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VG-44 and VG-45 – rifle grenade

		VG-44 and VG-45 - rifle grenade

Rifle grenade VG-44 and VG-45 is a melee weapon, designed for firing at armored targets at ranges up to 150 m and manpower at ranges up to 200 m.

Video VG-44 and VG-45

Rifle grenade VG-44 is worn on the muzzle of the carbine arr. 1944 city, made in 1947 g. and later. For throwing grenades used special blank cartridge HPS-44. VG-45 is worn on the carbines Simonov, made since 1951 city, used cartridge HPS-45.
Shooting a rifle made antitank grenade cumulative effect of HSV-1 rifle and fragmentation grenade VOG-1. Also, lighting and signaling rifle grenades can be used.

		VG-44 and VG-45 - rifle grenade

carbine arr. 1944 g. rifle with a grenade launcher VG-44

Grenade VG-44 carbine arr. 1944 g find index GAU 56-G-625, VG-45 grenade launcher for SCS, respectively, 56-G-626. For shooting from the VG-44 and VG-45 special 40.6-mm grenade was designed, but, if necessary, you can use a grenade to grenade Dyakonova. According to the construction of the barrel grenade launchers for both models from each other do not differ, the only difference is in the construction and the sight tube nastvolnymi. The trunk has a 6 rifling (2 group on 3 PC.). One group of grooves intended for the original grenades, the other - for grenades Dyakonova. Rifling one and the other group of different width and depth, that does not allow the arrow to insert a grenade is not their rifling.
Throwing grenades carried out using special blank cartridges throwing, which is reminiscent of the inscription on the trunk of "shoot only blanks" red (at the VG-44) or green (at the VG-45) colors. It is not excluded, that the color matches the color label color Dultsev propellant cartridges. The grenade launchers are included: Duffel bag with slots 12 projectiles and cartridges 8 Garnet, protyrka, key-screwdriver and scapular. Judging by the hallmarks, grenade launchers on both models mass produced in 1951 year VPMZ.

		VG-44 and VG-45 - rifle grenade

Shot of HSV-1

Performance characteristics of VG-44 and VG-45

Weight, kg: 1,7
Caliber: 40,7
Effective range, m: 150-200

		VG-44 and VG-45 - rifle grenade


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