981 the Syrian MiG-21MF flew to intercept Israeli UAVs, when approaching the goal of a Syrian plane hit the ground and broke.

13 June 1981 the Syrian MiG-21MF near Damascus CPG fire brought down an Israeli drone TeR.124 Firebee.

14 July 1981 the Syrian MiG-21MF was hit by a missile AIM-9P, issued Israeli F-16A.

During the war in Lebanon 1982 of the year 24 MiG-21bis and 10 MiG-21MF were shot down by the Israeli Air Force in June 1982 of the year, in "Operation Mole Cricket 19". The Syrians have also provided information on decommissioned aircraft after landing: 2 MiG-21bis and 1 MiG-21MF. Syrian MiG-21 downed at least 1 F-4E, 1 Kfir C.2 and damaged 2 F-15D.

9 June F-15D (b / n 686) 133-squadron, piloted by Mr. Ronen Shapiro, was hit by the missile R-60 with Syrian MiG-21bis, piloted by Mr. Nuliey Selphie. Because of the short distance to the airport burning an Israeli F-15 was able to return to base in Ramat David.

10 June F-15D (b / n 955) 133-squadron, piloted by Moshe Melnik, Python-3 missile knocked Syrian MIG-21. Israeli pilot had no time to dodge the Syrian aircraft wreckage and flew into them. Because of the broken cockpit canopy F-15 had to make an emergency landing.

Last encounter with Syrian MiG-21 occurred after the closure operation Israeli. In October 1982 , an Israeli reconnaissance RF-4E over Lebanon was hit by a rocket R-60M, released by the Syrian MiG-21bis.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

MiG-21 Indian Air Force

Indo-Pakistani conflict

One of the most successful pages combat use of the MiG-21 is its service in the Indian Air Force. MiG-21 fighter aircraft acquisition it has opened a new era for its Air Force. It was the first combat aircraft of non-Western origin and the first supersonic aircraft in the arsenal of India. Planes were adopted by the 28 Squadron 'first supersonic ". His first meeting with the Pakistani fighters held 4 September 1965 of the year. Then an Indian pilot missiles managed to damage Pakistan's "Saber".

December 1971 the newly outbreak of hostilities between India and Pakistan.

4 December, on the first day of the war, Indian MiG-21 28th eskadrli knocked or damaged Pakistan "Saber". Also on the Pakistani airfield Indian MiG-21 that day was destroyed aircraft DHC-3. 5 December Indian MiGs at the airport killed three more aircraft Pilatus P-3. 6 December before noon MiG-21FL escort planes HF-24, "Marut" at low altitude. After the commander of attack "Maruts" has decided to deviate to the west in search of a possible target. At that moment, when "Maruta" went on the attack, Pilot one of MIG-21 captain Samar Bmkram Shah saw plane, which he took to be a Cessna O-1. Having made a sharp turn down, to determine the type of machine, Shah both instinctively looked back to make sure that there is no one on the tail. He saw two F-6 at approximately 1500 m, and the third F-6 - above; chess, Located at an altitude of about 200 m, immediately turned on the afterburner and raised the nose of the plane. Oʙa F-6, approaching to the plane, We did not attempt to follow the MIG-21. Shah decided to attack Pakistani plane, trying not to slip past him. The first F-6 headed toward, Where did the "Maruta". Shah joined up for Pakistani fighter and fired a volley of their 23-mm cannon with a distance of about 600 m. F-6 rolled over and fell to the ground. Also on this day, statements by Indians, Mig-21 knocked Pakistani C-130 (Pakistani side is not confirmed).

AT 14 hours 12 December were on alert at the air base in Jamnagar, two MiG-21FL were raised in the air: Two Pakistani "Starfighter" fighter F-104 crossed the coast at low altitude line. Pakistanis attacked facing planes at the airport. One of the MiGs sat on the tail "Starfighter". Indian pilot with distance 900 m gave a long volley of twin gun. "Starfighter" caught fire and crashed into the sea, pilot barely managed to eject. 16 December Shah shot down his second F-6.

17 December dispatcher warned patrolling the MiGs, that low-flying aircraft at high speed close to the aerodrome. "Starfighter" for unknown reasons, did not attack the airfield, Indian and sat on his tail. Indian fired two missiles K-13A, the second missile hit the target, Pakistani but was able to continue the flight. Then he added the Indian missile attack salvo of guns. After that, he began to return to the airfield, and the damaged F-104 exploded among the sand hills. Later in the day, Indian MiG-21 shot down two more "Starfighter" is already on the Pakistani territory, and Indian pilot Shah able to knock out one F-104.

In addition to use as an interceptor, Indian Air Force also used MiG-21 on the eastern border to gain air superiority and assault actions. Most impressive was the raid 14 December at the residence of the governor of East Pakistan. Six MiG-21FL was given a residence several bursts of 57-mm rockets, then Governor rushed to the nearest trench and on a piece of paper wrote in his resignation.

The total Indian MiG-21 shot down 7-8 Pakistani aircraft and damaged 1. Yet 4 the aircraft was destroyed by the Indian "MiG" on the ground. The only loss in air combat was "instant", downed "Saber" 17 December.

The next meeting with the Pakistani Indian MiG planes become 90. AT 1997 , the Indian MiG-21bis R.550 Magic missiles shot down a Pakistani aircraft AV. 10 August 1999 of the year, after the Kargil War, MiG-21bis reconnaissance plane shot down a Pakistani Br.1150 Atlantique.

Soviet-Iranian border

Soviet MiG-21 protected airspace from penetration of Iranian and American spies.

28 November 1973 , the Soviet MiG-21SMT, piloted by Captain Gennady Eliseev rammed Iranian reconnaissance RF-4C. The crew of "Phantom" Major Shokuniya Iranian and American Colonel John Saunders ejected, Soviet killed. Captured pilots released after 16 days. Total Soviet fighters shot down 3 RF-5 and 2 RF-4 (Only about one knows exactly what he rammed the MiG-21).

In the autumn 1974 the couple of the Soviet MiG-21 led to landing on an airfield Pumping Iranian transport aircraft violator.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Egyptian MiG-21

Egyptian-liviyskaya war

During a brief military conflict between Egypt and Libya was very little air battles. 22 July, on the second day of the war, Libyan Mirage 5 shot down an Egyptian MiG-21. The next day, accompanied by the success of the Egyptians, in aerial combat MIG-21 knocked 3-4 «Mirage 5" and 1 MiG-23, without incurring losses. AT 1979 year, after the war, there was a dogfight between two Egyptian MiG-21 and two Libyan MiG-23. Egyptians shot down one MiG-23, without incurring losses.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

MiG-21 yet the BBC Angola

The war in Angola

AT 1976 year in Angola came first Cuban MiG-21. They performed a few but very effective operations. The main threat to the Cuban "MiGs" were MANPADS, that UNITA bandits received from Israel.

19 February 1976 the Cuban MiG-21MF caused an airstrike on the airfield near Huambo, destroying several transport aircraft.

13-14 Martha 1976 the Cuban MiG-21MF made 13 sorties airfield Gago-Coutinho. As a result of the airport strikes was completely destroyed, destroyed transport Fokker F-27, killed at least 200 UNITA soldiers and 2 French military adviser. French and American mercenaries after hitting urgently evacuated from Angola. airfield defense produced no less than 6 MANPADS missiles, but the Cuban pilots were able to dodge. When returning a "MiG" I got lost and landed in 200 kilometers from their airport. Cubans had to spend a whole special operation to rescue plane. D.Savimbi very touched the aerodrome and the loss of foreign advisers (his residence was in 1 kilometer from the airport). He demanded that the Americans compensate for the Cuban air raids.

8 April 1976 the couple Cuban MiG-21MF and destroyed the headquarters of UNITA radio station in Tempue.

13 May 1976 Four years of Cuban MiG-21MF loaded with FAB-500 raided on Massanga, destroying two weapons caches, barracks and power.

Losses during the war 1976 the Cuban MiG-21 did not suffer, even though it was released on the "MiGs" about 30 MANPADS missiles.

14 December 1977 South African pilot Patrick Hyuvartson osuschestvshy distillation aircraft Aerocommander-690 N9110N from Botswana to Libreville entered the Angolan air space and was intercepted by a pair of MiG-21MF (Cubans, leader kennel Raul Perez). Forced to land in the airport of Luanda and arrested.

During the war, Cuba has lost one MiG-21 in a dogfight. 6 November 1981 South African Air Force, Major Johan Rankin at the Mirage F-1CZ said that over Angola cannon fire brought down a Cuban MiG-21bis. Cuba confirmed the loss in air combat aircraft MiG-21MF, whose pilot Major Leonel Ponca catapulted.

5 October 1982 the same year the South African pilot said that Mirage F-1CZ over Angola fire guns shot down one MiG-21bis and another allegedly. Cuba recognized that day during an air battle with the aircraft-breakers, two MiG-21bis (L-pilots you Ratsiel Marrero and Gilberto Rodriguez Ortiz Puares) We returned to the airfield with injuries.

21 April 1987 MiG-21bis of Angola Air Force destroyed a light aircraft Beechcraft F33A Bonanza N7240U, registered in the US, invaded the territory of Angola by South Africa occupied Namibia. After suspicions that the plane used for reconnaissance, he was hit by fire CPG and made an emergency landing at Ochinzhau, recovery was not subject to. American pilot arrested Joseph Frank Longo.

All the war in Angola, for all the reasons was lost 18 Cuban MiG-21.

20 January 1998 the couple Angolan MiG-21bis to Saurimo airport flew to intercept and forced to board a South African aircraft C-54D-1-DC, violated the air space of Angola. It revealed, that the plane intruder was carrying a large shipment of weapons to UNITA gangs. South African crew consisting of commander Peter Bitske, copilot Shuku Kuyangue Mitchell and flight engineer Mark Jeffreys arrested. To carry out the smuggling of weapons registered South Africans "Skymaster" in Liberia as the EL-WLS. weapon, aboard the plane and he forfeited in favor of Angola. C-54 got into operation the Angolan Air Force and was used to provide the Angolan Army.

Ethiopian-Somali war

During the conflict, the MiG-21 was in the Air Force arsenal Somalia, as well as it flew Cuban pilots, who fought on the side of Ethiopia. Somali pilots shot down on it 4 Ethiopian MiG-21, 3 F-5, 3 DC-3 and 1 Canberra. However Somali lost at least one data 7 Mig-21 in the battle with Ethiopian F-5 "Freedom Fighter", according to other sources in all 5.


The first MiG-21F North Korea has received from the Soviet Union in 1965 year.

19 January 1967 in the waters north of the 38th parallel of the MiG-21 was sunk by a North Korean Air Force escort ship South Korean Navy 'tango »PCE-56 (displacement of the ship was 860 tonnes and had 11 anti-aircraft guns). 39 South Korean sailors were killed and 15 wounded. Some US sources state that the ship intruder was allegedly sunk by the fire of the shore batteries, ship really was shot batteries, defending the coast, but directly to the sinking was caused by hitting patrol aircraft.

23 January 1968 in the support of the MiG-21 fighter jets the Sea of ​​Japan KPA Navy ships forced to enter into North Korean territorial waters and towed to the port of Wonsan US Navy intelligence ship "Pueblo" (Part of the secret equipment was handed over to the USSR). The ship was not returned.

14 July 1977 , the MiG-21, the Air Force shot down a North Korean American helicopter CH-47D «Chinook», after violating demilitirizovannoy zone. 3 crew member died, one was captured and handed over to the United States through 57 hours.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling


Most of the aircraft, had been transferred to Afghanistan, fighters were, including MiG-21. Despite the small combat load (usually 2-4 RBK-250, FAB-250 or OFAB-250), a substantial portion of sorties fell on them; moreover, surprisingly, with the best hand proved to be 'Fighter' MiG-21bis. For response times called them "cheerful". At the beginning of the war the Soviet MiG-21bis was forced to board a Pakistani plane, violated Afghan airspace. As it turned out the plane was a civilian and lost. AT 1985 year Shindand airfield in the result of sabotage destroyed 13 Afghan MiG-21. The MiG-21 was shot down and the Soviet General Nikolai Vlasov died. For all the time the Soviet Union lost the war 11 MiG-21bis, 7 MiG-21p, 2 MiG-21cm and 1 MiG-21UB. "MiG" made tens of thousands of sorties.

After the withdrawal of Soviet troops captured several planes Mujahideen. Early morning 12 January 1994 Two MiG-21 was shot down over the Northern Alliance Kabul two MiG-21 Mujahideen, One pilot was captured. 30 January MiG-21 shot down two of the Alliance of Su-22, the Mujahideen. Until the end, the MiG-21 and Su-22 Alliance aircraft shot down three more (including one of the Su-22 and one MiG-21) mujahidin organizations Dostum and Hekmatyar.

3 August 1995 year single Taliban MiG-21 (Pilot p / p-to Guljam), armed with missiles "air-to-air", forced to land in Kandahar government Boeing 727 and the Russian IL-76TD.

AT 1995 , the Alliance fighters shot down a Su-22 and Su-20, one of the Taliban and Dostum-Gulbedinnskih Air Force. 15 June 1995 year by Taliban fighters shot down two helicopters Mi-8 of the Northern Alliance.

Iran-Iraq War

The main test of Iraqi MiG-21 was the war with Iran (22 September 1980 — 20 August 1988). The MiG-21 was the most massive military aircraft Iraq. By the beginning of the war in Iraq there 135 combat MiG-21PFM / MF / bis, 4 reconnaissance MiG-21R and 24 training MiG-21U / UM (combat-ready at the beginning of the war were about 100). Yet 27 MiG-21 were stored. They were armed:

Mosul - 9th Fighter-Bomber Squadron (18 MiG-21MF).
Kirkuk - I-37 (16 MiG-21bis) and 47th fighter squadron (16 MiG-21bis).
Tikrit - 17th Fighter Squadron training and (7 MiG-21MF and 12 MiG-21UM).
BAGHDAD - 7th (18 MiG-21PFM), 11-I (20 MiG-21MF) fighter squadrons, 70-I (14 MiG-21MF and 4 MiG-21p) Fighter Reconnaissance Squadron and the 27th Fighter Squadron training and (12 MiG-21PFM and 12 MiG-21UM).
Kut - a division of the 14th Fighter Squadron (8 MiG-21bis).
Basra - a division of the 14th Fighter Squadron (8 MiG-21bis).

The first air combat occurred before the outbreak of war: 8 September 1980 , an Iraqi MiG-21MF (pilot K.Sattar) He shot down an Iranian "Phantom" (M.Eskandari catapulted, A.Ilthani died). 15 September 1980 Iranian "Tomcat" (pilot A.Azimi) shot down an Iraqi MiG-21MF (pilot ejected).

22 September Iraqi MiG-21 took part in a massive raid on the Iranian air base.

8 MiG-21bis 47th IE hit the runway in saqqez. As a result of hitting streak was abandoned.

16 MiG-21bis 47th IE attacked the airfield near Sanandaj. The airfield was heavily damaged, damaged runways and taxiways. Losses during the flight made 1 «MiG», pilot Alaa captured.

4 MiG-21bis 14th IE attacked the airfield near Ahvaz. I was struck by the runway.

During the second wave plaque 4 MiG-21bis committed attack on the airbase Ahwaz, destroying radar.

Iraq used his MiG-21 to deal with the Iranian shipping in the Persian Gulf. Known successful raid "MiG" on the convoy 1 October 1980 of the year, when the bombs were removed "Iran Badr" and "Taha" down court. Both ships were burnt and were thrown.

During the period of 1980-1988 years, the pilots of the MiG-21 scored on fragmentary data 34 aerial victories (including 13 F-5, 11 F-4, 4 Helicopter AH-1J, 3 CH-47, 2 Bell, and 1 F-14), the loss on fragmentary data 34 aircraft in aerial combat (18 downed F-14, 9 F-4, 5 F-5 and 2 helicopters AH-1J). According to others all were shot down 22 MiG-21 (12 downed F-14, 6 F-4, 3 F-5 and 1 AH-1J). Pilots MIG-21 was recommended to be avoided if possible air battles with F-4E and F-14, if on their side was the element of surprise. On the MiG-21, he began his career Iraqi Mohammed Al Rayyan. 23 October 1980 , he on it shot down two Iranian F-5 "Tiger II».

During the war was lost, at least 2 MiG-21UM, the first in February 1986 year and the second in May 1987 of the year.

Iraqis also had to deal with the Syrian and Israeli reconnaissance aircraft. 4 January 1981 year, according to Israeli statements by Israeli F-4E (pilot G.Šeffer) He was intercepted by an Iraqi MiG-21 Squadron 84. Of the maneuvering "Phantom" Iraqi aircraft collided with the ground and crashed (as part of the 84th eskdrili MiG-21 did not exist). In April 1981 , an Iraqi MiG-21MF shot down a Syrian MiG-21R reconnaissance. AT 1982 by an Iraqi MiG-21 was hijacked to Syria. 2 October 1986 the Syrian reconnaissance MiG-21RF was shot down by an Iraqi MiG-25PD. 28 July 1987 the Syrian MiG-21 during a training flight trespassed Iraq and was shot down by anti-aircraft missile, Pilot arrested H.Dzhabr.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

MiG-21 yet the BBC Serbia

The disintegration of Yugoslavia

The first MiG-21 Yugoslavia received in 1962 year. For all the time the Soviet Union put Yugoslavia 260 MiG-21.

After the start of the collapse of Yugoslavia, the MiG-21 fighter jets went into the hands of the new state on its territory. Most MiG-21 went to Serbia, order 150 machines. Serbian MiGs were used to fight the boundaries violators, as well as to strike ground targets in Croatia and Bosnia. In May 1990 , Serbian MiG-21MF was forced to land two Croatian helicopters AB.206 and AB.212, violated the air border. 28 June 1991 , Serbian MiG-21s raided on the Lublin Airport, which destroyed the Airbus A320, which was used as a transport. Several "moments of" offenders forced to land. 31 August Serbian MiG-21 led to landing on an airfield Plesko Ugandan Boeing 707, in which it was found 18 tons of military equipment. 7 January 1992 the Serbian MiG-21 attacked a couple of helicopters AB.205 European Union Army Aviation in Italy, resulting in one helicopter was shot down; This incident led to the resignation of the Serbian Minister of Defense. 6 August 1995 year there was a dogfight between the Serbian MiG-21 and J-22 Croatian, Both aircraft overshot and went. During the war was lost, at least 5 Serbian MiG-21 (3 knocked to the ground by fire, 2 lost for unclear reasons, allegedly knocked to the ground by fire).

Yugoslavia used their MiG-21 during the war with NATO. They won one knocked cruise missile "Tomahawk". To intercept NATO aircraft crashes do not occur. As a result of blows Alliance Aviation, on the ground were killed 33 yugoslavskih MiG-21 (half-existing park). Armed with their 83rd Regiment was disbanded after the war because of the high losses of materiel.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

MiG-21bis Croatian Air Force


China has used the MiG-21 Soviet-made and own (J-7) to protect the air borders. 5 October 1965 of the year, statements by Chinese, Chinese MiG-21 shot down an American reconnaissance RA-3B (According to the US Air Force historian Staaverena, the US side has denied the loss of aircraft, and the Chinese did not show any debris, or pilots, but according ACIG, loss found its confirmation, and known lёtchik, which brought down the plane).

3 January 1966 Chinese MiG fire 57mm NURS knocked American UAV "Firebaugh Airport". Such an unusual choice of weapons used in the absence of China's own guided missiles "air-to-air". To 1970 , Chinese MiGs shot down another five UAVs.

Another problem for the Chinese steel intelligence and propaganda automatic drifting balloons. FROM 1969 by 1971 Chinese year J-7 knocked more 300 balloons.

A further development of J-7, Chinese fighter plane was Chengdu FC-1 Xiaolong, which has already managed to successfully take part in air battles.

Sri Lankan Civil War

AT 1987 , Indian MIG-21 struck at positions Tamil Tigers during "operation Pavan". Indian MiG-21 made several thousand sorties without loss to themselves.

AT 1991 , Sri Lanka has acquired China four fighters F-7BS Spark and one FT-7. At the beginning 1992 , the first F-7 became operational 5th Squadron of Sri Lanka Air Force and in the middle of the year began to make sorties against the Tigers.

29 April 1995 years after the Tamil Tigers knocked Lankan passenger aircraft Avro 748, F-7 struck at positions Tigers.

AT 1998 Lankan year F-7 conducted an operation against sea Tiger bases, during which killed more than 20 boats.

At night 9 September 2008 Year Lankan F-7G above Mullaitivu missile PL-5E knocked altered under attack plane Zlin Z-43 Tamil Tigers.

for 17 s participation in Sri Lanka fighting has lost only one aircraft F-7, which crashed due to technical reasons in 2000 year.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

MiG-21UM BBC Serbia

other conflicts

In the early '70s, vessels shall use the MiG-21MF to combat the smuggling of American-made weapons from Ethiopia to militants. Deliveries stopped after Sudanese MiG bombed airfields Ethiopian border, destroying transport planes, used for the carriage of weapons. 20 September 1972 , Sudanese MiG-21MF was forced to land in Khartoum five Libyan military transport aircraft C-130 "Hercules", violated airspace. were detained 399 Libyan soldiers.

Used by both sides in the Uganda-Tanzania War 1983 of the year.

28 August 1985 Maputo, the troops, backed by air force MiG-21 Ethiopia and Mozambique Air Force stormed the Casa Banana, supported by the Air Force of Zimbabwe.

MiG-21 took an active part in the Yemeni wars 1986, 1994 and 2014 years. 20 June 1994 Anad air base over the year there was a dogfight South Yemeni MiG-21 and F-5E severoyemenskih. As a result, "the Tigers' battle (pilotiruemыe tayvanyskimi naёmnikami) shot down one MiG-21, pilot to Mr. Salah Abdul Habib Jorma died.

21 October 1989 the Syrian MiG-21bis mistakenly entered Turkish airspace. There, he caught the Turkish government plane BN-2 Islander, which he took to be "offending the Syrian border". Burst from the gun, he shot down a Turkish plane, 5 people were killed. Syria subsequently paid in Turkey 14,6 million dollars compensation for this incident.

Iraqi Air Force MiGs used during the Gulf War (1991). Their actions against the Multinational Force aircraft were unsuccessful - they were not hit by any plane of the Multinational Force, and researchers, Iraqi Air Force engaged in actions in this war, mark any requests for aerial victories by Iraqi pilots. Active participation in the war was over MiGs on the first day after a failed attempt to intercept the US Navy aircraft. During the war, 65 Iraqi MiG-21 was lost (of them 4 air - two US F-15 and two American F / A-18).

Ethiopian MiG-21 took part in the war with Eritrea 1998-2000. In this conflict of Russian aircraft used on both sides. Three MiG-21 were shot Eritrean MiG-29 in air combat. 28 June 1998 Year Ethiopian MiG-21 by Kabov disabled the airfield Eritrean Asmera.

Algerian MiG-21 covered the air border during the war in the Western Sahara.

Syrian Air Force is actively using its MiG-21 during the civil war. The hostilities were shot down or crashed at least 18 aircraft of this type.

4 January 2016 The MiG-21 was shot down in Benghazi area in Libya during a combat sortie.

29 July 2017 The MiG-21 was shot down by a rocket in the north near the town of Derna in Libya during a combat flight.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

Bulgarian MiG-21 yet the BBC

Interesting Facts

– The MiG-21 was in service in the Air Force and was used more than 65 nations. Soviet pilots for a distinctive appearance was nicknamed "balalaika".
– One known MIG-21, a privately owned. The plane belongs to Reginald "Reggie" Finch - a former airline pilot American Airlines, who previously served in the Canadian Royal Air Force. Finch bought this moment at the end of the 1990s. and I spent three years, to bring the aircraft in Flight state. This MiG-21US 1967 year of production was imported to the US from Hungary in the mid-1980s. Before, like Finch became its owner, the car for a long time to fly and tested in school test pilots in the Fleet Air Arm Patuxent River, PC. Maryland in the late 1980's - early 1990's.
– The MiG-21 was the unofficial symbol of Kaczynski Higher Military Aviation School of the oldest in Russia. The plane-monument stood in front of the school in Volgograd and Perm PPC military aviation technical school named after Lenin Komsomol in Perm, to Yekaterinburg Suvorov Military School and the territory of the Saratov State Technical University Mr.. Saratov and even in a number of cities of the former USSR. Monuments of the MiG-21 has in Egypt, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nigeria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Mongolia, etc.. d. Total MiG-21, mounted on a pedestal, at a given time - unknown.

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

MiG-21bis Finnish Air Force

The performance characteristics of the MiG-21bis

MiG-21 crew

– 1 human (except double training modifications)

The dimensions of the MiG-21

– Length: 14,10 m
– Height: 4,71 m
– Wingspan: 7,15 m
– wing area: 22,95 m²

Weight MiG-21

– empty weight: 5460 kg
– Normal takeoff weight: 8726 kg
– Maximum takeoff weight: 10 100 kg
– fuel weight: 2750

MiG-21 engine

– Number of engines: 1
– Engine: TRDDF P-25-300
– Maximum thrust without afterburner: 4100 kgf
– Thrust in afterburner: 6850 kgf
– Link to an emergency afterburner: 7100 kgf

MiG-21 speed

– Maximum speed at height: 2230 kmh
– Maximum speed at ground: 1300 kmh
– Cruising speed: 1000 kmh
– Skoropodъёmnost: 235 m / s

The range of the MiG-21 flight

– Flight distance without PTB: 1225 km
– Range of flight with PTB: 1470 km

Practical ceiling MiG-21

– 19 000 m

Maximum overload of the MiG-21

+8,5 g

The armament of the MiG-21

– cannon: 23-Built-mm cannon GS-23L (ʙoezapas - 200 shells)
– point of suspension: 5 (four under-wing and one under the fuselage)
– The weight of suspended elements: 1300 kg
– "Air-air" guided missiles: P-3C, R-3R, P-13M, R-13M1, R-60, P-60M
– "Air-surface" guided missiles: X-66
– rockets: caliber 57 and 240 mm
– svobodnopadayuschie bomb: various types and up to 1000 kg

Photo MiG-21

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling

 MiG-21 Dimensions. Engine. The weight. story. Range of flight. Service ceiling


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