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2B9M "Vasileko» – automatic mortars 82 mm

		2B9M «Vasileko» - automatic mortars 82 mm

Although mortars 82 mm is usually considered infantry weapons, 82-mm automatic mortar 2B9 "Cornflower" should be classified as artillery weapons. This is primarily due to the rate of combat 2B9, having a very high value - up 100 rounds per minute (the rate of fire is 120 rounds per minute), as well as its ability to conduct fire and grazing, in such a way to perform the tasks of fire support and combat armored targets.

Automatic mortar 2B9 "Cornflower" – video

2B9 is usually mounted on a light wheeled carriage, reminiscent of a light field gun carriage, equipped with a frame and tray. In the middle of the barrel is mounted in a rotating device,, similar to a drum, performs the role of the machine. The receiver stack-type ammunition supplies 82mm min of four yokes mines, inserted on the right. 2B9 can lead hinged fire on a steep trajectory as the mortar, while mines are charged manually with the barrel, or automatic fire on a flat trajectory as a light anti-tank gun (there is a sight for direct fire) using the loader through the breech of the store. To top it all when loading muzzle there are three different types of propellants, but when loading with a uniform charge breech. The strength of the impact is absorbed by the system gidroamortizatsionnoy, mounted around the barrel.

		2B9M «Vasileko» - automatic mortars 82 mm

82-mm mortar "Cornflower" is also installed on the motor vehicle; the most common is to install 2-ton truck body in GAS-66 4×4. Another option is to install "Cornflower" on load platform appropriately modified crawler belt MT-LB. Hungary produces a similar version of the self-propelled, also collected on an improved conveyor chassis MT-LB.
2B9 "Cornflower" is able to fire the standard 82 mm mortar rounds; mine weighs about 3,1 kg. Direct fire on armored targets, a special mine with a HEAT warhead. Maximum range with the shooting at hinged trajectory is 4200 m.

Variants and modifications:

  • 2B9 - embodiment with water-cooled barrel (water jacket)
  • 2B9M - a variant with an air-cooled barrel - the barrel wall in the middle portion and has thickened edges.

		2B9M «Vasileko» - automatic mortars 82 mm

The performance characteristics of mortar 2B9M "Cornflower"

Crew 4 man
Full combat weight 632 kg
Maximum range 4700 m
The maximum declination angle / elevation, city. —1/+85
Deflection, city. 60
The initial velocity of the projectile, m / s 270 – 272
rate of, rounds / min 20—30
Loading cassette-type, by 4
paired mines in the cassette

Photos mortar 2B9M "Cornflower" on the basis of the conveyor MT-LB

		2B9M «Vasileko» - automatic mortars 82 mm

Mortar 2B9M "Cornflower" on the basis of car “Hummer”

		2B9M «Vasileko» - automatic mortars 82 mm

Mortar 2B9M "Cornflower" mounted on GAZ-66

		2B9M «Vasileko» - automatic mortars 82 mm

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