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MD-PS – air defense missile system

		MD-PS - air defense missile system

Designed for the following tasks:
– cover from the blows SVN parts (departments) Ground troops in the places of location and traffic routes, tactical control points, tank columns on the march and in concentration areas, crossings, individual objects in the rear troop tactical and operational depth;

		MD-PS - air defense missile system

– Defense uncovered pinpoint and point objects (elements of objects) VS, the economy and infrastructure of the cruise missile strikes and other means of attack, to fly at low altitudes;
– the creation of the last (neighbor) the defensive line of individual small objects or elements of the country's armed forces and economic facilities and infrastructure;
– Defense stationary air defense system elements in order to ensure their survivability;
– strengthen defense groups at low and extremely low altitudes, taking into account the effect of terrain (river valley, predgoryya, mountain gorge) SAM cover neprostrelivaemyh medium and short range defense portions in order to ensure uniform strength generated groupings laterally and height;
– rapid recovery of impaired system of antiaircraft missile fire.

Structure VSI MD-PS:
– anti-aircraft missile complex short-range operation of enhanced secrecy (VSI MD-PS);
– fighting machine;
– anti-aircraft guided missiles 9M313, 9M39, 9M342;
– set of spare parts;
– placement of communication module, power, topopryvyazky, life support crew, Places laying spare ammunition and spare parts single;
– information and control module - passive optoelectronic station Omnidirection (OЭSKO);
– fired before modules;
– equipment identification public purpose accessories “friend or foe”.

		MD-PS - air defense missile system

ADMS MD-SS provides:
– high precision target designation and missile guidance to the target under optronic countermeasures and setting thermal noise;
– combat use secrecy through the use of optical detection means missile guidance purposes and objectives of the IR radiation;
– round view of space, simultaneous detection of more 50 goals and the selection of priority objectives;
– missile guidance on the principle of “I fire and forget” and accelerated refocusing on another target;
– autoaiming, target acquisition and start-up performance;
– automatic and manual control of missile launches;
– salvo firing two missiles;
– portability and autonomy of use.

The main types of targeted goals:
– tactical aviation aircraft type A-10, F-15, F-16;
– tactical cruise missiles like 'Tomahawk”;
– helicopter gunships AN-64A;
– RPV type BGM-34.


		MD-PS - air defense missile system

The performance characteristics of SAM MD PS

The affected area by the height of the target, km
(at course parameter 2,5 km)
The maximum target speed, m / s Aircraft Type A-10: to 200

fighter type F-16 and F-15:
on collision course – 360-400
in the course of the Dogon – to 320

type helicopters AH-64A: to 100

RPV type BGM-34: to 250

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