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S-400 “triumph” (40R6) – anti-aircraft missile system

		S-400 & quot; Triumph" (40R6) - anti-aircraft missile system

C-400 “triumph” (40R6) (NATO designation SA-21 Growler (Russian. Vorçun) - the new generation air defense system, which replaced the commonly known systems P-VOP and P-300P 200. In the coming years is to become the basis of Russian air defense, to 2020 year to the troops to be delivered 56 divisions. The complex is designed to engage all types of goals (aircraft, UAV, cruise missiles, etc.) at a distance of up to 400 km. and at a height of up to 30 km. According to experts, the complex has more than two-fold advantage over the previous generation systems.

S-400 “triumph” (40R6) – video

ZRS S-400 "Triumph" – the only system in the world, able to work with the selective use of more 4 types of missiles, various different launch weight and launch range, which provides a defense in depth. The complex was adopted 28 April 2007 of the year. first Division, armed S-400, It was put on combat duty 5 April 2007 of the year. He is currently in service 4 division. To 2015 year to the troops to be sent over 20 divisions S-400 "Triumph". planned, that the system will be used to ensure the safety of the Olympic Winter Games, which will be held in Sochi 2014 year. The system has a significant export potential and attracting the attention of many countries, including China and the United Arab Emirates. It is assumed, that export deliveries will begin only, when fully implemented will the state defense order.

		S-400 & quot; Triumph" (40R6) - anti-aircraft missile system

Application P-400

S-400 is designed to engage a wide range of not only modern, but also a promising means of air attack, among which:
– strategic and tactical aircraft aviation
– spy planes
– aircraft radar surveillance and guidance
– planes - jammers
– tactical and tactical ballistic missiles
– hypersonic targets

S-400 "Triumph" provides defeat aerodynamic targets at a distance of up to 400 km, at the height of the target to 30 km. The maximum speed of the targeted objectives - to 4 800 m / s.
Used as part of the missile complex has a fragmentation warhead with a controlled field of defeat, which guarantees prevent the possibility of the fall of the warhead of the attacking missiles in the area of ​​the protected object. Completely such an opportunity can only be deleted in the destruction of the target payload by intercepting its anti-aircraft missile. In turn, a similar effect can be achieved both as a result of direct hit on target, and the combination of a small slip and effective impact on the target warhead fragments anti-aircraft missiles.

Launcher S-400 – semitrailer, hitched to a truck tractor BAZ-64022

		S-400 & quot; Triumph" (40R6) - anti-aircraft missile system

Base Case S-400 "Triumph" includes:

– anti-aircraft missile complexes
– multifunction radar
– autonomous detection means and target
– command post
– complex technical support system
– means the technical operation of anti-aircraft missiles
All elements of the system are based on a wheeled chassis terrain and allow the possibility of railway transport, air or water transport. The command post of the complex has radar, which creates a field in the radar system and carries out the action radius therein Detection, en-route support, determining the nationality of all types in the number of targets is estimated to 300 units. Radar Detection equipped with two-dimensional scanning phased arrays, It operates in a circular viewing mode, is a three-axis and protected against interference. With the active jamming by the enemy operates in a constant frequency adjustment.

The command post of the S-400 55K6E on the chassis Ural-532 301

		S-400 & quot; Triumph" (40R6) - anti-aircraft missile system

Using data obtained by the radar detection command center distributes purposes complexes between system, giving them the appropriate targeting, as well as linking the SAM steps in a massive use of air attack at all levels of heights reachable with the active use of means of electronic countermeasures. The command post of the AAMS is able to receive an additional en-route information on the objectives of a higher command post, whose behalf ground radar duty working mode and command or directly from the radar itself, as well as by airborne radar aircraft systems. Integrated receiving radar information from different sources at different wavelengths is most effective in heavy jamming from the enemy. KP S-400 is able to simultaneously manage 8 SAM with a total of up to launchers 12 each complex.
In one launcher can be set to 4 40N6E ultra-range missiles (to 400 km.), which are designed to destroy aircraft DLRO, electronic warfare aircraft, enemy air CP, Strategic bomber and ballistic missiles with speeds up 4 800 m / s. This missile is capable of destroying targets outside of radio visibility of ground radar guidance. The need to defeat the purposes horizon led to the installation on the latest homing missile (GSN), created NGO "Diamond". This GOS work in semi-active and active modes. In active mode, the rocket after dialing the desired height translates into search mode and, find purpose, induced it yourself.

Multi-function control radars with phased 92N2E

		S-400 & quot; Triumph" (40R6) - anti-aircraft missile system


Unlike their foreign counterparts, in a SAM-400 uses a so-called "cold" start missiles. Before starting the main engine rocket ejected from the launch canister on height, exceeding 30 m. During this height the rocket, thanks to the gas-dynamic system, leans towards the target. Once the engine is started marching on the primary and secondary flight phases used inertial radio correction control (This allows for maximum immunity to interference), but directly to the target intercept phase uses active radar homing. If there is a need for intensive maneuvering before hitting the target, rocket able to go to the "super-maneuverability" mode. To enter the mode used gas-dynamic control system, which allows for 0,025 from. increase aerodynamic overload missiles over 20 units. The use of such "super-maneuverability", together with improved accuracy guidance to improve the conditions of the meeting for the purpose of anti-aircraft missiles, which increases its efficiency.

Missiles S-400 “triumph”, - 48N6E2, 9M96E2, 9M96E

		S-400 & quot; Triumph" (40R6) - anti-aircraft missile system

Used in S-400 missile equipped with a 24-kg fragmentation warhead, having a control lesion field. Such equipment missile allows it to hit targets with "stops" action (destruction of structures) manned at interception targets or lesion warhead in case of interception targets unmanned. The missile is controlled by a fuze, which are able to use to adapt to the conditions of the meeting for the purpose of, all available information on board the rocket.
Fuze counts moment undermining warhead missiles in strict coordination with the speed of flight of the fragments, to cover the fragmentation field goal of the most vulnerable places, and direction, which is necessary to provide a cloud shrapnel. Directed emission of fragments is implemented using a controlled high-explosive fragmentation warhead, Multipoint initiation system having. This system of radiovzyrvatelya team to trigger the warhead in a controlled manner (at the information available on the slip phase) causing charge to undermine relevant peripheral points undermining. As a result, there is a redistribution of the explosion and fragmentation cloud formation in the desired direction. If the information on the slip phase is absent, done to undermine the central warhead with symmetrical emission of the fragments.

All-altitude detector 96L6E

		S-400 & quot; Triumph" (40R6) - anti-aircraft missile system

Today, S-400 "Triumph" has more than double superiority over their predecessors. This command post air defense missile system is able to integrate it in the control structure of any VOP. Each ADMS system is capable of providing up to shelling 10 aerial targets with guided them to 20 missiles. According to foreign experts, Complex has no analogs in the world. S-400 provides the possibility of building a layered defense land objects from a massive air attack. The system provides targets flying at a speed loss to 4 800 m / s at a distance of 400 km. at the height of the objectives to 30 km. The minimum firing range complex is only 2 km., and the minimum height of all the targeted objectives 5 m. For example, Patriot American systems are not able to destroy targets, flying below 60 m. While full deployment from the traveling state is on alert 5-10 minutes. The system is the automation of all processes combat operation - detection of targets, their en-route support, between the SAM distribution purposes, purposes of seizure, Select the type of rockets and launch preparation, evaluation of results of firing.

Important new features of the system are:
– information interfaces with most existing and emerging sources of information only ground, air or space deployment;
– application-modulynogo basic principle, which caters to the specific needs, that apply to the system when it is used in the Air Force, the Army or the Navy;
– the ability to integrate into existing and future air defense grouping control system, not only the Air Force, but the army air defense and naval air defense forces.

		S-400 & quot; Triumph" (40R6) - anti-aircraft missile system

Performance characteristics of S-400 “triumph” (40R6)

The maximum speed of the targeted objectives, km / c………………..4,8
Target detection range, km………………..600
A destructive wind goals, km………………..Maximum-400; Minimal-2
The height of defeats the purpose, km………………..max-30; minimal-0,005
Range defeat tactical ballistic targets, km………………..max-60; minimum-7
Number of simultaneously engaged targets (full composition of the AAMS)………………..36
Number of simultaneously induced missiles (full composition of the AAMS)………………..72
Time deployment system from the traveling state………………..5-10 minutes
Operating time means a system overhaul………………..10 000 hours
Operational life, years………………..ground facilities – no less 20; surface-to-air missile – 15

Photos of S-400 “triumph” (40R6)

		S-400 & quot; Triumph" (40R6) - anti-aircraft missile system

		S-400 & quot; Triumph" (40R6) - anti-aircraft missile system

		S-400 & quot; Triumph" (40R6) - anti-aircraft missile system

		S-400 & quot; Triumph" (40R6) - anti-aircraft missile system

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2 years ago

ZRS “triumph” consists of a command post and a radar station (radar) detection, associated with 6 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM). Each air defense system contains a multifunctional control radar and up to 12 launchers with missiles of different types. Also, the system may optionally include an all-altitude radar and a mobile tower for the antenna post.

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